SecurityAllStar announces Amazon Echo and Ultrasync Hub integration

SecurityAllStar announces Amazon Echo and Ultrasync Hub integration

Hey, it’s brad with security all-star and a huge Amazon echo announcement is the first company to bring to you The Ultrasync hub along with the Amazon Echo now We’re going to give you some more details later But this is the first home security Hub It’s actually a security system along with a hub that has combined everything that the Amazon echo does and everything that this home? automation system does and Everything that you expect out of the security system in one package No company to this date has done it yet so imagine this you want the lights turn off You simply say hey Alexa turn the lights off. Hey Alexa open up the garage door hey, Alexa Can you along can you on the system and lock the doors all this can be done now with a voice enunciation? first Time first system First security and as far as we know the only place you can get it is at We’re going to bring you some more details in about a week We’re going to show you how to sync this thing up wirelessly, and how it all works the app is already out It’s already available on your phone if you have the ultra sync hub, it’s already there. This is not a pre announcement This is an announcement. It is here. Go to our site providing powerful protection for everything you hold dear

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  1. $13.99-$29.99 – You can use this link to build the least expensive system in the United States with the most full features and NO CONTRACT!!!!

  2. Maybe you want to edit the video since even the description on the ap stats it will not operate the locks, garage door or security system using Amazon Alexa. If it can I would love to know how.

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