Self-Defense Basics: Lesson 6 – Strategy in a Physical Attack

Self-Defense Basics: Lesson 6 – Strategy in a Physical Attack

Hey. Ando again from Happy Life Martial Arts. Welcome to Lesson #6 in your Self-Defense
Basics Course. Up until now, we’ve been talking about how
to prevent a physical attack. But what do you when you didn’t see trouble
coming? When your words aren’t being heard? When you can’t run? We’ll move around some more in the next
lesson, but today, I want to share a few strategies to help you survive a physical attack. Let’s start with a common question. When should you fight back? The truth is I can’t tell you when to fight
back and when not to fight back. Nobody can. The choice is yours and yours alone. Think about it—no two self-defense situations
are exactly the same and even if they were, nobody is you. So, if you decide to fight back, then fight. If you decide to not fight back, then don’t. Either way, it’s your choice. No matter what anybody else says, live with
it. Okay. Having said that, there are three situations
when I would highly recommend that you do choose to fight back, no matter who you are
or whether you feel capable of fighting or not. First, if anybody tries to tie you up—handcuffs,
duct tape, zip ties, sausage links, whatever—fight back. If you allow yourself to get tied up now,
you’re taking away the option to fight back later. So, if anybody tries to tie you up, fight. Second, you’ve probably already heard about
the dangers of being moved to a “secondary location”. That’s when a bad guy wants to move you
from where you are now to a place where he’ll have more time and more privacy to do whatever
he wants—maybe into a car, or behind a building, or on a plane to Buffalo, New York. Remember this—if you’re going to fight
back, make a stand where you’re standing. Waiting to fight someplace else only makes
it easier for the bad guy and harder on you. Third, how do I say this? In case you haven’t noticed, human beings
can get a little weird. When they get into groups, they can be really
weird! Once pack mentality or mob mentality kicks
in, negotiating and reasoning become almost impossible. So, as a rule, the more attackers you face,
the less effective your words are going to be. So, if you find yourself backing up, if you
hear yourself saying, “Hey, guys—what do you want?” or “Whoa, whoa! Everybody just calm down. Put down the can of gas and let’s talk,”
my friend, you’re in much bigger trouble than you think. Find an exit, pick up a weapon, choose an
angle of attack, just do something to prepare, because if you wait, it’s too late. The odds are all hell is about to break loose. Okay. You can’t run, you can’t talk, and you
decide to fight back…let’s talk strategy. Since we all love a list of three, I’ll
give you another one. Here are three strategies to keep in mind
in our self-defense project for facing a physical attack. Strategy number one—play your game, not
the bad guy’s. There’s an old saying in the martial arts—don’t
box a boxer. In other words, if somebody is good at something,
don’t try to beat them at it. In practical terms, that means if somebody
grabs you, you don’t have to grab back—you can strike. If somebody is striking you, you don’t have
to strike back—you can grab. And if someone is screaming at you to sit
down and play them in a game of chess, you don’t have to sit down—you can throw the
board up in their face and say, “I win.” The point is the bad guy has a plan. He has a vision of what’s going to happen. For whatever reason, he picked you because
he believes that you are going to play along with his plan. And if you do, you’re going to get hurt,
because that’s how his plan ends. But if you change the plan, if you do something
unexpected, if you don’t play along, well, then you switch from the follower in his vision
to a leader in a new vision. Your vision. Yeah, but how do you change the plan? Well, imagine an attack from the bad guy’s
point of view. How does he want you to look? What does he want to hear you say? What does he want you to do? Got it? Now, don’t do any of that! Look at him in a way he doesn’t want you
to look. Say things he doesn’t want to hear. And do things he doesn’t want you to do. The big idea—anything you can do that doesn’t
fit into his vision is going to disrupt his rhythm, shake his confidence, and make it
more difficult to carry out his plan. So, flip the script. Turn the tables. Play your game, not the bad guy’s. Strategy number two—attack, don’t defend. Look—I don’t care how tough you are. I don’t care how long you’ve been training
in the martial arts, nobody can block and dodge an attack forever. The longer you spend trying to block and dodge
an attack, the more chances the bad guy gets to hurt you. So, let’s shift our mindset here. Your goal should not be to defend yourself
from the bad guy’s attack, it should be to force the bad guy to defend himself from
your counter-attack. You want to change his plan from trying to
hurt you to trying to stop you from hurting him. Now, I know that might sound a little crazy
at first, but you’ll have to trust me here. Your best chance of taking control in a physical
altercation, your best chance of protecting yourself in a self-defense situation, is to
stop thinking, “Oh, no! What is he doing?” to “Okay. Here’s what I’m going to do.” So, choose your moment, choose your move,
and then do it. And as a rule, the sooner the better. If we can agree that counter-attacking is
the most effective method of self-defense, then we should make one important distinction. Strategy number three— attack the problem,
not the person. This is not easy, but ideally, you will not
take a physical attack personally. Is it an attack on your body? Yes, of course. But that doesn’t mean it has to be an attack
on your spirit. If you allow yourself to get upset, angry,
or scared, you will not be functioning at your most efficient or effective level. If you lose your cool, you might even end
up making the situation worse and doing something that either puts you in the ground or in jail. Don’t get me wrong, if your safety is being
threatened, I’d rather see you get angry and do something than be chill and do nothing. Just keep in mind that the ultimate goal is
objectivity. We want to be able to approach a physical
attack as a problem that needs to be solved, not a battle of personalities. For example, if someone attacks you, the solution
might be a quick hand to the face and then running for the door. In another situation, you might need to pick
up something to use as a weapon and to scare off the bad guy. In a worst case scenario, you might have to
keep attacking until the bad guy is on the floor and not capable of hurting you anymore. It’s crucial to recognize what kind of situation
you’re in. Do you just need to get to the door or do
you need to put the bad guy on the floor? Again, no two self-defense situations are
exactly the same, but the key to your survival is—focus on what you need to do to regain
your safety and nothing more. Don’t get sucked into the drama of the moment. Don’t curl up and cry, “Why me? Why me?” but also don’t roll up your sleeves with
a growl and say, “Ooh—you’re gonna pay for that. Honey, get the ax.” Train to keep your cool. Attack the problem, not the person. Okay. Now, let me give you some homework. This exercise is going to sound a little weird,
but remember–you’re a human being. Weird is actually normal. Hear some music that you hate? Turn it up. You don’t want to watch that video of a
guy getting gored by a bull? Watch it. Your stomach upset because your co-workers
are in the break room fighting over an old bag of turkey jerky? Get a little closer. Can’t stand the politics of that idiot on
TV? Listen to him. Get the idea? If you allow yourself to turn away from all
of the things you don’t like or that make you upset, then you are weakening your spirit. That means you’re also weakening your ability
to face a physical attack. We can not allow ourselves to be frightened,
shocked, or disgusted. Instead, we should be strengthening our spirit
by stepping into stress—stepping into violence, and cruelty, and injustice. That’s the only way we have a chance of
controlling it. So, I’m challenging you today to go beyond
Lesson #1 and simply making yourself comfortable everywhere you go. Once you’re comfortable, I now want you
to step forward and take control of any part of your world that you feel needs to be controlled. Train yourself every day to stare into the
cold, dark eyes of demons. Let them see that you’re not afraid of them. You’re not afraid of their power to hurt
you because you have the same power to hurt them. If you’re enjoying this series of videos,
please share them with someone you love. Until next time, go stare at something ugly
until it’s not ugly anymore, and keep fighting for a happy life.

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  1. I’ve made a mental note that your wife carries an ax around.

    Seriously, though, thank you for the last tip. I still wonder if I’ll be able to do the things I’ve practiced when the opportunity presents itself. I’m trying to be better at facing things that make me uncomfortable, starting with sparring.

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  7. I tell my students that one of the most important things in self-defence is to make the choice. No one else but yourself can say if your choice is the right or wrong one. But by making the choice you move from being a victim to being a survivor.

  8. Ando I think about these situations while I'm out walking at night on my own asking myself what would I do if I was attacked and my awswer is probably run away but if I can't then yes I would attack the problem but I really hope I never need too. Your advise is always second to none and has given me much confidence. Thankyou

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    Seriously, another good video. I liked the spiritual discussion though I do yell at the tv news…
    My list of three: 1) When you are at home, being head down on your phone is fine but when you aren’t you’d better be aware of your surroundings. Head up looking around. 2) You win 100% of the fights you don’t get into so leave the ego at home. 3) I’d also recommend considering some kind of force multiplier on your person, local laws and your own training depending. Very few people can deal with a 2 v 1 or 3 v 1 bare handed.

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    At the end of the day, one's martial arts isn't JUST an extension of their body.. but their spirit too.
    Doesn't matter how skilled or strong you are. If I'm able to break your spirit, all of that means nothing.

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    GREAT tip about mob/pack mentality!

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  19. The series is very informative but non-sensical. In a street fight the protagonist walks up to you and sucker punches your face or tackles you and takes it to the ground. There is no time for discussion or thinking. You have to react appropriately

  20. My grandfather always told me: "QuiΓ©n pega primero, pega dos veces" ("Who hits first, hits twice"). He was always right. In situations of danger or potential confrontation I try to leave, avoid conflict, even negotiate… but if you still enter my personal space, I'll take the shit out of you by hitting first, then hitting twice. It never failed me hahaha. Greetings from Argentina.

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    πŸ‚Thanks for the tip. Now I can use it on these bunnies

  23. On your final point, if I may, the ability to flinch INTO the threat, not away is the difference between trained and untrained, and man it takes a LOT of training. Those tips you gave are outstanding. Think about how a 30lb dog can attack a 200lb person with total fury and back that person up. Because it goes all in. If you watch the footage of President Reagan being shot, you will see the S.S guy flinch INTO the gunshot, not away. That takes a total rewiring of instinct. Great video Sir.

  24. I took you advice and watched someone picking around a dead raccoon filled with maggots then watched some liberal videos… I think I'll go back to the maggots and work my way back up

  25. Somewhere years ago I read in my exercise stuff that when one yells! It actually increases your strength 13%. Dunno if it is true but I choose to believe I am 13% stronger and more fierce when I lower my head, growl like a tiger, stop my foot (I just found out I do this) and advance RR, LL. R arm, R leg, then L arm Left leg. All animals do this when in a confrontation. Know one notices what you are doing, they are just backing up instinctively. Try this it WORKS! You might not even have to touch anyone to 'win'. Have you seen cats and dogs get mad? They get all fluffed up and cats even turn side ways to enlarge their PRESENCE. Birds open their wings. Heads tilt down as if to ram with the top of your forehead. Skin on your brow is smooth not wrinkled. Actually the face is void of wrinkles, teeth clenched. Eyes aren't focused. Hands are fists. Right Right, then, Left Left.

    If your adversary looks like and moves like this you'd better do something like NOW or run for your life. Practice this 'killer' look, go and ask for a raise from boss, walk a few steps into the office or towards your boss, then smile, arms akimbo and say let's talk about my raise!

  26. I was looking for a way to talk to my kids about self defense and this is perfect. Thank you sensei, the advice you give is much appreciated.

  27. Challenge question:
    Which is the best static body posture for a street fight ? πŸ™‚
    example: an argument breaks…the fight is imminent but the distance between and your opponent is still too big..he is coming forward however . How would you stand ?

  28. These basics videos are so great. Though in my opinion, you should always expect your attacker to have a knife so you don't get surprised. Therefore upgrading from fists to some kind of item of attack like Jackie Chans prop fu. Would probably be a good idea to do. πŸ˜€

  29. Hey Ando, once someone was angry with me and grabbed my shirt and clung to me while he was threatening me, according to everything I was taught I should have already hospitalized him,
    But I showed a lot of self-confidence and my hands were in the right place and I was ready for any attack. I lowered my head a bit to be a head-butt guard, and I explained that I was not interested in physical confrontation and that we should go our separate ways.
    It worked and I did not have to hit him badly and I did not have to be interrogated by the police.
    I believe that the more skilled you are, the more you can avoid the need to attack and resolve conflicts peacefully.

  30. Hi Ando! I had my taekwondo inschool tournament today! I got 1st in forms and 2nd in one steps! I had to learn two one steps before it started they switched it from sparring to one steps. I was against orange belts so I was pretty proud lol .Thank you for all you videos and help!!!

  31. |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |>
    |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |>

    I have to say … the best video you ever made.

    Im pnresed … how you say and bring the inner form to face conflict and face shit is very good!

    only: to do the oppsite what the guy wants can lead unskilled guys if not psychligic top … um .. I had one guy that was about one head bigger and .. pfffth … thtee times more muscles and weight … (I 1,79 cm tall, 64 kg, ) .. that guy wite only for that to engage a fight ..

    I jept strict wxicuting protocol and thaz ends up in that way that he lands between leather futose and one on him …
    he need some time zo reslize what happens . he starred at me with a no will to believe that I did that and started then his next attack but his froends hold him back.

    that was in the city where I grow up.

    A froend of that guy told if Im crazy zo do that because he is a expiriend pub fighter and do that each fucking weekend …
    I zold him if he watched what heppend and if he thing that all how it was performed was a β€œacidentβ€œ?

    Further I said: β€œIf that guy do that with otger people and attack then me when I interferrer in my present … then I give him some month to think about some things in his life!β€œ

    and that angry enough …

    three month later I met that friend afain in a coffeeshop.

    he come to my table and told me that that guy wich attacked me did that after that time agsin …

    yes. . get drunjen and like zo provicate … but not physical gain …

    that is the sence .. keep shit in a linßmit that the garden dont suffer …

    actualy xou are a great mental β€œyoga-masterβ€œ I would say …
    Exactly that what you tell is the problem of this demonculterd β€œsocietyβ€œ .. a religion brought a weaking in performing REAL love with perverted and fake β€œloveβ€œ.

    that weakend the spirit and soul immensly!!!

    free mknd becomes a joke. The reason why the whole system is cobstructed in that way…
    The ability zo face conflict in a bigger oversight for real solution snd facing and truth … (real love is always willing face real zruth because a lie will bring suffering for innoncents) …

    who fear for hid mortsl life will viczime his imortal existence … and thst more snd more …

    so is a really healthy way for all to face what IS in REAL …

    and when two wild pigs in germany attack a village and there directly in the bank and the manager!!!

    then is that a very clear language WHAT posdibli β€œnaturβ€œ have and WANT tell you qzuiete desperatly …

    FACE PROBLEMS AND realize them also …

    or you rott with the garden … and zo bring that out to other plsnezs to destroy other worlds zoo is the most shameless idea full of yourself.

    psychopathy is deffinide with β€œlack of empathyβ€œ …

    so I would sugges … heeeeereee is a daaaamed biiiiig acting emergency case …

    8billions and the expanding rate sgiws no will to change …

    not so much sapiens so far.

    but any pressure blah like misdionry to be vegan because any vurus expanding blah.

    no … I have a real teason wgy I eat this or that …

    you must realize … its obious that ALL goverment know that .. that is unavoitable future what will happen and a clear stopping of that is a must for all life on that planet … or irs done for all .. exept any insects ..

    so .. the next smartphone is bullshit and this and that too …

    religions, goverments, companies train you with baiting, how to have to be with popularing and all the other shit …

    religions are the worst. . they orepaired the mindset if people to that that they loose ACTIVE spiritual mind … the only what they showed in europe to rott and missionary where its possible ..

    and from that besude 800 year genetic selection and programming becomes THAT β€œdemocrathyβ€œ ..

    that is fact pkease!!!

    the causal chain is clear .. nothing ibterferered by the main codeswßequenxes wich are responsible for standing against evil (ofer your other cheek if anyone hit you= causal effect = evil get the ruling posfition) and obhective mibd in realizing the effect if the next bullshit code seqzences:

    that making ;loveβ€œ and raising up in numbersbulkshit combined eith: make that world to your subhect … you sooo great β€œcrone of crestionβ€œ that never is allowed to be divinrße snd only the creation and never free to reach zßreal geaven and duty …

    demonblah …

    the logical consequences are obious …

    all exhausting by ocerlooking is the sign and sxmtome if a culterd barrowed down ego perspectuve in human mindset that where a cosmic awRnes that its in real is prisiobed.

    religions and govefments was that tool for that process.

    that is reality snd ghe reason why its going on what is going on.

    there is no mystery.

    that is to face .. or byebye any tree that have genetic midified anything because sny sich reason … bature cracked complitly …

    who dont fight against that is defantly … what?

    you β€œloveβ€œ your kids?


    good. … take care about them …

    good …

    |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |>
    |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |>

  32. thank you! always thankful for you
    your lessons will live forever on youtube.. and you WILL be appreciated by all of those who will know you for what you helped them with.

  33. As always, your videos are extremely helpful and informative.
    The sense and principles are practical and effective.
    Salute to the great Sensei with the kickass humor.

  34. Ahaha – "I win"! Hilarious. The demon part is gorgeous. Reminded me of this video by Jordan Peterson:

  35. That is totally real! A big dude knocked me down and some how I standed up and started to punch him every where and then boom I won!

  36. I really think I'm just scared of getting scared and just freezing up and going totally silent if I ever did get attacked because…that's what I am most likely to do at this point in my nonexistantotherthanwatchingYouTubevideos self-defence training…
    Any tips for managing fear?

  37. That last tip you gave is dead on! What you suggested is excellent mental training. Yes it does sound somewhat silly, however, I do it and it works. It will train a person to stay neutral and not get emotionally involved to/in the situation. This is real world training that everyone can participate in. It works! I will now subscribe to your YouTube site. Thanks.

  38. Nestoroski Macedon awesome advice bro I'm a bodybuilder not a fighter people start crap with me at work out everywhere it's time I take this advice respect from Australia

  39. It's really good advice. I and I'm sure you could even expound on it further, it's such a deep and dynamic aspect of self defense. You do a great job explaining a lot in a little.

  40. In a real situation, you probably don't have time to think at all so I recommend trusting your instinct. If your instinct says it's dangerous to fight back then don't.

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