Solving The Japanese House Puzzle!!

Solving The Japanese House Puzzle!!

Yo, what’s up, guys? Welcome back. A bonus puzzle video for your week. Hope you guys are having a great week. Today, we’re looking at a really interesting puzzle. This is a twelve-step yosegi box in the shape of a house. Japanese handcrafted puzzles are some of my favorite puzzles because they’re just so interesting to look at, they look beautiful on the shelf, they look so innocent, but deep within they hold secret. I know this thing might be a little bit easy to solve, but hopefully it contains some really cool secret compartments or inner workings that will surprise me. That being said, speaking of homes, let’s talk about home security for a second. This video is brought to you by SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe is an incredibly effective, reliable home security that will make sure your home is safe. It isn’t just one of those security systems that just makes noise. It’s actually monitored 24/7. What’s great about this is that the monitoring center will notify the police in case of a break-in. What makes SimpliSafe really cool is that they’ve added a whole bunch of thoughtful features. So basically, they’ve got sensors to cover every window, room, and door, plus lots of great extras like water sensors and temperature sensors in case you’re getting surges either way, and more. And best of all, it’s really easy and intuitive to use. One thing about alarm companies is that some people can’t afford them because they’re really expensive. Well, SimpliSafe runs you just about 50 cents a day and no contracts whatsoever. And the best part is, it’s equipped for worst-case scenarios. So if you lose power, or your system is attacked, or you lose Wi-Fi, it will still work. Now, as somebody who works in social media and has a little bit of a following, security for me is very important because I don’t want, you know, anybody showing up to my house or my office, so it’s important for me to keep this place monitored 24/7 with cameras. I have a doorbell camera that I just installed, which is really cool. The process to set it up was super easy, so I really appreciate that. So if you guys are interested, check out the link below. It’s Again, in order to keep your home or office safe. All right guys, onto the puzzle, without further ado. Thank you for sitting through that and let’s look at the 12-step Japanese house yosegi box puzzle. This little Japanese, ooh, so pretty. This is not gonna be a very difficult puzzle, I feel. I feel this is gonna be pretty easy to solve. Nice little bonus video for your week. This does come included with the solution, which we won’t be looking at. I don’t know what this is. Anybody can translate that? Let’s set the timer. You thought I’d forget. We’re just looking for moving parts. Okay, we got a moving part here. This is the door. This too – okay, oh that moved. The roof move here. This – that goes up. There we go. Forty-five seconds. Oh my god, way too easy. This is, this little house here. Cute. Not difficult at all. You just shove around pieces until it opens. If we can get it back together here. It goes here. I think we’re back to the beginning. That’s it. Well, that was a quickie. Maybe I’ll throw a bonus puzzle in here for you cuz forty-five seconds… There’s a little stamp by the way, beautifully done. Very cute. Kind of a children’s toy when you think about it because as much as I like simple puzzles, if you’re gonna make it for myself, you’re gonna make it really simple, like this simple, there’s gonna be some type of story or lore attached to it. Not just like, or you know, some really interesting move that you know is unique that you wouldn’t find in another puzzle. That wouldn’t bug me at all. What kind of bugs me that, you know, this is probably like $100, maybe more, and just a few sliding moves. I get that it’s handmade, but I feel a little bit disappointed because I really wish that there would be like, a unique move here, but everything just feels so easy and intuitive. What do you think? Should we… Should we throw in another puzzle here? Let’s see what we got. Be right back. Well, this was a little bit disappointing. I mean, the look of it’s cool, the fact that it has 12 steps is cool, but it kind of feels like everything is just easy to do, and maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. That being said, I do have something really cool. This is a dual tetrahedron. Is it tetrahaidron? Tetrahedran? Basically comes apart into these four pieces and one put together. It looks like this, which is really cool. I fiddled around with it and got it apart. I haven’t put it back together yet. The roll you’re seeing right now is actually from the future. Hopefully, we get it solved. This is a dual tetrahedron. Let’s have a look. All right, since that one was a little bit quick, I do have this one, which kind of fell apart on me when I took it apart. The cool puzzle kind of reminds me of those little burr puzzle, but it’s one of those that fits exactly together in a certain way that makes a really cool shape. And see if you can just at least piece this together for you, give you guys a little bit of satisfaction out of this video and myself So you got four pieces? See, that’s probably just finding the orientation here. Probably something… puzzle looks complex. Shouldn’t be too complex, I’m guessing. It was quite simple to take apart. I’m just trying to find the right orientation. That’s definitely not it. Man, that looks weird. Okay, I just have to find two pieces that fit together. Okay, so there. So these fit together here… Okay through that. Okay, so let me stand them like this. Yeah, okay. That’s gonna eventually fit like this, so these have to lean. Mm-hmm. And the last one has to come in and lean this way. So, what we’re gonna do is try to space them out equally. This one sort of come in here like so and the idea being that we can This one must be like so. Okay. So we’re here. Yes. So these have to all sort of squeeze in at the same time. You sort of got to keep them equidistant from one another in order to make that happen. It’s kind of like Better watch out, some of them’s gonna fall. Okay, so we’re here. Let’s try to get them out of equal distance. That looks about equal. All right. There we go. That is perfect equidistant. Tight configuration here. We got so close. Oh, you kind of saw them starting to coalesce together to start over. It just might actually be easier on a wooden surface just cuz I can slide the pieces in. Get my head under the microphone here so I don’t tap the camera. Here. Yeah, that should be good. Boom! How satisfying is that? That’s a beautiful little shape, by the way. A lot more satisfying than the last puzzle, that’s for sure. So this is a… so this comes like this, and like, to undo it, like you’re kind of like twisting it and until you know, the shape of it, you have to actually push all the sides apart equally at the same time, like, it’s really hard to open. You want to slide them apart. You start to see the mechanics here. And hopefully we can just as easily… Yeah, there we go. Put it back together. That’s cool. A little tetrahedron. Double pyramid-type puzzle. That makes up for this little guy over here. Alright guys, that’s it. That wraps it up for today’s bonus video. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Again, thank you to SimpliSafe for sponsoring this video. Very cool of them. Check it out, left the link below. Guys, thank you so much and let me know in the comments which of these two puzzles was your favorite: the cute little housey poo, or the crazy-looking dual tetrahedron. Anyways guys, thanks for watching. We’ll see you on the next video. Peace!

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  1. If it’s impossible why would you put it in the title when you solve it in the video? Doesn’t seem like it’s impossible

  2. Chris, you're so kind trying to be as nice as possible to the house puzzle creator. But we also felt your pain.

  3. hey Chris, you should try out the Gordian's Knot. it's a really comlicated puzzle with about 70 moves and I think you would enjoy it. love your content; I've watched pretty much all your videos (some again) this past week and they never get old 👍👍

  4. I'd return that house puzzle. Tbh it doesn't even look that good. Not as good as the rest of your collection anyhow.

  5. Hey Chris – another mention of that hum, which really bothers certain types of people. It's SUPER noticeable. It only takes about 30 seconds to remove the hum through the audio track. I'd really like to continue to watch your content, but that hum is making it almost impossible to enjoy 🙁

  6. Hey I just subed to your channel I been watching for a while now..I live in a recovery house and have absolutely nothing to do your videos have made recovery so much easier thank you

  7. I just noticed something weird while watching this. When the timer was at 22 seconds, i accidentally skipped back ten seconds, and the timer said 10 seconds. Has the universe malfunctioned?

  8. try the titan puzzle, you can get it on a website called jp games, shuld be quite hard to solve that thing…maybe

  9. No im not having a great week, like it was my bday on Wed but it was good but today i fell off a wall as high as me, (5’89)😂😂.
    Long story😂😂

  10. "Thank you for sitting through that"
    Me: fells guilty for skipping through the whole sponser talk uh… ur welcome?

  11. 2:15 「箱想寄木細工」“Hako sō yosekizaiku” it basically just says puzzle box. I’m sure the smaller font is a calling card for the maker, but Chris moved around too much and didn’t let it focus, so that’s the only part of it I could read (and it was upside down lol)

  12. The second puzzle was amusing but the first one was a great fall….I mean so simple that thiefs need not think how to invade…just a blow n knock out!ha!ha! 🙂

  13. The music you play for the puzzle vids are so chill! Can you let us know some of the artists you use for the videos?

  14. i love thee videos so much, perfect for chill entertainment like i could watch all day and then when i get tired it’s also the perfect thing to fall asleep too. 10/10 channel my guy

  15. Anyone know where they may find that house puzzle regardless of how hard? Would like to use it as part of a gift

  16. Hey Chris…I always love your videos but I’ve been lashing out on people lately. I might have to stop commenting, but I’ll always love your videos as ROBØJAK!

  17. Dont you make enough money that you dont have to hock alarm systems! You continue to move more and more to money oriented content. SAD!!!!

  18. I'm not really in the market for a home security system but if I ever am SimpliSafe looks to be one of the better options and cheap enough that could I actually justify it (monthly cost is about $15 which is not much more than I'm paying for Netflix).

  19. I enjoyed both of them, the first one was fast, but cute, especially being handmade, but I enjoy some good woodworking. The second puzzle was a little more satisfying to watch for me personally though, if I had to pick one. Regardless, keep up the great videos!

  20. Argh! No! Why?!? Oh man. I liked the puzzles, second one definitely. But then freaked out when it got to the end and the outro music was different!!! Idk. I guess I just got sooo accustomed to it, it was so satisfying. Brought me to a zen place. Ugh! Oh well, I’ll just rewatch some of the older ones.

  21. Hey Chris, I work in the security field. FYI you should check out ‘thelockpickinglawer’s video on the simplisafe door/window contacts. It might give you a different opinion on this system. Some of the system is ok, but I wouldn’t trust it with others. Only trying to help my friend. Hope you understand!

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