smanos Open Box Video — L020 Ethernet Alarm System

smanos Open Box Video — L020 Ethernet Alarm System

Hello there! This is the smanos L020 ethernet alarm system. It is easy to install and can be directly controlled via a free app. Connect up to 30 wireless sensors with just a click. It works without a contract or any monthly fees. The box contains two door/window sensors, one remote and the L020 panel. Furthermore the box contains an AC adapter, double sided tape, a screw kit, warning decals a quick guide and a manual. The L020 panel has a small, clean and easy to use design. At the top we find a multi-colored LED to indicate the state of the alarm. Red indicates it’s armed, blue for home mode and green for being in disarm state. At the bottom batteries can be placed which will work as a backup when there is a power outage. At the back there is an ethernet (or LAN) quick connection button, ethernet port and power connection. So how does the alarm system work. When a sensor has been triggered it will send a signal to the control panel. The control panel will sound the built-in siren immediately and sent a push message to all connected app accounts. In order to install the door/window contact, pull the strip out of the sensor. Keep the triangles of the door/window contact pointed to each other. Now we separate the magnet from the
sensor and the red indicator on the sensor will be seen. Which means it has been triggered. Installation can be done at the side of
a door or window opening. Place the sensor on the side, place the
magnet on the door or window itself. Make sure the triangles face each other
and keep the distance within one centimeter. Connecting the L020 panel to your local
network can be done with the quick installation feature. First connect the power plug and connect
the ethernet cable at the back of the L020 panel. Download the app. Now click on the button on the back of the L020 panel. The app will show its home screen and the installation is done. Now it’s possible to change settings and
control the system directly and receive notifications upon alarm. On the home screen you can see a camera button which will allow you to add the optional smanos IP6 HD Wifi camera. In the second tab we find the following features: accessories can be added and named, the internal siren volume and duration can be adjusted. Also optional external siren settings
can be changed. Furthermore you can make a schedule,
entry exit delay time can be set and you can secure the app with an entry
code. For more information check, your local reseller or find us on Facebook and Twitter for latest updates. Thank you for watching and see you next

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  1. Since this only comes with one remote, would i be able to arm/disarm the system via cellphone once i link it to the smanos app?

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