Shield Claims To Protect Your Makeup In The Shower | Beauty Or Bust

Shield Claims To Protect Your Makeup In The Shower | Beauty Or Bust

This is Beauty or Bust where we test out the beauty world’s weirdest product and decide if they’re
worth your money or a total bust. Today, we’re gonna be
testing out the ShowrShield. I found the ShowrShield
on Etsy, and what it is is basically a headband
with a shield attached to it so that you can wash
your entire body, wash your hair in the shower,
and not get your face wet. Have you ever wondered
what it’s like to shower with a full
face of makeup on? Neither have I, but the
inventor of the ShowrShield said that that was what led
her to create this product. She was sick and tired
of gettin’ in the shower, ruining her makeup, and
then having to fix it after. I have no idea why she
was doing it that way or why she didn’t
just do it after, but I figured it’d be
fun to try it myself with a full face of
makeup on in the shower. There are a lot of other uses
for the ShowrShield though. They can help protect
eyelash extensions, microbladed brows,
and makeup. It says it’s used by individuals with tactile sensory
hypersensitivity with water, and it says that elderly
consumers use a ShowrShield as it reduces disorientation
by preventing water spray, shampoo, and soap from directly
getting into your eyes. I’m gonna be evaluating the
ShowrShield on three things: how easy it was to use, is
it really one size fits all, and did it actually keep
my face dry in the shower? Here’s what happened when
I took the ShowrShield home and tried to shower with
a full face of makeup. Because the ShowrShield had
those adjustable Velcro straps, you can adjust it to basically
any head size that you got. Big head, little head,
you could fit it in this. It ended up fitting my
head, so I’m gonna give it an A-plus for
one-size-fits-allness. Once I had it firmly strapped
to my head, then it came to the real test: actually
taking a shower with it. Ahh, I’m really scared! I started washing my hair
and was really impressed when I could feel nothing
dripping down from my hairline into my face, like, I was in
there, I was under that shower, I was scrub, scrubbin’
away, nothing. The only place I really,
really felt water coming in through
was actually this area, my jawline downward,
but that’s also a place where makeup could
be really easy to fix. Getting this area
wet isn’t as bad as getting my eye makeup
wet or ruining my lipstick. This is where the important
stuff is, so that was fine. I was really nervous
to rinse out my hair. I didn’t really
wanna test my luck, but even standing straight
up and not leaning my head back to purposely prevent
water from coming in, it was doing a great job
of keeping everything out. Then I moved on to my
conditioning and detangling. I was terrified that
my brush was just gonna kinda rip open the
Velcro in the back, but that also stayed in
place the entire time. After I detangled and
washed all the conditioner out of my hair, I
got out of the shower and took the ShowrShield
off. Immediately I noticed that nothing was
different. The makeup was exactly the same as
when I got into the shower, so I was very
pleasantly surprised. The ShowrShield is one of
those products that you see and it looks like a very
gimmicky, as-seen-on-TV type of product that you
think is gonna totally suck. I am very happy to say that
this time it totally worked and actually did what
it said it was gonna do. My face was completely dry. Because the head strap
has Velcro attached to it, it can fit a lot of different
head shapes, head sizes, you can adjust it
however you want to. You don’t need a whole
list of instructions on how to do it to actually do it. It’s super easy to figure
out and get onto your head, so I didn’t struggle with any
part of this process at all. The literal only problem
I had with the ShowrShield was that once you take it off, you do have these line
indents on your forehead because of the little
rubber that’s on it that keeps the water
from hitting your face. That is the only thing that
I didn’t love about it. It’s made with the same rubbery
stuff that’s at the bottom of showers to keep the
water from escaping. If you can see yourself
using this product over and over again, I think
the $14.95 price tag is totally worth it because
it actually does work.

85 Replies to “Shield Claims To Protect Your Makeup In The Shower | Beauty Or Bust”

  1. I shower with makeup, but not my hair. But also why do ur makeup before? I get it happens sometimes but not after enough for a product

  2. i would probably use it when i want to wear makeup on a rainy day. yes. that would work.

    or i could just use the umbrella, for rainy day. and not showering with my makeup on .—.

  3. Believe me, I have been in moments where I just wanted to freshen up after work to meet with friends at an occasion, but I didn't want to reapply my makeup.
    This invention makes sense to me.

  4. this actually does make sense to me, when you just wanna freshen up, needa shave. Sometimes makeup can take 2 hours to apply, why take it off when you would have to re apply it right after???

  5. This mask is sorta helpful. Ima dancer and I have to put on makeup while having a party after. I still want to freshen up but not take another 2 hours for makeup. So how would I do that? Using this thing.

  6. Message from the World to Us:
    To the .001% of people who wash their face, put makeup on, then decide to take a shower as an after thought (🤦🏽‍♀️) we are glad you exist💕
    To the 100% of people who cant listen to YouTube music and allow the screen to turn off…sucks to suck, I guess🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. Actually… I love putting on face masks before I shower because the steam helps keep it from drying my skin out too much therefore making the ingredients work a bit longer. I can see myself using this face shield to keep the water from dripping onto the face mask while I’m washing my hair.

  8. Would it fit/work for little kids? My 8 year daughter is learning how to shower by herself now and soap in the eye is a constant struggle.

  9. i'd probably use it on vacation, when you go to the beach or any other area, may get a bit dirty and have to shower so it'll guard your makeup and not having to waste the product and do it twice a day..

  10. This is lazy and unnecessary! Who would want to use that thing when you can do otherswise smh. Where can i buy that?

  11. Would probably buy this. I like to keep the skincare I put on at night the next day so I save on product lol.

  12. Why would you want to keep your makeup on? And sure you might be about to go on a date and need to clean your sweat off but still want to keep your makeup on…just re-do it after as it’s a fresh face, looks nicer, and doesn’t take much effort.

    I think they should advertise the shower shield as “the shield for people with sensitive faces.”

  13. This is my product I invented!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR REVIEW!❤️❤️❤️ I loved watching you try it and you had me laughing. I’m a dancer so I would shower my whole body in the morning then would go to dance and want to freshen up before going out at night without having to redo my makeup that still was intact. My friends and customers love it after they get their eyelashes done and brows micro bladed. Thanks again for the love I really appreciate it!!

  14. This actually can work for so many things like people who just got eye surgery, eyelashes done, eyebrow tattoo, etc.

  15. I dont understand the people arguing in the comment section. Stating that why would they be showering but not washing their faces. When she completely explains the product's other purpose/claims at the beggining..

    ●protects eyelash extension, microbladed brows
    ●Helps individual with tactile sensory hypersensitivity with water
    ● Helps people that have problems with their eyes to avoid getting water and shampoo directly into their eyes.


  16. Sometimes after school I hang out w/ my friends and I have to shower( Just to know here in Bulgaria almost all People shower in the evening) and I understand the creator… Even when I have only concelar and mascara

  17. Literally all of you guys on here talking about how stupid this is, CLEARLY do not have any eye problems. I have ocular rosacea which is a very painful autoimmune disease of the eyes and eyelids. Taking a shower and wiping the water and shampoo off your eyes irritates the actual HELL out of them.

    I ordered this about a week ago for that reason and it’s being delivered in Thursday! I CANNOT WAIT. No more eyes on fire after the shower!! Thank you for inventing this product! 💕

  18. It's also good for when you have like a face mask on and you wanna take a shower but you just put it on or it takes a while to dry. Hope this helped for another usage idea 💭 😄💙

  19. No problem with the shower shelf you're not cleaning all of your head. Because it's going to cover your hairline in a little bit more. So basically you're taking a shower but you're not really cleaning yourself. And I can understand for elderly people and for people who might have sensory issues. But again when you look at the device itself you are not getting the parts of your hair that are dirty. That doesn't oh, I'm sorry I can't do this when I get in the shower from head to toe I want to be clean. This just to me seems dirty and why would you get in the shower with makeup on that's dirty. And it doesn't match the shower is hot or cold makeup clog your pores anyway. There are chemicals in makeup that make your face look older that's why when you take off makeup you look like a Ashley skeleton. So is Amanda showers hot or cold.

  20. this is basically a face shield people use when using half face respirators (usually to prevent catching disease)

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