SIA CCTV Licence Training | London | PTTC The Training Company

SIA CCTV Licence Training | London | PTTC The Training Company

are you looking to become an SIA
licensed CCTV operator if you are stay tuned to this video and
PTTC the training company can show you how to get the
best training possible get trained by experts at PTTC one of the
UK’s leading specialist security training companies in East London for only £180 pounds with no hidden costs with us you’ll be taught how to operate
the latest CCTV equipment in our state-of-the-art fully equipped
control room on a 24 camera full color system with multiple pan tilt
and zoom cameras We will teach you everything you need to
become a SIA licensed CCTV operator including Data Protection Act the
regulations of Investigatory Powers act the Freedom of Information Act and the Human
Rights Act please don’t leave this kind of training
to chance your future in the industry could depend
on it learn with experienced professionals that were approved by the SIA the will
offer you 100 percent money-back satisfaction guarantee get
trained today by the experts but over a 100 percent
pass guarantee call PTTC on 02082214188 or go on line at now! thank you for watching this video all
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If you’re interested in getting free training yes free training with
us at PTTCtraining we have a great free to enter monthly competition. all you have to do to enter is simply
click on the red win flag on this page for your chance to win 200 pounds worth
of free training on us This prize is drawn ever month so click on the Red Win Flag and leave us your name and email and we will do the rest. Good Luck and remember you have to be in it to win
it thanks again for watching our video with PTTC the training company we
look forward to talking to you again soon

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