Set Off Loud Alarms at Abandoned Church – URBEX UK

Set Off Loud Alarms at Abandoned Church – URBEX UK

This time, we are showcasing the results from
a day trip a few months ago, which saw us visit two abandoned places. One of which was a small abandoned school,
which had some great architecture that we wouldn’t have expected from the outside
of the building. Secondly, we take a look at a huge disused
church that overlooks a city. Our exploration of the vacant house of God
doesn’t go exactly to plan, but we wanted you to see the footage nevertheless. Outside the old schoolhouse the location of
this property might be revealed, due to the typical Yorkshire brick used on the building. The pillars and design of the site shows it’s
Georgian era construction that not many people get a chance to see anymore. Surrounded by foliage, the school is hidden
from street level and if you didn’t know it was here you’d never find it. Soon enough, we find an easy entrance to the
stripped basement of the premises. Down here, we are fairly creeped out by the
array of fading murals on the walls, furthering our knowledge of the site. We actually think this was a nursery building
which was on a school site that was demolished a few years ago. The larger school structure was also abandoned
but was a more modern building and didn’t share the exquisite architecture this one
does. Upstairs we begin to find signs of the grandeur
of the property. There are multiple large ornate rooms where
the neglection is clearly visible. Sadly the whole site has been completely stripped
of any furniture but this just emphasises the detail that went into each doorframe and
each cove. As you can probably tell, the building was
converted into a school from a Manor House in the early 1900s. We don’t have an exact close date but we
can find images of the building online in an active state around 8 years ago, so we
assume it shut down sometime then. Here are the images we refer to. They show the deterioration of the premises
since closure, in the likes of the royal themed paint that has faded dramatically and you
almost can’t tell it was once gold. We also speculate that the nursery site closed
before the rest of the school although we can’t be certain. From up high in the vacant school we could
see the new flats that were going up in the place of the former education centre. Here is the highlight of the explore for us. In the central position of the building, you
can find this beautiful spiral staircase that leads up to a domed ceiling. It’s not just the architecture we enjoy
about this scene however, as the decay is prominent in this region, perhaps due to the
large stained glass window letting light in. We noticed the red safety cover of the bannister
so at some point, work must have gone underway at the nursery. However, we could see dust on the furnishing
so it doesn’t seem like anything has occurred for a while. Supposedly, the cover went all the way to
the top of the bannister but some photographers ripped it off in order to get the more authentic
shot. Therefore we found the crumpled remains in
an empty room. We really hope this brilliant piece of architecture
can be saved because it isn’t something we see too often in England. In addition, the building isn’t damaged
too badly either so there is definitely hope for it’s future. After this quick opener to our day, we were
ready to move onto our next spot on the map. Shortly after, we arrived. In hindsight, this massive derelict church
at the top of a hill wasn’t going to be so difficult. We were aware of countless explorers that
had visited here and came away with no issues whatsoever. Therefore we confidently approached the old
structure that is protected by numerous spiked fences, each of which we had to deal with. Soon enough, we set off our first alarm upon
nearing the church. However, actually this wasn’t supposed to
be a huge issue. After speaking to other urbexers, they had
said the alarms don’t mean much and no one comes when they go off. This is why we pursued the entrance to the
house of God without concern, even though we were setting more and more howling alarms
off as we drew closer. The historic church was built in the 1850s,
announced by a ceremony held in the building. Due to it’s position high up facing the
northern winds, the parish was forced to repair the mighty structure constantly, which inevitably
led to it’s closure in the late 90s, when costs got too high, and funding was too low. Eventually we found our way inside the stunning
main hall, and we were taken away completely. The gigantic room before us was incredible. Every single bit of wall had some sort of
stone detail that must have took so much effort to construct. Tall pillars rose up from the open floor,
to reach a curving ceiling that was amazing to see. As we were busy enjoying the beautiful carvings
and huge windows the church had to offer, we did notice that there was internal scaffolding. This was a feature that no other explorer
had captured when they visited this site, so we knew work was commencing. Our thoughts about this continued after we
discovered an outlining plan on the ground for the renovations of the site, so the builders
could come and look at it whilst working to get an overview. It was while we were looking at the blueprints
that we suddenly heard someone call out to us loudly. ‘There’s asbestos, mate.’ ‘Can we just get our tripods?’ ‘’re trespassing.’ ‘Yeah we have to get tripods.’ ‘You haven’t got permission.’ ‘We came in through the hole. We didn’t break in or anything, we just-‘ ‘Listen fellas, this place is so dangerous. It’s unbelieavble. We know you want pictures- Please don’t come in. -it’s a nice-‘ ‘You can see the photogenic value-‘ ‘Yeah, I appreciate what you’re saying fella, but this is classed as trespass. Don’t come in.’ ‘This is why these alarms are coming.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘That’s why we’re called out.’ ‘For your safety, it’s not for ours. It’s for your safety. It’s alright we haven’t fetched this for owt else, it’s just off the gate. I’ve got the padlock there to prove it!’ It turned out the alarms were linked to an
active enforcement, but only recently, when the internal work was ongoing. Thankfully, the security that caught us inside
were nice, understanding guys and we were let out, but warned about coming back. As the church is being renovated, we are happy
that the astounding site has the rare chance of being saved, but it’s a pity still that
we couldn’t showcase the structure in depth, and look at each individual carving carefully. What we hope is that you can visit the building
yourselves once it’s safe for the public, to experience the grand church in a much better
condition. Next time. Not long ago this gigantic abandoned property
suffered from a major fire, which caused huge destruction inside. There are still interesting remnants of the
former structure as well as a preserved air raid shelter deep underground. Thank you for watching a slightly different
video. We have more exciting fails like this one
stored in our files, so let us know if you found this one interesting enough that you
want to see more! See you next time!

22 Replies to “Set Off Loud Alarms at Abandoned Church – URBEX UK”

  1. Awesome boys I scraped all my back getting into the church lol and we set the alarms off and bolted n8ce to see it ins8de 🙂

  2. Loved the video, well done! As a dad of two boys probably of similar age as you guys it's great to see how respectful you are while visiting the sites you do. Keep up the good work 👍

  3. When it comes to the church it's not necessarily a fail since you did get in and you didn't end up in cuffs.
    More fail videos are always interesting to see.

  4. I certainly would not consider this a fail. As you have read my posts in the past, I am impressed with the progressively fine video work you do in your explorations. You show great respect as you approach your adventures. It is okay to show that you were "caught" and it was pretty decent the security people were not aggressive in their dealings with you. What an amazing structure – even to get just a glimpse. I would have enjoyed doing something like this with you … 50 years ago. Keep up the good work.

  5. I would like to make a suggestion, please can you make a second channel called Urbandoned plays and do Fortnite and World of Tanks video's please?

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