Shaq Helps Install a Ring Floodlight Cam | The Home Depot

If you’re installing a Floodlight Cam, you need a ladder or a Shaq Available at The Home Depot, Shaq Ladder. Now we’re going to put up a usable floodlight that allows you to see and speak to anyone who is in your yard. Julianne, can you give me the floodlight from Home Depot? Just make sure you put the back bracket on. You’re going to come on all the installs. You’re the best. Righty tighty, lefty loosy. See how good he is? Tighten that up for me in the back? Flip the switch, turn this baby on. Jamille, enough basketball it’s time for homework and dinner! I’ll see you tomorrow. Tell your grandma said I want some of that peach cobbler when I come back! It’s a floodlight cam, which is exclusively at Home Depot.

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