SPC Connect – Alarm verification to mobile device

SPC Connect – Alarm verification to mobile device

hello and welcome in this short video
we’re going to show how to achieve alarm verification using the SPC connect
mobile app allowing for verification images and audio to be displayed
directly on the user’s device it is important that this is information is
intended for installers verification must be configured in the SPC controller
and the SPC controller must be an accompanied account on SPC connect when
verification is configured by default the live will only be available when an
alarm is active you may change this within the SPC controller by altering
the command profiles if enabled a new menu will appear for users allowing them
to access verification this will show the verification zones currently active
on their SPC system the users will be able to view the camera and talk to site
and listen to the audio from the site using the microphone and volume button
users can switch between listening and talking to the site if an alarm is
active when LAN LARM occurs the app will show the alarm and will now if enabled
allow the user to view the alarm verification data when the alarm icon is
selected new options will appear for the user allowing them to either view the
verification data or to view live data from the site we will now do a short demonstration of
this new functionality I’ve configured an SPC site to have verification always
available in order to demonstrate the life when the app refreshes you will now
see the new verification zones available selecting one of the verification zones
I will be able to see the camera image associated with it and also be able to
talk and listen to the site I am now listening to the site and now I am
talking through the audio device to the site we will now trigger an alarm to
show the verification in real life should an alarm occur we receive a push
notification signaling an alarm has occurred we select ok to open the app on
the selected status we concede that three lambs are active
in the building and there is verification associated with window one
we select view data and the audio and video associated with this alarm is
loaded into the application I can now play the audio and scroll through the
pre and post event images I can then switch to the live view to see the
current status of the system and now speak live to the system if I wish once
the alarm is restored the image data is removed finally we will show how to export the
data from the device this may be useful if you wish to use these images at a
later time set in the top right icon we can use any
of the standard saving or sharing mechanisms for the audio and images in summary this is allowing verification
directly to the end customers and we hope will add great value to the SPC
product and also hopefully reduce false alarms at the customer site thank you
for watching and goodbye

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