Security Management System for Colleges and Universities – Blackboard SMS

Having a safe campus is important —
especially for parents sending their child off to school for the first time.
Parents want to know their child will be protected while away and students want
to live in a safe environment, but still have the freedom to come and go with
ease. Creating a safe and secure campus that meets your specific needs requires
expertise that commercial security providers just don’t have. Say, for
example, it’s orientation and thousands of students are descending upon campus. Once
they receive their campus IDs, they expect to gain immediate access to
places like residence halls, classrooms, labs, parking lots, recreational
facilities, and more. Or let’s say it’s spring break and campus closes early, so
you need to manually lock the hundreds of doors on campus at 12
rather than letting your system automatically lock them at 6 like it
normally does. Or perhaps an unforeseen event like a campus emergency occurs and
you need some way to quickly lock down your campus and contain the situation. If
you have multiple systems to manage or a commercially-generic security system,
these tasks may seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why at Blackboard Transact we
developed a security management system that meets the specific needs of the
education community. With Blackboard SMS not only can you manage door access
control, see real-time events and video, and monitor and set up automated alerts;
but you can also automatically assign and change access privileges based on
data from other management systems, program an unlimited number of schedule
exceptions like holidays and campus events, perform immediate campus lockdowns from any device, and connect students with campus security personnel
via a real-time communication mobile app. Now when Susie, an incoming freshman, gets
her campus ID or mobile credential, she already has access to all the places
she needs to go, like the freshman residence hall or the biology lab. And
when campus closes early for the big game, the system automatically locks all
the doors at 2 instead of 6 — so you don’t have to do it manually. Or in the event
of an emergency, you have the power to quickly lock down your campus and secure
your students. All this sounds pretty good, but what about managing the system? Managing Blackboard SMS is simple and
can be done from any device, thanks to its browser-based user interface and
responsive design. And with robust integration options you can seamlessly
integrate key campus systems and even existing hardware — now that’s pretty cool.
So if you want an enterprise-class security system with a unique feature set
specifically designed for campuses like yours, Blackboard SMS is the platform you
need to establish a safe and secure environment for all.

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