Self-Defense for Kids: Escaping Attackers : Escaping a Front Choke: Self-Defense for Kids

Self-Defense for Kids: Escaping Attackers : Escaping a Front Choke: Self-Defense for Kids

For kids’ safety, I’d like to discuss a topic
of major concern whenever there’s a choke involved. When somebody is being choked, they’re
around the throat, their airway and their blood flow are restricted. And it’s a potentially
dangerous situation. However, it’s not as bad as some people might think, and that is
because you can get out of this fairly quickly and without a whole lot of energy. What happens
is, when the person is grabbing you around the throat, all right, they have both hands
occupied. And you have both hands free, giving you a lot of room to maneuver. There’s a lot
of things you can do from here. I’d like to show you one right now. I’m going to call
it “out and down”. You’re just going to take your arms out, up and you’re going to go down
right on top of their arms. As you do that, you lower your body and you back out. And
the weight is going right onto their forearms. Your body is going down and it takes them
right away. You can choke me for a second? I’m going to go out, bring my hands up. I’m
going to come right down on top of the forearm and I’m going to push through it as I go back
and down. So, let’s watch this again. Out and down. There you go. And, of course, you
would be escaping as soon as you can. So, a frontal choke, although is scary, it’s not
impossible to get out of. And you can actually get out of it fairly quickly. And that’s how
you can keep yourself safe from a frontal choke.

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  1. Little chance this will work. The lady is right, their are other things to do.. not this. Especially if the attackers arms are bent or the choke is strong. Hitting the strong part of their arms will do nothing to release the grip where the real danger is. Pluck fiercely with hooked hands inside their grip near their thombs and pluck to your pec area. Speed and force not strength. Kick at the same time.

  2. if this doesn't work which is very likely a child as already used to much energy and by now is starting to panic! poor kid is in deep shit there are much better ways to get out don't use this one please.

  3. lol this suxs alot I showed my small brother to punch the throat/thorax it's way more effective or use the middle&pointing finger

  4. I have been training and teaching martial arts for over 20 years and this is not a practical strategy for a weker victim to use against a stronger attacker. Victim needs to leverage against thumbs of choke, then weaken against soft targets. The choke must be neutrailized before weaking as you may only have seconds to do so.

  5. This video might get kids killed! Not only this won't work for a kid to escape a choke from an adult, but it will get the attacker angrier.
    This video should be removed.

  6. That's silly. I know for a fact that if I got hold of a 12 year old girl she would never break my grip with that way. But I wouldn't ever do that, so please don't take my last sentence the wrong way. And I'm not the biggest person around I'm only 5'8" 140lbs. Imagine if some 6'4" 230lb bloke got hold of her she wouldn't have a chance using that technique. Even I wouldn't lol.

  7. Hi, I'm …… And I am going to teach you how to really escape a choke, first realize you should have gotten karate/fighting classes, if you have, then you know what to do. If not, look him/her staight in the eye, and say"Not Today" as if you were gruncle Stan from gravity falls… Then kick that person were the sun don't shine or the the gut and run like shit… If you sneeze then …. Sneeze. If all has failed, start singing "this is the end " and pray… Good luck bitches!( I'm not joking!!!

  8. This is garbage no woman or kid would be able to effectively pull this off with a adult male that's six two 200 – 300 lbs no fucking way not even and adult male can pull this off either unless he's very very very strong

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