Shell Rimula – Dynamic Protection Plus technology explained

Shell Rimula – Dynamic Protection Plus technology explained

Dynamic Protection Plus Technology. At Shell we know
just how tough the roads can be. Harsh weather and long driving hours can have an impact
on your engine’s performance. Today’s heavy-duty diesel engines
need exceptional engine oils to keep them running
at maximum efficiency. That’s why Shell scientists have developed Shell Rimula synthetic oils
with Dynamic Protection Plus Technology. This unique formulation
combines Shell PurePlus Technology and Adaptive Additive Technology to provide outstanding engine protection that helps to lower
total cost of ownership. Let us have a look at the formulation
of Dynamic Protection Plus Technology. Shell PurePlus Technology
produces clean and crystal-clear base oil. By utilising reduced viscosity oils, less energy is required
to pump the oil around the engine, resulting in increased fuel efficiency
and reduced costs. Adaptive Additive Technology,
on the other hand, adapts physically and chemically
when required to provide protection. This is how Dynamic Protection Plus
Technology works. Anti-wear chemistry
provides extra protection against friction in high-stress areas, extending your engine’s lifespan. During the combustion process, acids are produced,
which can end up in the engine oil. Performance additives
neutralise these acids, and prevent them
from reaching vital engine parts. By preventing metal corrosion,
unplanned downtime can be minimised. Additives target carbon particles
to prevent sludge formation, which helps extending oil drain intervals. Detergent molecules help prevent build-up
of deposits around the piston crown, resulting in a cleaner, more efficient
engine and reducing maintenance costs. Dynamic Protection Plus Technology
was designed to provide: long oil and engine life, extended oil drain intervals, reduced fuel and maintenance costs, all weather protection, resulting
in lower total cost of ownership. Shell Rimula
with Dynamic Protection Plus Technology. The engine oil that works as hard as you.

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  1. it is very informative and verymuch useful for the comercial vehicle operators. thank you for the information provided

  2. how do you explain about what difference is when compair to SINGLE GRADE OIL and MULTY GRADE OIL

  3. Hmmm…based on this fancy animation I guess we've been duped for decades since I kinda thought ALL engine oils had those same exact design principles.

  4. i use in motorcycle Y15ZR engine jem, my rod and piston damage.. why???
    my friend tell rimula for lorry not motorcycle.. 😭😭😭

  5. Can I use Shell 100%synthetic oil in my motrcycle (Honda cg125 pakistan).
    Now here is summer and max temperature goes upto 45°C.
    Plz inform me

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