See What Happens When A Plane Violates Presidential Airspace | TODAY

See What Happens When A Plane Violates Presidential Airspace | TODAY

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  1. So what would've happened if that was real and they did shoot the plane down? Were they gon sue the President because they were too stupid to care about their safety?smh

  2. Notice the continued effort of bringing up Pres. Trump’s travels,… Omuslim and his he/she wife with the “Popeye” forearms, flew all over the world, many times two separate flights! And lets not forget “Popeye” would take her momma and her friends and her friend’s friends and her hair dresser and her emotional support slug and none of you pathetic a$$ hypocrites ever said a word!!!
    America is witnessing the slow, self-inflicted suicide of the lame stream media!!!

  3. It’s strange how we are told that the planes that flew into Washington DC and supposedly crashed into federal buildings. No fighter jets were scrambled? We are supposed to believe the pilots were asleep in the cockpit?

  4. Someone once t ok ld me in a passing conversation that each time a touch down pass is done cost $1 million . Wow so how much did rhis cost us.?

  5. This is how the media is "if you disobey the fighter jet, will you shoot the plane down?" , FJ Pilot: "if he meets the requirements", reporter: "if he doesn't obey you will shoot him down?". He asks the pilot again hoping the pilot just anwsers "yes" so the media can say, the airforce will shoot down planes that disobey them. It's not always a rogue plane, it could just be a mistake, the media plays dirty just to get more view and money and to make others look bad, when they are the actual mf. This is why I stopped watching tv and this type of video, I just clicked cause it got my attention because of the jets!

  6. If this happen in India…!!!! Opposition will rock parliament,massive street agitation,supreme court in worry,new movie will be made bla bla bla 😂😂🤣🤣

  7. So is that what we are going to do? Waste tax money for some stupid news show setup because there is no other interesting news to put on?

  8. How about 45 stay @ WH & run the dam country….. instead of 1 of every 3 days he spends @ one of his properties. GIVE THE TAX PAYERS A BREAK.

  9. Unless it’s 9-11 then this don’t apply !
    We have a ring of anti aircraft around Washington DC , if the transponder don’t give a correct access code , they are immediately targeted by the system
    Might I add Norwegian surface to air missiles
    Known as the army’s Avenger system that uses FIM-92 stinger missiles and hummer mounted 50 cal.

  10. They think that the national guards know that this is a drill until they shoot him down and they evacuate the president.

  11. Do not complain about the cost! We endured 8 years of expense and got no reward, President Trump deserves whatever the cost and more!!

  12. I was kinda hoping they'd just shoot you idiots down. I would PAY, to see that, and… your ratings would "sky rocket" too! 😂

  13. I wonder where these fighters we're when the so called hijackers went flying towards the Pentagon during 9/11??🤔🤔🤔

  14. And they want to prosecute Snowden for telling people the government is violating our privacy. Yet here we are watching military tactics involving the presidential protection. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. How much u have spent to to set up this ha? Get life. Ask Joe Biden disclose what he have been doing with Ukraine? Do u have balls or u like to lick big mike'$ balls?

  16. Still don't get why this is necessary. The POTUS is replaceable like any other job. If you make such a big deal about it it becomes a big deal. Most heads of state don't even have an escort.

  17. What if the radio is broken and the pilot can't respond? Are hand gestures adequate? I suppose making a U turn would be an option.

  18. You keep mentioning how many times has President Trump lies what a waste of taxpayers money we know what the fighter jets were going to do blast anybody out of the air like they're supposed to you didn't have to show us any of that waste of taxpayers money

  19. To answer many negative comments: I don't know how slow our fighter planes can fly, and you don't either. I don't think the military will tell us. Suffice it to say that our Air National Guard are not fools, nor is NBC. Fighters are scrambled on a regular basis for training purposes, and our military understands that the public should know how it does its job. The President's home is wherever the President happens to be, not just in Washington. A range of 500 feet looks, feels, and is extremely small in the air. Any airplane that looks too close when you're in an airliner is always several miles away. As to the identity of this particular President, we salute the uniform, not the man.

  20. Ignorant on Today's part to think the military would fully disclose their protocol for intercepting a perceived threat. They provided a simple display for them to broadcast, with the Today show thinking they had really brought some inside, never-seen material to the masses… LOL

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