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  1. If i wear foam ear plugs with ear muffs, dual protection is that more than enough to protect my hearing from firing a powder actuated fastener tool which does sound like a gun shot from a .22 caliber gun, i have to use this tool to set traffic counters in the City i work for, i think this tool is what caused my tinnitus/mild hearing loss at 6k hertz, there were couple times I didn’t use any hearing protection and it did hurt my left ear

  2. How would these work in a loud high speed manufacturing environment? I use the rubber disk type of plug because they are easier to pull and then replace with greasy hands. I only pull them out because some people speak in a tenor that seems to blend into the background noise. That makes communication that's vital for safety ridiculously difficult. If these can cancel out or tone down the background while letting me hear people speaking they're worth every penny. If not I can get much cheaper muffs or even in ear protection for home and range use.

  3. Hi Doc, I'm a UK shooter and watched all your review regarding hearing protection (indoor and outdoor shooting) with interest. I always double up using a foam plug with passive ear defenders particularly when using the indoor ranges. My only issue with this method is that it can become uncomfortable after a full days outdoor shooting with my club and the butt can sometimes push on the muff. I've been drawn to a similar moulded product available from the UK (CENS) but have concerns over their prolonged use as I've read that damaging noise can leak through the bone that surrounds the ear which is protected by traditional muffs? Any thoughts.

  4. What do you recommend for someone who is a finish carpenter who wants all these benefits but who also needs Bluetooth connectivity so I can make phone calls without removing these devices during the day? I’m almost ready to pull the trigger on some ESP in ear hearing protection which are $900 but they do not have Bluetooth so I’m dragging my feet. I just had my ear molds done today so I am ready to do something but my Mac budget is $900

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