Should LGBT+ People Turn to Guns for Protection? [DEBATE] πŸ”«πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

Should LGBT+ People Turn to Guns for Protection? [DEBATE] πŸ”«πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

hello beautiful people welcome to a very
special edition of gay global I’m once again coming to you live from London to
ask the question should LGBTQ plus people arm themselves I’m joined by two
wonderful guests today from across the nation who have opposite feelings on
this very very topical issue after the recent shooting in El Paso Texas
organization group gays against guns took to the streets to protest gun
violence they strongly believe that gun righi ts is fundamentally an lgbtq+ issue
and that by campaigning against gun violence we can help save lives
all the while however a group called Pink Pistols is actually advocating that
queer people should buy guns and arm themselves to help defend against hate
crime they help train queer people to use guns and we’re going to be speaking
from a member of the Pink Pistols and a member of gays against guns in today’s
video first I’d like to speak to Tony from the Pink Pistols Tony thank you so
much for joining us here at gay global go ahead and introduce yourself and your
thoughts on this issue thanks for that Bradley. Hey y’all, my name’s Tony and I’ve been a part of the Pink Pistols since the very beginning out here in
Kentucky you need things like Pink pistols because we’ve got to defend
ourselves I mean here at pink pistols our motto is pick on someone your own
caliber because honey armed gays don’t get bashed anyway since the orlando
shootings we’ve seen our numbers more than double LGBTQ+ people are
starting to buy guns more and more it’s still not as much as straight people but
honey we got to defend ourselves and I know I may not look queer presenting but
honey I need guns to defend myself because I have had a homophobe or two
and it is not the tea mama so bitch you come for me
I’m packing and not in that way thank you for that Tony now we’re gonna go to
Zechariah who is a member of the gays against guns protest thanks so much for
joining us Zecharia why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself
and your thoughts on this issue thanks for having me Bradley gays against guns
I was there in 2016 when we were formed after the Orlando shootings I have lost
friends gun violence is fundamentally a queer
issue there are 10,300 firearm related hate crimes every single year
and one-fifth of those are based on sexual orientation or gender identity
so all I’m asking for is some common-sense gun laws some basic gun
reform is that so much to ask for alright thank you for that Zechariah now
I want to open the floor to debate between you both I want to start with
the question of what’s being coined as common sense gun laws how do you both
feel about these laws which have been passed in the Congress but have been
repeatedly blocked in the Senate by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
these are laws such as assault weapon bans background checks and ammunition
limits if you have the chance to would you guys vote these laws through alright
Tony what do you think about this listen honey it depends on the law obviously
I’m all for certain common-sense laws like background checks I mean sure but a
lot of these liberals they want to take away our guns which is actually enabling
queer deaths which frankly is in itself queer phobic and horrific fuck off you
ain’t taking my guns baby no that’s ridiculous nobody’s trying to take away
your guns we just want common-sense gun laws and
restrictions like background checks and banning of assault weapons and like
ammunition limits you know like basic things and nobody’s trying to question
your right to defensive weapons just get a Taser or something that doesn’t kill
anybody honey tasers don’t fucking work for one
thing I will tell you that I have tried tasers are worth shit all but
you can’t really reload them tasers are not a self-defense weapon
that’s ridiculous I have a right to defend myself excuse me fine then have
your handgun for self defense but what possible reason could you have to want
an assault weapon honestly listen honey I believe in the fundamental human
rights of all Americans I am an American I believe in the u.s. of a that’s it
I don’t need no assault weapons I never said that I needed no assault weapons
I don’t need assault weapons however people will still get them on the black
market so it’s pointless okay listen some 16 year old is gonna
jump on the dark web and spend two grand on some assault weapon using daddy’s
credit card that is nonsense and you know it
even if criminals are still able to get guns they will have way more trouble
getting guns which could still save lives gun reform could save lives
there is no reason for assault weapons to be legal anyway what the fuck are
you holding is that a water gun I’m absolutely not excuse you ok ok guys
guys let’s let’s just take a moment you guys have both made some amazing points
here let’s just have a second here I’m gonna give you guys both an opportunity
to summarize your beliefs and to talk about your causes let’s start with
Zechariah look we are incredibly proud to stand with a nationwide movement with
queer people against gun violence we stand with like March for our lives an
amazing organization full of queer people even some of their leaders are
queer and we are trying to save goddamn lives for fuck’s sake like we’re trying
to save people so check out our details in the description cuz this is important
gays against guns thank you so much for that Zechariah that was fantastic
to any of you watching this broadcast there will be details down below – the
gays against guns campaign as well as the Pink Pistols so check that out down
below but let’s hear from Tony listen honey I believe in the Second Amendment
I believe in the fundamental right to bear arms as an American I am an
American that said I do support some common-sense gun laws because sure why
the heck not you know couple of common sense gun laws are absolutely fine but
you are not gonna take my guns away you cannot take my guns away you have no
right to take away my guns listen people always think oh oh Tony you’re so
feminine you wouldn’t like guns you must hate guns and you were lipstick you
can’t use a gun bitch I can use a gun and I will use a gun
so excuse you I believe in my right to use guns and I believe that by arming
queer people we actually stand a chance to defend for ourselves listen believe
it or not I have been beaten up more times than I can count and since I
started using guns I took back control for myself I don’t get beat up no more I
have control over my own life on my own destiny so bitch if you come from me or
my queer brethren I will shoot a bitch so thank you very much I truly believe
that the way forward is army and queer people because by arming queer people we
can prevent these sorts of hate crimes from actually ever taking place I mean
just think about Stonewall if they had guns at Stonewall those protesters wouldn’t of died um nobody nobody was killed at Stonewall nobody nobody died
really no nobody but I go continue continue oh well still
that that’s beside the point because listen it is true that we have
an epidemic in America trans women are being murdered
at an alarming rate this is serious stuff folks and we need to care about
these people’s lives so by arming trans women and other members of the lgbtq+
community we can help defeat the bad guys and actually protect the good ones
and protect the queer community so that’s what I’m all about
check out the details of the pink pistols below join us we will train you
and help you defend yourself oh fuck it’s another homophobe well it looks
like we’ve lost Tony that’s okay though I am going to give my opinions
on the matter now as with usual with gay global I want you guys to hear the
opinions that are out there and then I want to give my own to me personally it
feels that the way forward is to have common sense gun laws put into place we
need gun reform badly but I also think that queer people should be allowed to
own guns and should be able to defend themselves with guns I think that
training programs like Pink Pistols can be a great way for queer people to gain
independence and to be able to defend themselves from the bigots and the hate
that is out there there are people that want to kill all LGBTQ plus individuals
and it’s important that we have an ability to defend ourselves from those
people while also campaigning for common sense gun reform I do think that things
like having background checks and banning assault weapons is just a
logical step forward towards having a safer country and towards getting the
guns out of people that are mentally ill and should not have them so I personally
would like to see common sense gun reform and laws put into place but I
also do believe in the Second Amendment I do think that Americans should
absolutely have a legal right to defend themselves and I think that that is
valuable to the queer community so I personally hope that queer people will
be encouraged to go out and defend themselves especially in a country like
America where queer deaths are unfortunately a still relatively common
and I also hope simultaneously that we will all get behind campaigns like gays
against guns because I think that the work that they’re doing is really
important as a disclaimer I mean no ill-will towards either of the
organizations I’ve discussed in this broadcast Pink Pistols is a real
organization you can support them down below as is gays against guns both
will be down below so that’s been my opinion but I would love to hear your
opinion down below so let me know in the comments how you feel about gun laws and
gun reform, how you feel about queer people defending
themselves and arming themselves I would love to know all of your thoughts down
below so let me know if you did enjoy this video please give it a share with
your friends your family get this message out there I would also love it
if you gave this video a thumbs up if you appreciated it and hit that
subscribe button so you can stay tuned for all of my future out to be to keep
us related content as always remember that the world is a very very noisy
place so make your words count I’ve been Bradley Birkholz and you’ve
been watching gay global and I will see you in a future video

14 Replies to “Should LGBT+ People Turn to Guns for Protection? [DEBATE] πŸ”«πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ”

  1. Making this video produced some PRETTY hilarious bloopers which you can watch for as little as $2 and ALSO support this channel! How cool? πŸ˜‰

    Are y'all #TeamTony or #TeamZechariah?

    This is honestly the largest and hardest video I've ever put together, although it might not seem like it. That said, I have a couple of disclaimers…

    1. There's SOOO much more to say about this issue. I have really strong feelings about it and I'm pretty anti-violence and anti-guns as a person, but I've also been assaulted (albeit very minor), and dealt with homophobic abuse – so I understand and even relate to the desire to have a firearm or self defence weapon, especially in a country like America. If I had things my way, guns would cease to exist entirely, immediately, but we don't live in that world. That said, it's been really hard to over come my anti-gun bias, and I've done my best to do that in this video. In the past I've discussed it very dogmatically, and I wanted to try to be more impartial this time.
    2. I know Tony's a bit ridiculous and over the top, but that's not meant as any disrespect to Pink Pistols.
    3. I don't agree with Pink Pistols support of the NRA. I despise the NRA as an organisation, but that has nothing to do with whether queer people should be encouraged to defend themselves using reasonable means.
    4. I made some editing errrors with this – it was pretty rushed, so sorry about that! But hopefully it wasn't too noticeable!
    5. The goal of this video ultimately is for you to make your own mind up! Please let me know what you think down below!

  2. Bradley, I have to say that this was a BRILLIANT way of seeing both sides of the story, while using humour to approach the topic!!! This video must’ve taken so long to make! Colour me #impressed

    PS – I’m guessing that you pull a little more liberal, and you probably grew up in a pretty conservative town (I used to live in Fresno so I know how many conservatives there are in the smaller towns in CA) so I feel like that’s why you have a pretty unique take on this issue. 😁

  3. First of all, I can tell how much fun you had making this video. I haven’t watch the bloopers yet, but I can imagine how funny they must be! As for the issue of guns and gun control, it’s a very complex issue that people feel very strongly about. I think in the US we err on the side of too few gun laws rather than too many, though out and out prohibition is probably not going to work, considering how entrenched in our society guns are. Still, there are plenty of laws that we need, including background checks for all gun sales, a ban on assault weapons, etc. One of the most important things, that is talked about too little, is consistency in gun laws among the various states. Strong laws in one state only help so much when laws in the next state over are much more lax. Though some people won’t like it, we need federal gun regulations to prevent someone from buying a weapon in one state and then taking it to another state to commit murder. At least, that is my take on it.

  4. Amusing, but also thought provoking. You did a very good job here, I think. πŸ‘πŸ‘ Also, I agree with your sentiments at the end.

  5. Very thought provoking. I love your videos because you talk about issues in the LGBTQIA plus community and hope that more people in the LGBT community stand up for what they believe in. Great video and content Bradley much love.

  6. I actually recently thought about this topic. Had an recent incident at my local Walmart. What should have been a simple traffic dispute solved with a mere choice words and little more escalated to more. The two young "gentlemen" were certainly fueled on toxic masculinity and almost assuredly alcohol as well. They stopped their truck middle of the road and walked over to my car and while I responded with all the ingrained aggressiveness I could I was certainly fearful of how far they would take it, uncertain how little my life mattered to them. When they proceeded to follow me and eventually threw I believe a full drink bottle full force at my car before speeding off thoughts of what could happen flooded my head afterwards. While big cities have a stronger community presence I'm in a county where I local liberal arts College and music Conservatory is the only prominent accepting place around. Since I'm not a student of said college it's only slightly helpful. Maybe it was the hassel involved, my personal views on guns or the knowledge that while I'm not suicidal and just like alchohol certain things don't mix with depression I didn't get a gun, so I order a little defense bottle of mace instead.

    So in conclusion though I still have residual fear, the fact that except for my military service I've gone my entire life never owning nor using guns combined with the knowledge that my mental health issues, most stemming from past violence I percieve to be because of my sexuality and living with an alcoholic brother mean I'm not an ideal candidate for gun ownership.
    The empath in me says I can't think merely about myself and for now it wins out over the what if fear mentality.

  7. Putting guns into the hands of a population with an elevate3de suicide risk is unwise. Also of note is that a number of these murders are intimate partner or roommate situations, so if there is a gun around…

  8. That was a lot of effort to put this video together. How long did this take you? I watched and was like this was some effort. I never had heard of the organizations, but suffice it to say, it was informative. I then was thinking he lives in Wales how did he get all that information? That again is some effort Bradley.

  9. Loved your video .some facts for all .more gun deaths are from sucides.most mass shootings are committed by white men under 30.there are an estimated 350 million guns in the U.S. we don't know for sure the number that Dosent include black market guns.we are armed to the teeth.the second amendment was written because we had no standing army our forefathers or rolling in there graves if they were alive they would amend it.unfortunately our leaders on both sides have no balls.they are scared to death from the nra.yes I'm a gun owner yes I want tougher laws.but there b.s. about charging 10$ for each bullet.350mil guns plus it will 100 years to get them off the streets.

  10. Bradley, I love one of your videos about the LGBTQ people should turn to guns for protection and I wanna say that I'm very proud of you for being my inspiration!!!!

  11. Good job! A very funny way to present a serious topic. This issue is complicated, but I think your opinion at the end summed up they way most Americans feel.

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