Self-Defense for Women : Women’s Self-Defense: Defending Against Knife Jabs

Self-Defense for Women : Women’s Self-Defense: Defending Against Knife Jabs

Hi this is Sifu Tei and I am going to continue
my series on Wing Chun, womens’ self defense. We are going to show you what to do if someone
is jabbing you with the knife. If someone jabs you towards the stomach, you parry with
the Gun Sau as a Wing Chun move, you grab the hand over, turning the wrist, twisting
it back, coming in with your knee to the elbow and then striking behind the leg. Again slow
motion, you parry, when you bring your hand over to grab, twist the hand back. If you
notice from here when she twists my hand back her thumbs are pointing together like a V,
pointing to my middle knuckle. This is going to lock up my middle wrist and then she is
going to twist it backwards so my wrist is going behind my shoulder to get the lock.
From here she is holding on to my arm, my shoulder, comes in with the knee and then
a strike behind my knee. Slow motion, grab the hand, twist the wrist back, come in with
a knee to my elbow and then a strike, kick to behind my leg, behind my knee. Now full
speed. Again. Good. That is how you get out of an attack with a knife jab.

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  1. If it was me even if i practice it for a while, if that situation would happen to me, i would probably ferget to use in from panic and etc.

  2. although the move is right most women are not athletic, so almost all women that see this vid will not benifit from it, it takes alot to do martial arts, a lot of speed strength understanding, and expirience.

  3. the average women would get stabbed up everytime by the average man. she would have to be shit hot at wing chun, or anything else, to disarm or defend against the average man.

  4. This is just my opinion. If you see a knife, run!!!

    If you claim to be able to teach self defense against a knife attack when your "style" isn't primarily focused on knife-fighting like some philipino martial arts are, rethink the situation and what CAN happen to your student.

  5. LOL… now this is full speed… This move is really flawed.. 1. there is no power here
    2. if you miss the grab because someone is to fast your dead.
    3. best to pull out your gun and shoot the guy with the knife
    … ok 3 was a joke.

  6. For those who know little about Wing Chun the moves are broken down to demonstrate the technique. In reality, they are all together. This is really a pre-emptive move – and most knife jabs are to scare. Here, the knifeman probably doesn't want to use the knife, but to scare you. So a pre-emptive strike is perfect and very quick if you have practised. If you use a gun You go to jail, and a gunshot is less likely to disable immediately than a knife stab.

  7. this seems a little too complicated.
    if someone jabs at me with a knife, im not going to attempt to grab the arm, do whatever and trip them. ill like grab it with the wrong hand, and stall, thinking of the next move, while the attacker kills me to death.
    In a real situation, the first thing i'd think is RUN!

  8. There are too many problems to list vs. all the possible scenarios. Her size makes the technique impractical and real-time is too difficult to time for the average trained student and some teachers. It doesn't matter what style of MA you use, because everyone doing knife training gets cut.

  9. Completely agreed. Krav Maga is what women should take. Not this B.S. I'm sorry, But you wouldn't be able to land that block. He would've stabbed you already. Krav Maga is based on your reflexes.

  10. I agree. But what I'm saying is, Krav is based on your reflexes, so it makes it slightly easier to block. Look up "Human Weapon krav maga 360 defense" and you'll see what I mean. This training wouldn't work in real life. That block is unnatural, and my the time the girl grabs the guy's wrist, in real life, the guy won't just stand still so you can grab his wrist. He would have already attacked again and killed her. krav maga is the way to go. This training is what gets people hurt.

  11. You can't judge a whole SDS by one seminar. If the people did not pull off the moves effectively, either they were showing the moves for demo purposes, or that's not real krav. Krav is street lethal. I know a good bit about it's history, but since I'm confined to only 500 characters, I'll have to Send you a message. I know from my training experience that it will work on the streets, and even if you react with string counterattacks, it will scare the hell out of the attacker.

  12. I don't want to argue much more with you. You are entitled to your own opinion, but I have a question. Are you saying that seeing it on fight quest is the equivalent of seeing it in person or actually taking it yourself? Anyways, Peace 🙂

  13. Krav Maga is a reality self-defense system. It was used during WWII to defend the Jews from nazi gangs, and has been used by law enforcement, SWAT, and the IDF (Israeli Defense force). I'm 12 years old, and I take it. I think it's the best thing out there for Self-defense. If you want to learn more about it, on my channel, I have favorited a lot of krav videos and I have a whole playlist based on it. Krav maga is the real-deal IMO, check it out! 🙂 Be sure to tell me what you think of it.

  14. as someone here said practice means perfection. i think the best is a combo of any kind of martial arts and specific self defense classes.

  15. they expect me to believe that little asian chick can beat that huge guy with a knife, find it unlikely

  16. id say that would work on a drunk… not to say that wouldn't work just saying you would have to be seriously quick and lets not for get the guy has a second hand , it would have to be the PERFECT situation …

  17. ye thats what i was pretty small too..what if a 6'5'' well built guy tried attacking me? i'd be done for XD

  18. To take the fact that women often are underpowered against a man, to teach them how to defend themselfs against an attack is very futile. however, if they focus more to teach how to prepare a night on the town and how to avoid hostile confrontation, the women would stand a much better chance. And to tech defence against a knife is something that takes great talent and dedication to even stand a reasonable chance to use in real life efficiently. For most it's a waste of time.

  19. Very dangerous technique if not used in conjunction with a strike. If the aggressor is not weakened by a strike or hit in a painful place, there is no way a strong aggressor will comply and play with the defender.

  20. well a good self defense class for women i would say is to pick up hapkido, or aikido, learn how to take down ppl with lil muscle involved, and if u dont believe find a hapkido class and try it out, you will be surprised on how effective it is.

  21. I don't think the technique used here is really practical. Unless you're going to train meticulously you're not going to have the dexterity in a state of panic, or elevated stress to execute what's shown here to save yourself from knife stab. Movie choreographed disarming is different than what you should use as far as practical police disarming of some sort. Krav Maga's a good one to use, this Wing Chun, part of Bruce Lee's style. It's just not practical under stressful circumstances.

  22. unless you just parry the attack with Krav Maga!! Krav Maga does not teach you to twist anything as it takes to much time but to parry and disarm your opponent before he realises what's happening!

  23. You see, Krav Maga is constructed from your natural instincts, you would not need to actively think as your reaction with some training would be instinctive. Also, I wasn't anticipating someone not getting somewhat injured in the process, I mean a cut here or there doesn't matter to much but a stab wound in the chest does!

  24. If all you have at the time is yourself, well, you can only use what you have. I believe that if you practice your techniques, you will become acustomed to reacting in a way that will save your life. Self preservation is #1. We must defeat our enemies. Invest the time, increase confidence and skill. Not every one will make that committment, but I encourage you all to invest in knowledge of self preservation. Be strong. Live long. LOL.

  25. Not practical. It's funny how somebody can tell you to just parry and grab the wrist and then blah blah blah….. It doesn't work that way peeps. Maybe after 3 years of practice, you might get lucky and defend against a knife.

  26. only problem with a firearm is the time it takes to pull it out.I know in Ohio they have to be concealed and that means in one punch or smack delivered to the right spot your K.O.d before you pull your gun out. I do agree though that these techniques are crap for real life application

  27. thats a great idea. and if the attacker is faster than you. You just managed to get yourself stabbed in the back or get your throat cut. Way to think that through.

  28. it doesn't work. it's very, very hard to deflect and grab an armed hand, even if you train yourself everyday, imagine what an ordinary woman (or man) can do…
    Better deflect, punch or kick, then try to disarm, but it's still a difficult choice, i will not recommend this if you do not have much experience.

  29. This is unrealistic technic. If you can parry you dont have time to grab with the other hand… Cross the hands????? Crazy… Cross it and the attacker pull back the knife and the other strike just hit. I think if you parry just hit a big in the face or the right hand. And you can run.

  30. Knives are scary weapons to have to defend against. I agree with alot of people that are saying this video is bogus. The problem is there is no real way to effectively defend against a knife. It just comes down to who can kill the fastest, and both parties are going to get seriously hurt if they both know what they are doing. Best knife defense: run.

  31. If the guy has a knife give him ur wallet and cancel all your cards after. You will have more chance of living. Theres so much wrong with this video im not even going to start explaining.

  32. if he has a knife just run.and you will live for another can't block a knife with one hand.not even bruce lee can do that.she need to run and find a chair.not block with her hand.she will bleed to death.ha ha ha

  33. I see we are going to have a lot of dead women here.chinese people fighting empty hand with knifes on tv is fake kung fu.this is a unfair fight.and a one hand block will not stop a knife.from cutting you flesh.if a preson have a knife,you only have on like hell.or you will be paintting the floor with your blood.with that fancey one hand move that put milions of people in the gave.

  34. Performance art meets self-defense. Most martial arts are developed at partial speed and partial power, so all sorts of dandy techniques emerge in cooperative training. The only way they can test their techniques is have an attacker stab with a plastic knife a few times.

  35. This is rubbish. If you manage to parry, just run, preferably run before you even parry. Doesn't make a difference what size you are or if you're a man or woman. I really hope no one would consider using that in a real situation.

  36. @octoslut
    LMAO, its like saying "Best advice for women is to stay in the kitchen"
    She can also be a strong woman and work out. I mean, I know girls that probably have bigger balls and muscles that any of my guy friends.

  37. your attacker will not attack with slow speed nor will he stand there and do nothing while you perform your fancy kata on him. attackers are very aggressive on the street, i'd like to see this be done while the attacker swings his knife in rage

  38. oh for petes sake "expert village" you really just have to plain stop what you're doing posting all these supposed "self defense" vidz up on youtube. Just stop please just stop. I know youtube is just entertainment but come on be for real. who the hell is evaluating what you guys consider "expert" knowledge?! you guys have a perfect record for posting absolute crap when it comes to these quote "self defense" vidz. JUST STOP REALLY SERIOUSLY JUST STOP.

  39. Since the attacker is goind to easily fillet this chick with this BS, i'll take a wing and a thigh please. Mr. Attacker, you can have the rest.

  40. yea in the field you would be dead with this. i had to use wing chun in the field and this wouldn't work lol

  41. I'm a wing tsun student and this would NEVER work! There are much simpler techniques to use! C'mon dude…..this is ridiculous

  42. I know how a woman can safely protect herself from an attacker who's armed with a knife – SHOOT THEM!!!
    Criminals prefer unarmed victims.
    A-HUMAN-RIGHT . com

  43. So, let me get this straight. First, gently brush aside the attack from someone maybe twice your strength. Then, before they can pull back and cut your arm or worse slash toward your face, you reach across your body and bend their wrist(hopefully they don't resist or have it locked). Then, you take a few steps TOWARD them and knee their elbow before kicking the back of their knee and then do what? What if they grab you with the other arm or your hand isn't strong enough to overpower the wrist?

  44. The best advice for women is simple. If you are attacked seriously and held in a choke hold or punched YOU WILL PANIC.

    Unless you are willing to train constantly you need to convert your panic response to something that will work. Only this works. Get a Spyderso Delica knife and learn to open with one hand.

    Carry the knife as your pocket knife and slowly get used to it. NEVER show it or threaten.

    If attacked slice arm of attacker to bone. If punched use to block, then cut. Never stab.

  45. This shit wont work Its a set pattern like Karate stiff,most people dont stab thay slash ,the British army learns to slash up from the groin across the body you cant defend that so easly,best bets to run os shoot him girls.

  46. Total and utter fantasy!!! So completely useless it does not even qualify as ineffective. Never, outside of religious cults and idiotic conspiracy theory fan clubs, have I ever witnessed such a credulous shower of delusional morons as I have come across in the martial arts scene.

  47. Yeah but men are stronger so it may become useless. Women doesn't have that kind of strength and agility to blocked a knife.

  48. Give me a brake!!!
    Please!! but seriously, this video will get you killed if you defend against an attack like this!!!
    My Kung fu teacher always told me.. when someone pulls a knife on you.. you run away!!
    And if the situation doesn't allow it, grab a stick, wrap your hand with a shoe, jacket, etc then defend yourself

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