Hey guys, on this episode of Make it Real
we’re adding a defensive security mechanism to the spy car. Now make sure
you’re following us on social media between videos as we’ve been posting
tons of spy car updates before the videos come out but let’s start with a
quick little prototype to see if this is actually going to work That wasn’t even a full shock Ian get up here Ian fun’s happening Did you do it? I did it Best spy-car upgrade yet Ready? Alright that proof of concept
worked pretty good. Let’s refine it a bit so it’s not quite as obvious Now we actually have a more detailed
electronics diagram which you can check out using the link in the description
below to visit our project on maker.io Hey Evan, you want to try the shock handle on the spy car? Evan Evan Oh sorry James, I just got so immersed
editing with these new AKG K 7 xx headphones that we’ve got from Massdrop That’s right this video is sponsored by Massdrop and if you’ve never heard of
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Massdrop using our link below they can be yours for only $175. And as always checking out our sponsors ensures we can keep making awesome projects like the spy car Good job That hurts It’s not that bad Riley Ok what’s bad about this is the fact that I know it’s going to shock me It’s just one finger too So it’s not spread out like potato Ya but there’s a 100% chance that when I touch that it’s going to shock me That’s almost better What are you telling me? Are you telling
me this is worse or are you telling me this is better? I don’t want to tell you it’s better because I’ll lie Elena’s going to try it now I’m really panicking You saw it I did it Okay now that’s working we actually
arranged a little fan meetup in the park so people can try it for themselves.
Now obviously being shocked kind of sucks so we sweeten the deal by giving
away Hacksmith hats to anyone willing to try the handle. If you guys want to come to
the next fan meetup make sure you follow us on social media for updates. What we brought you guys here today for is the shock door handle, so as soon as the
car is locked it engages the shock handle and then if you attempt to open
the door you get a nice little shock it’s really not too bad if you’ve ever used
one of those shock pens it’s pretty similar to that
I wouldn’t recommend touching the other part of the car with your hands I don’t
think you can make a loop over your heart but just just in case just use one
hand keep the other hand behind your back So see Ian first to sign your life
away and then we’ll go from there why don’t you test the
other handle It won’t shock you That’d be a good trick if I actually like
did it backwards Go for it The zapper WOW Alright give it a shot You’ve got some tough skin Anyone else? Go for it Our goal is to keep it fully street legal That’s impressive Owen are you going to let them out do you You gotta keep chewing, you can’t let the jaw just cramp up yeah there’s gonna be more Oh my! I’ve never actually been shocked by this
yet Just on the bench because my rule is I won’t get shocked by something unless it’s on camera You can do it! You can do it! I don’t know about you guys but I think
that was one awesome spy car upgrade though I can’t wait to add some of the
next features like the jet engines, the flamethrower exhaust, tire spikes, oil
slicks, grappling hook, rocket launchers, defensive flares, smoke screens. Make sure
you’re subscribed you’re not gonna want to miss the next episode. I’m pickle Rick! what are you just staring at me for bro I turned myself into a
pickle You’re wasting valuable footage time

100 Replies to “SPY CAR SHOCK HANDLE! ⚡ 40,000V ⚡”

  1. Whatever hacksmith video I'm watching I just smile through out the whole thing it's just the vibes and the way he makes the videos is just soo nice i love this channel please keep doing more and more <3 all my respect to Canada really great people 🇨🇦

  2. I dare your to try your best to get pulled over by a cop and when you stop just blast the heck out of them with the jet engine's

  3. hey hack smith i was that guy who said where the heck the spy car was i dont care if you dont reply to this but making more spy car videos was like replying

  4. I might be able to hold it. I once stuck my finger into where a lightbulb goes and thought that my thumb was getting sucked in. It took me 5 seconds to notice it was on and then I pulled away. I was really dumb when I was 8

  5. @hacksmith if u use DC for the shocker u don't need to worry about a loop around the heart. The AC is dangerous because of the frequency (chance for arrhythmia) but DC is not when it comes that. And it is even more unpleasant to touch 😂

  6. you should do a sting operation with that car talk to police and when they try to steal the car while it shocks the crap out of them you laugh and the police go get the guy XD (pretty sure in some places the have to break into the car to be arrested though..)

  7. me: Eeeeeerm can I buy the car? Like, hmmm, 500,000,0 pounds?

    hacksmith: NO ITS LIKE 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 POUNDS!!!

  8. Now I’m not saying do this, but imagine if instead of a shocker the doorhandle had a taser integrated

  9. You should've told them that if they managed to get inside without jumping in, they get to keep the car

  10. I can just imagine you getting pulled over and the cop says GET OUT THE CAR (while trying to open the door when the door is ON LOCK MODE)

  11. Hey when I was three years old I put my little pinky and so I don’t know what I don’t really remember because I was three and the truck missed so much time off is just turn blue and now I Don’t fill it

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