Spider Contacts – Ultimate Door Sensor Alarm Technology

They protect entrances into banks, tech companies, retail stores, casinos, military bases, and businesses everywhere… Security door contact sensors. These sensors provide the very first line
of defense in safeguarding millions of people, and billions of dollars in assets, each and every day. But – Can they be trusted? The core technology component inside virtually
every door contact… is the magnetic reed switch. And we’ll show you the basic notion of how it works. The door contact is installed into the door frame,
which houses the magnetic reed switch inside of it. A corresponding magnet is affixed into the door. When the door is opened, the magnet on the
door moves apart from the door frame, causing the sensor’s output
to engage into an alarm state. But there is a major vulnerability that exists
with all reed switches: A reed switch will respond to magnetism
that is sensed from any direction. That means that if a criminal placed a stronger
magnet near the sensor, they would be able to open that door without triggering an alarm! So, reed switch door contact sensors
can be tricked in just a couple seconds. We need to ask ourselves,
“Is this level of security acceptable?” At Spider Security Products, we don’t think so! That’s why our engineers and security specialists
consulted with professional penetration testers to come up with something way better. Introducing the Spider Door Contact! With our patented & proprietary technology
that can NOT be fooled by bypass magnets: Our Spider Contact Door Sensor is undefeatable!
(by bypass magnets) So now you can truly protect your valuables,
property, and more importantly… your people. Security Companies and Technicians love our
Spider Door Contacts, because we’ve included numerous features that expedite installation times.
One being that our compact design requires less time in drilling door frames,
saving everybody time and money. Thinking about upgrading? If your facility already has existing door contacts, we’ve made it easy to upgrade your existing sensors! The Spider Contact is intended to be flush-mounted,
and uses a standard 1 inch door contact hole cavity. It has a familiar wiring color scheme, and
is designed to be compatible with existing magnets. Are you ready to legitimately reinforce the
first layer of your security system? Talk to your security vendor today, and tell them
that you want the Spider Contacts installed now!

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