Self Defense Techniques : Self defense video: defending a punch

Self Defense Techniques : Self defense video: defending a punch

If it comes down to a hand to hand fighting
match the main concept to utilize is not to stand directly into the attack unless you
feel that you are Superman and that you can take them, don’t just stand there. Whenever
the person attacks I’m either going to move to one of two sides, either to the left or
to the right. Doesn’t really matter which just so long as I get out of the way. Once
here I’m in a better position to go ahead and counter attack rather than if I just stood
here and traded blows with the guy. Okay, now you’re both fifty fifty. Here I’ already
in a better position to go ahead and take him out. You don’t want to sit here and
trade blows with this guy unless, of course, you’re just trying to impress your friends
which hopefully you’re not trying to do in this manner. Going to the outside is better
than going to the inside because I have much better tools and he can’t attack me quite
as well from here. I can go ahead and strike into the body or I can strike into the leg
or I can go immediately for the head.

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  1. thanks for this, very valuable for me, i got that to be in the outside, i have more tools. I was punched in the face by a thief outside our house because I was not aware of this

  2. quick and ez -_- if you really wanna avoid a punch, take a step back… MAKE sure your out of your opponents reach =3 if u have no fighting exp dont try to participate in a fight… eh and yea this thing they show its not really good unless the guy u fite is slow

  3. Well what would you do if they went karate on your ass and kung fu on your face and jui jitsu on your arms and boxing on your teeth.

  4. I think this could work against straight punches better, but them whirlwind punches…will take skill.

    I don't think moving to the side is much help as you shift momentum which slows you down because of balance. Maybe a slight move of the head to the side.

    For rushing hooks (ghetto), the opponent has to be pretty close to you to land a hit. So moving to the side is out of the question. This is when blocking and countering will help WITHOUT moving to the side. That could turn the tables.

  5. It amazes me people who come on here and say this video is crap.
    This guy is actually very good in technique and what he says.

    It's always those that know nothing about anything that are first to criticise something.

    Great video dude! I came from a street fighting background and was quickly schooled in the ring by a 58 year old and I'm 28 and 6'4. I respect your work – well done!

  6. i think this vid is prttey ok but dude some people arnt quick learners they wont understand which way to move how fast to move and sum people are presured that closest to your a oponent the more people bitch your moves are on point but the people that cant fight might think this is stpid because no won would think being numble to think instead of putting your hands out and swinging but this just my opinoin no won should take this personaly.

  7. a good fighter anticipates that he may possibly miss and is pepared to move as well or is ready for your counter with his own counter move. when things are happening fast you have only seconds in a fight. People have their own instints when you fight, grapple, punch, elbow or just back off. Theirs a simple response for self defense…god gave you 2 legs…RUN… unless you have no choice….R

  8. I agree. sensible martial arts technique. but I also can see why this would be hard for an untrained person trying to defend themselves.

  9. I won my last fight by 2 miles…… I ran away!! The guy chased me and couldnt catch me so I won. I arrived home safe and happy!

  10. @ESPguitarist16 There's lots of ways to win a fight. You'll remember what I said one day when you get smashed, We don't always need to be heroes.

  11. this is a simple concept but not really pointed out in most self defense schools.go to any karate dojo and you can see black belts just standing there trading blows with each other.

  12. i agree i take thai kickboxing and i have blcoked hooks with lifting your elbown. My coach saids here and he hit me with a 16 oz clup. Point is i still really felt. ludell perrying aint enough. i love the move out of the way defense. you get corned tackle or cut him as long as you win.

  13. It amazes me how many self-defense instructors either don't mention this at all or don't incorporate it into their training.

  14. Or If you know a few US Marine Hand to Hand tricks, you can apply those to your situation, Marine or not :P. but those look the easiest, but here in Manchester if someone is gonna hit you, it's not one on one, because they probabaly know your gonna kick their ass, so it's always like 6 or more on 1, usually with one or all of them possessing a bladed weapon, half the time if you DID self defend against someone, and it was 1 on 1, they would come back with someone else. Cos that's Manchester 🙁

  15. what happens if there is a fight in school and i am a no musles person and he is all trained dude and he want to punch you how to protekt my self and answer

  16. This is definitely a good skill, you need a bit of practise and a pair of good eyes, never thought it would be so easy.

  17. "you don't want to sit there and trade blows with this guy unless, of course, you're just trying to impress your friends which hopefully you're not trying to do in this manner."

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