SpyFinder® PRO Hidden Camera Detector

SpyFinder® PRO Hidden Camera Detector

Now, more than ever, our privacy is under
attack because there are tiny hidden cameras watching and recording us all
the time everywhere. Even in our most intimate moments without our knowledge. These tiny cameras are found all the time in dressing rooms, hotel rooms,
public bathrooms, apartment,s locker rooms, and places you didn’t think possible. The
SpyFinder® Pro puts an end to concerns of privacy invasion by instantly
uncovering all hidden camera lenses which are spying on you. This easy-to-use
pocket-sized detector can go along with you anywhere. To use the SpyFinder® Pro
look through the viewfinder while pushing the button on top to activate
the six super-bright LED strobe lights. These special red lights are
specifically engineered to bounce off of the reflective surface which all camera
lenses have no matter how big or small they may be. Now with Maxi-boost LED
technology, there are three LED intensity modes that allow you to better control
and hone in on the area you are sweeping. High is best for larger rooms and open
office or living spaces, and low is best for smaller rooms, bathrooms, dressing
rooms and shiny surfaces such as plastic or glass. In a slow sweeping motion scan the room
looking at all surfaces until you are confident room is clean and free for
potential hidden cameras. Even if the camera is turned off you’ll clearly see
that the camera lens is blinking back at you up to 45 feet away. Put a stop to the invasion of your privacy before it starts. Get your SpyFinder® Pro now at SpyAssociates.com

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  1. 300$!!!!!!!!
    What a scam RIPOFF COMPANY !!!!
    I CAN MAKE 50 OF THESE FOR 300$$
    They are using drugs trying to charge this much ……anyone want one contact me I'll build you one for 25$ or tell you how to and link the proper parts ……this is bullshit

  2. It's just a flashing torch. Buy a flashing torch off Amazon for $10 and hold it next to your head while looking around – same effect. You could even do this with your phone flash. This will also reflect off loads of things that aren't cameras, and will also be fooled by anything with a flat, off angle reflective filter, so wouldn't work for cameras behind glass or mirrors or in TVs.

  3. I sure know now to avoid whatever "Daily Dose Of Internet" is, based on all the retarded postings in this comment section

  4. is there a version of the video where she doesnt find the cam and starts undressing? it's important for research purposes

  5. It’s crazy how they probably only spend like $20-30 to build this yet they are selling them for close to $300 dollars.

  6. you spend so much fucking money to prevent someone from seeing you a little naked in a hotel…? us humans are all the same so whatever, i don't mind girl looking at mah dick tho

  7. You should read the post before you post something people just keep repeating them soft people just keep repeating himself people just keep repeating them self

  8. "Maxi-Boost LED Technology" OMG! Give me a F*C*-N break!! How stupid are people trying to sell overpriced junk!!
    The human race is devolving!!

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