Set Up Your WiFi Camera System from LaView

Set Up Your WiFi Camera System from LaView

Please test your NVR and all cameras before
installing to ensure your products are working properly. Hey guys this is Cesar with LaView and today
i’ll be showing you how to set up your wifi capable IP Camera. Here is what you need to get started. A network video recorder and power cable. High Definition IP Cameras and power cables
, power cable extender, hex key, mouse, pre made Cat 5e cables, and router. Setting up your wifi camera. step 1. First place your camera within six feet of
your router. It is recommended that your router is in the
center location of all your cameras to ensure optimal connectivity. Step 2. Connect your smart phone to your router wifi. Confirm that your router supports 2.4 Ghz
frequency band as the camera does not currently support the 5 GHz frequency band. Step 3. Connect the wifi camera to an electrical outlet
using the power adapter provided and wait 30 seconds for the camera to initialize. Step 4. How to set up your wifi camera using the mobile
app. Download the LaView Net App from the App store
or Google Play. Open the app and allow LaView Net to send
you push notifications. Select your region and then hit enter. Tap the icon upper left corner. Tap the devices icon when it appears on the
left side of the screen. Allow the LaView Net App to access your camera
and photos. Now tap the plus icon on the top right corner. Select wifi configuration in the drop-down
menu.Tap the QR code icon. Now scan the QR code that is located on the
bottom of the camera. Tap next. Ensure that your wifi is not on a 5 GHZfrequency
band and enter your wifi password. Tap next. Tap next again and wait one minute for the
camera to connect to your wifi network. Type in the default credentials. The username is admin and the password is
12345. Click save when finished. Note that if this is the first time logging
in to your camera, you will require to set up a new camera password. Your wifi camera should now be connected to
your wifi network. Unplug your camera and move your wifi camera
to your desired location. If you have successfully set up your camera
through the mobile app, no further actions are required. Your security system is ready to go. If your having problems scanning the QR code
you can try setting up your wifi camera using a desktop computer as well. Setting up your camera through a desktop computer,
if the app method does not work. Step 1. First connect the wifi camera to your router
using an Ethernet cable. Step 2. Connect the provided power supply to your
wifi camera and plug it into your outlet. If you have multiple cameras, it is handy
to record the last four digits of the serial number on your wifi camera. So you can easily tell which wifi camera you
are working on. Step 4. Downloading and using the SADP software. The camera software supports Firefox and Internet
Explorer for PC. For Mac users, please use Safari and download
the web component plug-in from our website from under the support tab, support center,
download, web component, for Safari/Mac. On your computer momentarily disable any anti
virus or malware protection software, then download the SADP software available for PC. This will help you find your cameras IP addresses. Use the link below or on our website. You can find it under the support tab, then
click support center, click download, and scroll down to the IP search tool. Your wifi camera should appear on the SADP
software. Make sure the IP address matches the network
IP address of your network. Click the box to which it’s associated with
your wifi camera. When doing so, the modified network perimeters
should auto fill with your wifi camera information. Next type in the admin password in the modified
network perimeters box. The password is 12345. Then click modify. A confirmation will appear when the password
is entered correctly. Next use your internet browser to access the
wifi cameras IP address. Then log into the camera using the default
username and password. The username is admin and the password is
12345. Some newer model cameras may not have default
passwords. Once you have successfully logged in, go to
configuration, network, advanced settings, wifi. It should automatically search for wifi networks. Choose your wifi network
and enter the wifi password in the key section. Then click save. Once it connects to wifi, you will see two
devices on the SADP program with the same model number. You can now disconnect the Ethernet cable
and use that IP address still should at SADP to add the camera. Make sure you refresh SADP until one device
disappears. After you disconnected the Ethernet cable. This will ensure that your using the wireless
IP. If your still having problems setting up your
wifi camera using the app or the desktop computer, you can try to reset the camera as well. How to Rest your wifi camera. Use the provided tools to access the reset
button of your wifi camera. For the wifi dome cameras, the reset button
is located under the housing. For the bullet camera, the reset button is
located underneath the camera. Unscrew the panel with the provided tools
to access the reset button. Step 2. Hold down the reset button and disconnect
the camera from the power source. Step 3. Connect the power or POE, while holding the
reset button and continue to press the button for 20 seconds. This will make the camera reboot and reset. Entering your IP address into the NVR. If you have a camera physically connect to
a POE port to the NVR, you cannot use that channel to add a wifi camera. First move your mouse to the upper left corner
of the screen. Several icons should appear. Then click on the add IP camera icon. If a camera is physically connected to channel
2, assign the wifi camera to the rest of the channels. Step 3. You can now enter in the IP address into your
NVR in the camera management section. Be sure to click on the pan and paper icon
to enter your IP address. Make sure to use a channel that isn’t being
use by a physical port or another network camera. Your wifi camera should be up and running. Please visit us at For more troubleshooting tips, firmware updates,
and videos. If you have any further inquiries, please
refer to our frequently asked questions page located on our website.

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  1. Would be nice it the costumer service answered the phone when you call them, none of the four cameras I purchased connects to my wifi. I got two wifi setups and one is 2.4ghz, but no connection, how to I go from here?

  2. We have been trying for 2 days to get wifi cameras connected to the NVR without success and without assistance from customer service.  I have called and been transferred and hung up on, been told that someone would call me back, and submitted requests through the website.  No response and I just called again to find out that apparently tech support doesn't work weekends!  Thinking of returning but would love for it to work.

  3. One of my greatest concerns about LaView is that they do not provide a SLA for support. I created a support ticket last week and five business days later, it’s still not answered.

    But this is a good tutorial. Thank you.

    I’d like to know if non-LaView WIFi cameras can connect to LaView NVRs. I have a WiFi peephole camera on order because LaView still doesn’t offer one. I really want to connect this to my NVR.

  4. Customer service is overseas. It is difficult to understand what they are saying and massive delays were caused. Is their a USA based office to speak to someone. I don’t mean any offense to those who are overseas but clearly issues were overlooked

  5. Bullshit from 2:50–3:00. It doesn't discover shit on 2.4ghz frequency. Tried it on all 3 cameras. Either app is crap or everything is. They hired a Mexican guy for the video so it would look like a US shop.

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