Shocking CCTV: Police officer filmed firing Taser at naked man

Shocking CCTV: Police officer filmed firing Taser at naked man

Shocking footage has emerged of a policeman
tasering a naked unarmed man in a police cell in Wiltshire. PC Lee Birch discharged the taser without
warning after Daniel Dove threw his pants at the officer during a strip search. The 23-year-old had been arrested for being
drunk and disorderly outside a nightclub that evening. The CCTV shows PC Birch unclipping the 50,000-volt
weapon from his holster within seconds of entering the cell and fires at Dove who collapses
to the ground and curls up in a ball. Then he pulled his taser gun out from behind
his back, not from his holster. He just pulled it out from behind his back and just shot
it off. The wires came flying out into my chest, and from there it was like under the
grip of the electric shall I say. If I was out somewhere and I had weapon on me, then
fair enough. But I wasn’t out. I was in the cell. I was pretty much naked. I had no weapons
on me, and that was just over the top for what I’d done to him I would say. PC Brich was then charged of assault and misconduct
but found not guilty. He now faces an internal inquiry and investigation by the Independent
Police Complaints Commission. Despite a judge ruling that the footage could
be released to the media, the Wiltshire Chief constable objected and it was later leaked.

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  1. well he put up his hands after he throw his underwear at the police officer face, Question is will this clown throw another underwear at anybody face again?,.. I say NO!

  2. I was thinking "what a good looking young man" until he open up his mouth and 50% of his teeth was gone… Why is it that so many people in UK is missing there teeth?

  3. this has nothing to do with him being police, hes just a human, noone is gonna tolerate you throw dirty underwear on their faces and i bet 9/10 people would even use a gun at that moment if it was in their hands

  4. that guy is an idiot, why all the politically correct arguments? he was arrested for bad behaviour, he also looks like a punk, and he disrespected the police officer, he deserved to get some kind of punishment. i appreciate the officer reaction, well deserved lesson with a non lethal weapon. Quit bitchin…

  5. I hope you didn't get any money for that. You were disorderly and you slap your undies in the guys face. What did he expect? A hug?

  6. It absolutely doesnt matter what he did to end up in a jail cell or provoking the police' no one and i mean NO ONE has the right to taser another human being just for having underwear thrown at them! Yes he did deserve either a beating or an assault on a policeman charge but not that!
    Jo public is sent to prison for five years just for having a stun gun in there possession' these coward cunts know dam well they will get away with whatever they do just because they belong to the pig farm..
    This is a perfect example why there is so much hatred for the police, there the first to start winging when a copper is shot or stabbed by someone who has been pushed too far.
    Roll on the vids of filth getting assaulted!!

  7. great work western media for making the public hating the police what the hell so redundant criminal attacked officer with underwear fill with alcoholic pee stains and expect the police to walk away. To be fair this shithead is a grownup being drunk and disorderly, attacking office got taser is a fair punishment for him immature behaviour. In future there might be a breaking point where the civilians no longer trust the police and the police had no intention of justice only serving the master

  8. Cause apparently everyone is on the cop's side, you do not EVER harm someone in any sort of way unless they harm u. What did the guy do? Get a little pee on u? Awwwwwwe im sorry but u don't freaking TASER him especially when he is NAKED. Yes i agree he deserved a punishment but not a freaking taser gun. No sir, it is at that moment when you have abused ur power and are just domestic about it. And then people wonder why others hate cops……this is why america…….this is why. Two idiots don't make one right (;

  9. oh shut the fuck up Maxine you must be married to a PIG?Only wives or husbands defend Cops like you and your cop husband and DIE…I fucking hate cops and anybody whom they are friends with..Again Die and you and your cop husband…Fucking Skanky Ass Bitch…

  10. life is cheap in my country! A few years in prison for murder, a few months for rape, not very long for paedophiles .Not the fault of the police..S and money more important than so called justice, oh! by the way, you will not do a lot of prison time for beating your male or female partner. The poor police have to suffer while the fat cats and local Councillors chew up all the money ,look at your council tax and have a bash at the pen pushers pay, the most important service's get very little. I must Google what mayors or mayoresses do, apart from wearing odd clothing and gold chains and riding in expensive cars !!!

  11. There was absolutely no need for the use of a taser. There were enough police officers in the room; had anything gone 'south'. This video will not discredit the police and I'd be shocked if his colleagues backed him up; I certainly wouldn't. The CPS obviously didn't press charges to save face.

  12. police are real tough when armed with several weapons and have about 5 other butt fucking buddies backing them

  13. why in the usa he could of shot and killed the man   as the maN  HAD DEMONSTRATED  VIOLENTS  THROWING THE SOCK OR WHAT EVER IT WAS  AT The other officer ,   so the police could of said they were scared and they would have  and emptied the whole clip into him and   they wouldn't get in any trouble

  14. the guy was out of order but the screw is a dick and probably thinks he is above the law he should have been sacked without a pension the arsehole

  15. the most fucked up part is that the officer shot the tazer AFTER the situation had calmed down.
    He didn't taze to descelate the situation, he tazed as a punishment after the situation.
    And this is where people need to understand before saying ''well deserved''. These policemen are supposed to work FOR the community, the tax payer.

  16. People are forgetting the pants are dirty if someone threw shitty underwear in my face I'd fucking taze the shit out of them aswell

  17. typical pig what else did you expect a young drunk male in those circumstances should have been put in the drunk tank till morning and released like really a fuckin strip search fuckin fag cops just wanted to see what the young man was working with maybe have a suck or two of his unit eh problem was the young man wasn't a gag and was rightfully angry and being drunk he harmlessly swiped his underwear across that pigs face and piggy was embarresed infront of his commrads so he shoots the young man with a stun gun nice work officer you in any other case you'd be licking those underwear with lust in your eyes piggy should have that tazer shoved up his ass disgusting display of abuse of power for shame piggy for shame

  18. when you're naked, the electricity flows much better and therefore does less damage i.e. pain & burns.
    but that's something you'd have learned in 0th grade if visited….

  19. "The big police was mean to me and i don't know why" fucking cry-baby. Smashing your dirty underpants in the blokes face… I would have tazed you in the face wile kicking your balls.
    So stupid…

  20. Ok his drunk. In a America we usually let them stay somewhere to sober up before heading home. We don't strip them naked, cause that's seems stupid. Emptying out their pockets is better then stripping them naked. What a torture.

  21. So disrespectful by throwing his clothing in the officers face!
    Typical arrogant British Jackass snob to think he can be drunk and disorderly (No Apology for throwing your nastyass clothing in an officers face "huh"?)
    Better be glad it was a teaser and not three bullets!

  22. Not condoning the officer's actions, but why allege misconduct after committing an act against him? Why should you care if he was within policy or not? You chose to draw a line in the sand and you got your card pulled. As a child, this guy must've not had a father in the household.

  23. Its his fault for Putting himself in that position gettin Drunk and disorderly😂

    But i still think dont agree with what the cops and cop were doing they should be more Professional making him strip naked is not okay and den Taserin him

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