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  1. Awesome tip!

    It might be a good idea to tie a string to your left wrist and to the middle of that contraption, so that you don't end up having to fish it out of the drain after you drop it the first time. Of course leaving yourself enough slack to work. And once your done just cut the string off the contraption, and your good to go.

  2. Some of us with older homes have clay sectional pipe that ties into the sewers. I was home during a sewer backup and plugged the drain to stop the water flow. I could then here hissing from varies hairline cracks in the floor. I was very worried about damaging my floor so I unplugged and started manually bailing out the basement until the backup subsided.

    I think this back-up plug you show should not be used with old clay pipe drains. What do you think?

    Great videos by the way.

  3. Like most problems in our homes, proper diagnosis is a must! In your case I would hire a plumbing company with video scoping ability and take a look in that sewer line to see the severity of the problem and have it repaired!I am pretty sure you have sewer seepage below your floor and would want to make sure gases from sewer were not getting in my home.Health issues could result!If your car shakes when you turn left you dont just decide to make right turns only. Good Luck===Bob

  4. Thanks for the reply. Do you think that back up plugs are safe for clay sewer drains then? I was assuming that because clay pipes can not hold pressure (no pipe to pipe seal) that putting one of these devices could create a pressurized area under the entire basement floor depending on soil conditions.

    I will talk to a plumber.

    This happened about 10 years ago, and the city has since improved the sewer system to prevent this from happening again. There were many homes affected.

  5. Depending on the water level of the back-up yes it can back-up inside the toilet or even the stationary tub drain also.Effectiveness of this product depends on the severity of your problem,This is why at end of video I suggested you visit Peterson valves website to see the product they have available.Sorry for the miscommunication===Bob

  6. Even if you do drop it in floor drain pipe in all likelihood it could be fished out with coathanger and pair of pliers not a bottomless pit there ==Bob If use of this product prevents 16 inches of waste water filling your basement then its worth it.If not check out peterson valve co.

  7. This is a quick easy fix for more minor back-up protection.If your problem is more serious you will probably have to look for a more aggressive solution+++Bob

  8. We have a drain like that in our basement that used to back up and flood our basement lobby. We installed one of these but unfortunatly, sewage just poured out of the toilet and shower instead. Eventually we paid £3000 for a protective device to be installed on our main sewer pipe and havent had any touble since….expensive but the only way

  9. As I said in the video if you have a severe problem you may need to go to more extreme lenghths to fix it.This device is for less severe issues that many homeowners have with occasional less severe back-ups that do occur . I would love to know more specifics about the system you installed+++Bob

  10. Bob, there is another back flow preventor that is available. It costs around $5 at hardware stores. It is basically an over sized ping pong ball that floats up to a seal on a ring. If you look into the floor drain, you will see internal threads that this device screws into.


  11. Hi willman1010, could you please tell me the name of the protective device you installed on your main sewer pipe. I'm hoping to do the same thing to protect our home.

  12. Hi William1010 what is the name of the device you put in the your main sewer pipe and how long have you had it? I would like to install the same thing in our home. Thank you

  13. @willman1010 I don't know if you'll get my message because I've tried before without success. I would like to know the name of the device you put in you put in your main sewer line. Thankyou

  14. I'm sorry but I think I would rather have it back up and let a sump pump or something take care of it. I had my basement drain clog and I wasn't home and the water backed up out the toilet and shower. So I don't think I will use one but I do like the design and idea.

  15. I have these in our basement floor drains. Obviously they only protect against moderate sewer back-up. That may be all you need in most situations, even a couple of inches of sewage will wreak havoc.

  16. I had to install a backup protection system for my house look for my sisters video
    basement – 2010
    it has a picture of a toilet overflowing

  17. You have to load Realplayer for their videos which I don't want to do. Realplayer has all kinds of adware which once on your computer, you can never seem to get off. A real web site will use youtube to load their videos like this.

    As far as a permanent solution to backwater, I recommend Mainline Backwater Valves. They have a unique award winning design.

  18. Could these be used at the clean out drain pipe 4" where my private line go out to tap into the city line? My problem is from using varies types of plugs the basement floor has cracked all the way to the clean out, so does no good plugging the two floor drains and the water ends up coming up through the cracks in the floor.

  19. Your sewer line is supposed to be a closed system, if you have drains plugged and still water/sewer coming up thru cracks in the floor either the problem is a compromised sewer system (broken pipe) or a need to add a sump pump system to get ground water from building up around your house. Hope this helps +++Bob

  20. The use of the plugs did not work the force water enters down my private line caused the cracks.In 2010 my husband installed sump pump thinking to limit water covering floor& minimize losses. On dates 7/18/11, 8/9/11 11/30/11 and 1/17/12 we realized the force/ pressure comes up with such force the water gushes up knee high from each drain.Sump pump could not keep up with pumping the water out fastest enough & forcing shelving units& tubs to flip over & contents ruined.Ran 5hrs.pumping 10,000 gal

  21. Also, thank you for your resonse. The pressure with the plugs we had in one drain farthest away from the sump pump water worked its way up through the plug so that shows you how much pressure is being pushed up from the water coming down my private line.The other drain we do not plug that is connected to a secondary drain that the water travels to the sump pump. What he are actually looking for is a way to block the water at the clean out in our basement where our priivate line taps into city.

  22. Looking for something to plug it knowing we will not be able to use any plumbing in our house, figure any water if it is raining will come through the pipes under basement floor and the sump pump will handle any of that water. Do you know of any thing similiar to a check valve back flow preventer?

  23. Yes,here comes a comment from the uploader. In that case you do not take a garden hose to a forest fire! Liquids run level and if your backup would flood the upstairs of your home you were doomed before you started, This devise is not the hoover dam holding back millions of tons of force! +++Bob

  24. Brilliant and descriptive, In home plumbing systems, the main causes of sewer backups are accumulation of tree roots, grease buildup, human hair, or other solid materials such as disposable diapers, paper towels, and sanitary napkins. @Hydrojetman 
    best way to cleanup is a method called Hydro-Jetting, it uses high pressure water heater to clean everything that might causing the problem and stoppage.

  25. Pererson's web site is horrible. I also tried clicking the PayPal link to buy it and the link isn't working. I scoured the net for shops carrying the valve and can't find one. Are they still being made? 

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