Smart Home Setups – Nest IQ Security Camera!

Smart Home Setups – Nest IQ Security Camera!

– Over the past few weeks
you may have noticed a new shooting set up. If you did you are correct. And the reason for that is I moved. Now with that I kind of
have this blank canvas in front of me to build out
my dream smart home set up. And I thought it’d be cool
to document the process and take you along for the ride. So part two is going
to be all about the TV, all about the audio. Super excited for LG 65 inch 4K OLED and potentially even more
excited for a pair of speakers coming in from Focal that has me drooling just thinking about them. Today though part one is
going to be the foundation, the groundwork, Internet WiFi security and because of that I reached out to nest and asked if they’d be
down to send out a couple of their brand-new NEst IQ cameras. They said, “Yes.” I said, “You are awesome.” So huge shout out to them
for sponsoring episode one. You also know what that means so for your chance to win a Nest IQ of your own details are down below. And if you’re down with that let me know by dropping a like. As far as the Internet
goes it’s kind of been a little bit of a roller coaster. Initially I was trying to get Frontier AKA used to be Verizon they hold the key to Fios. It wasn’t going to be anything crazy about a hundred up hundred down
and I’m sure I’m going to hear about some of your
insane Internet speeds in the comments section below. But ultimately after going back and forth for two weeks I found out there were no open ports and I would essentially have to go on a waiting list and who knows how long that would have taken. So ultimately what I ended up doing was going with Spectrum who
weren’t quite as tasty on the upload speeds. We’re looking a hundred down and 10 up which does make me
slightly sad just thinking of that hundred up within arm’s reach. But ultimately after
feeling like a caveman for two weeks without Internet I am just happy to be connected. Now as far as WiFi I went with Google WiFi which comes in a pack of three. The reason for that is
the layout of the house is three stories. Technically though the first story is just the hallway and extra calories burned to get to the living room. Because that the router
lives on the second story I wanted to make sure there
were strong consistent WiFi upstairs and throughout the house. Google WiFi works as a mesh network with
different access points to give you that solid consistent signal. There’s a few different brands that make very similar things but for me Google WiFi has worked perfectly
and I have zero complaints. Popping over to the Nest IQ though this is where things get really cool. And if you’re founded tech this is one of the coolest gadgets you can put in your house. Now what makes my geek heart
happy is inside the Nest IQ is a super crispy 4K sensor. You pair that with the
130 degree wide angle lens night-vision HDR and that
is a killer combination. The way the 4K sensor works though is actually kind of genius. It’s not outputting 4K because one that would eat up extra bandwidth and two would be harder on your system to stream smoothly. But rather, it’s very similar
to shooting a video in a 4K and then output it into a (mumbling) You have to go to punch in crop and overall everything is just extra sharp. What takes that one step
above and beyond though is when the hardware
works with the software. So Nest is actually smart enough
to decipher the difference between just motion and a human being and when it spots a human it will actually lock onto them crop in
and follow the movement which is crazy. What’s cool though is
because of the software base if you’re looking back at old
footage and it’s locked in and following that person
you still have the ability to zoom out and see the
entire field of view. Now full disclosure, as you know, Nest was awesome enough to sponsor my home setup. But no joke, because they work so well, I got a couple more for the office. In addition to the security they have also become the ultimate
behind the scenes camera. Now speaking of software,
one of the craziest features on Nest IQ is face recognition. And it works really good. So the way it works is when Nest IQ sees a face it doesn’t recognize it instantly sends you a notification saying, hey, there’s an unfamiliar face in your spot. From there you can kind
of then create a database of whose face is who’s
and then from now on it will let you know when
that person enters the room. I do wish there was an ability to turn off familiar faces and then only receive notifications for unfamiliar faces. I did reach out to Nest
and they are working that potentially in the
future which is good news. But either way it works lightning fast. To demo that over here in the office I added my face, I added Rich’s face. I am going to call Ralphy to come over in a real time you’re going to see how fast it works. – [Ralphy] Hello.
– Hey what you’re doing? Come to me and Rich. – [Ralphy] Okay. – Ralphy just entered the room. Take a few steps this way. Look up there. Your cameras spotted if
someone it doesn’t recognize. – What’s up? What’s up? – Look man. – Where, I don’t see it. How am I supposed to see myself if I’m over here? – Look at that mean mug. Hold on hold on hold on. (laughing) – That’s very good man. Yeah. I got you. That’s a clean face right there man. – Do you know this person? Uh. Yes. Yes. Hey, just sent me a notification for a familiar face Ralphy which also comes through
on an Apple watch. So there was kind of a real-world example of not only how quickly it works but also how well it works. Immediately when Ralphy came
in it had no idea who he was and it let me know that. But as soon as I added his face it instantly knew who he was. Beyond that what’s also
cool is you can now talk and listen through the Nest IQ. So I’m gonna send Rich over
to the Nest IQ right now. Hey, it sees you. Rich. – Whoa. – Don’t break yourself. So as you’re looking at this Nest footage hopefully Rich isn’t making it too shaky. But not only can you
see the wide-angle view but you can also see how
to adjust on the fly. Night vision works
extremely well to the point where things can be
pitch-black in the room and you can no joke see everything. Now because Nest IQ is
plugged in at all times you essentially have 24/7
live streaming that you can access at any given moment. Now if you want to archive that footage you have two subscription options which we either go back the last 10 days or all the way up to the last 30. And details on that are down below. All in all though I think the Nest IQ is the result of one great
hardware meets great software because both ends of the
spectrum are equally satisfying. If you’ve been looking
for a smart home camera and you want the latest cutting-edge tech the Nest IQ is an awesome choice. This is Jonathan, and I
will catch you guys later.

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  1. Can't wait for episode 2! I think it's gonna be even cooler than this setup! 😎

  2. Great timing as I'm just starting to set up my smart home system. I just installed my ecobee4 and schlage connect. Haven't picked a hub yet and wanted to pick your brain between Vera and SmartThings. Have been leaning toward Vera to avoid calls out to the cloud but everyone seems to go with SmartThings.

  3. I don't have anything too special when it comes to internet speeds, 100d ~80u, I've never had an issue with buffering 🙂

  4. I loved this video! I'm not familiar with home tech but it was nice to see some actually get used in a creative and clean way!

  5. about to move to paris for university and i would love the nest camera to give me a bit of security, love the vids man keep them up! love this series

  6. i never seem to win these giveaways 🙁 !!! come on Jon give it to those who have been supporting you since day 1

  7. Just updated my new channel! Would love for you to be a sub! New tech and gaming content coming soon! 🙂

  8. Nest also has an ultra security alert programs that calls the cops for you. The algorithm is based off seeing African Americans. Text alert: black person spotted notifying police. For a monthly premium nest will also deposit drugs and a gun for when the police arrive so they have something to pin on the guy as well.

  9. Internet speed 1GB via ethernet or wireless 400mb (upload & download) thanks to @HyperOptics – Great customer service and value for me.

  10. Clicked to watch a Dream smart home setup. Not a fucking Nest IQ ad.
    Just shoots an ad video and calls it episode 1. WTF

  11. So for your next dream setup, could you do something like the macbook pro being able to use one cable to charge and display out, but with a windows laptop that has a graphics chip? I edit videos on Premiere and that is a laptop I'd really be interested in. I like being able to plug one cable in and get going. Love your videos!

  12. Are you in the same complex as jayz2cents? Your Studio looks to be constructed the same way.
    Hmmmm…. No response so I think the truth might hurt!

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