short circuit protection power supply Over Current Ide kreatif Elektronik DIY

short circuit protection power supply Over Current  Ide kreatif Elektronik DIY

greetings healthy youtube after I practice namely making short circuit protection for any voltage and current finally finished, this is the result because, short protection that I made before sometimes it cannot be used, when applied to LM317 because the LM already has a short protection so this short protection, keep damage to the transistor current amplifier side, the transistor that I use 3055 but if you try, before you are sure don’t use 3055 first because it must have broken up 3055 if there is a short if necessary, your capacitors come off too example here I use 10,000uF so try not to install it first when it’s successful you just install it all especially the transistor 4x my transistor is broken, in conducting experiments so your transistors are released first for LM317 it doesn’t matter because inside there is already a short protection so in the experiment, use only LM317 ok i will plug the ac voltage I plug it note, the output voltage and current is still 000 because I haven’t activated short protection if you want to make it automatic too but the circuit is a bit complicated and expensive so I made it just like this, without buzzer note how to activate it I press the push botton I press yes already active and the output voltage has been read ok, the weakness of short protection that I made this which I haven’t been able to overcome that is, it works at a minimum voltage of 3.3V whereas on LM 317 can issue a output of 1.25V ok, i just practice if the output voltage I make is below 3.3V then the short protection, will assume short note, the indicator is flashing 3.28V is still ok 3.25V yes it’s considered short … so it’s off I press I still don’t push the ON button, because the voltage is below 3.3V I raise it first, so it can be ON so this is the weakness of this short protection that is, the minimum voltage that can be protected is 3.3V ok, i set it at 3.3V only then I will short at the lowest voltage without load ok, this is negative … I installed it it’s still an emergency, to make it clear … and this is positive pay attention !!! I am short when it comes out, don’t be surprised already off when it’s off, you’re short again, no problem to turn it back on, just press the push button ok, it’s on again I’m short again yes, automatic off ok, now I will try the maximum voltage apparently maximum at a voltage of 30.7V maybe, because there is a drop in the ac voltage, we look at the DC input voltage yes it reads 34Vdc so apparently my ac voltage dropped a little but no problem ok, I will try short at 30V voltage yes automatically off I’m on it again I’m short … it’s already off sometimes sparks come out, but it doesn’t matter I’ve tested this circuit hundreds of times and OK I’m on again I try again yes the spark came out but no problem I’m on it again I try the regulator yes it’s still OK not steady, walk normally so don’t worry about fire coming out I try again fire out a little I tried the regulator … still ok of course then I will load HPL 10W I lower the voltage first I plug it and the current read is still 90mA I raise it to about 500mA so the HPL isn’t too hot pay attention !!! I will short with a load yes it’s already automatic off and the output voltage, is illegible so it’s very safe ok, i will try it again I am short and off what do you think, great is not it how is the circuit before you do not forget to support our channel by subscribing, which has never been if you want to subscribe for free, click the one bearing the bell ok, to be sure, I’m off one by one First, I disconnect the output from the transistor that I put on the relay switch Fix then I disconnect the output cable, which I put on the NC I’m loose then I loose the ground ok, i’m loose then I release the voltage input I’m loose I have taken it first because this is just me glue and this is the sequence focus on the short circuit first, we need a current limiting resistor from the high voltage input, in order to activate the relay and the circuit its components besides the 12V relay diode, zenner, led, resistor resistor … capacitor and this is mosfet R 5K1 ohms ok, we see one by one the direction of the diode and zenner bracelets is the same here and here zenner diode zenner that I use 12V 1W zenner diode … resistor led indicator ON It is 1K ohm this is the On indicator and the resistor then R 5K1 ohms to the mosfet gate from NO to gate then the push button switch The R is 1K ohm This is it this to the gate too then capacitor 104, to overcome the noise ok, the mosfet that i use IRF540 anything can be done, as long as channel N and to calculate the R1 … I zoom out first for the maximum current, depending on the relay you use I use a 12V relay to calculate R1 actually R1 isn’t needed if in your transformer there are 2 types of output like this example, there are 2 outputs This is a small current output voltage 12VDC but not seen I have given diodes and capacitors, for other preparations actually using this voltage can so without R1 for this practice, I did not use it first I still use the high input voltage to be able to activate the circuit and relay approximately a current of 30mA is needed pay attention !!! the example here uses CT 15Vac so the output is around 35Vdc so the magnitude of R1=35-12V divided by 30mA and R1 obtained around 766 ohms and the power, count too with the formula V xI namely 25X30mA=0.69W so R1 is around 766 ohms, 1W or 2W my advice, you just use 2W because I only have R 1 / 4W, so I’m parallel R 10K ohms for 13 pcs so that the value is close to 766 ohms like this, because R 1/4 is cheap and common R1 to positive relay …. this so the input voltage, can be anything only R1 has been changed the others are the same then output on LM317 you connect to the Fix relay switch so if it’s short, output to NC which is not connected everywhere this fix relay to LM317 remember in my opinion this series is great so do not let the wrong installation once again let me remind you when you try, you first release the transistor and, if you can … you remove the capacitors too ok, that’s all about the short circuit hopefully can answer a few questions apologize if there is a mistake and … please input it thank you for visiting

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  1. Perbedaan pada video shot protec sebelumnya apa om? Di video sebelumya sudah mampu protek 0-40 volt tanpa mosfet,,,justru pake mosfet kenapa no protec di bawah 4v?

  2. A.C Sistemlerde kullanilabilen bir kisa devre korumasi yapmak veya bulma sansimiz varmi (Amator olarak ilgileniyorum ) tesekkur ederim

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