Self-Defense Standing Grapples : Self-Defense: Arm Bar

Self-Defense Standing Grapples : Self-Defense: Arm Bar

Hello, I’m Shifu Mallon of the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center. This is my assistant Melissa and this is Standing Grappling. The next move
that we’re going to work is just a basic technique to teach you how to put in to the arm bar.
So this dealing with someone coming from behind, o.k. So Melissa’s going to reach forward with
her arm and just stationary with this one. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to bring
the arm down and I’m going to grab with my opposite hand, crossing the body. I’m going
to bring this arm around her arm from underneath and grab my arm. So I have two arms on one.
Now depending on how long or how strong their body is, I can get this to where I’m on the
elbow, to where my forearm is under the elbow this way. O.k., and arm baring the elbow this
way. The basic position is my forearm pulls up, my right forearm and my left forearm pull
down, locking the elbow. If I can’t get in to this position, I can only get to the forearm
here, o.k. you can apply a lot of pressure with your left wrist pulling down and right
wrist going up. And this attacks her forearm; it feels like you’re going to break their
forearm. Finally, If I can’t get to the arm, I can grab the hand itself o.k. and performing
the same technique o.k. and this one of popping the wrist joint. O.k. again, so this is rear
arm bar so she comes in from behind, I grab, circle underneath, grab my own arm, lock the

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  1. This is chin-na its a part of kung fu alot of moves are in ninjutsu,aikido,jujitsu-jujutsu,hapkido,kenpo karate.

  2. this also can be used on the ground guys. Don't knock people who have credentials techniques until you have actually tried them.

  3. Totally not a realworld practical situation… lol. Over 2 million subs, yet his videos have low ass views. Apparently you escaped the youtube cleanup for fake views and subs. Ill help you stay honest 😀

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