Security Hacks For Protecting Your Bike From Being Stolen On Your Ride

(dramatic music)
(mysterious music) – Now before I get on to
the actual video itself, I’m just gonna point out
this isn’t scaremongering or anything like that, but sadly, we do have some
unscrupulous people among us who want to steal our pride and joy, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve worked nice and hard
so you can save up to buy it. So today, let’s look at a few hacks so you don’t have to carry a big old chain and padlock around with
you on your training ride. Also, this video is really just to try and stop the opportunist thief rather than a professional,
because quite frankly, they will get through almost anything you put in their way.
(upbeat music) Right then, cyclists love cafes. They also love coffee
and they love cake too. So when you go into
the cafe, why not leave your bike in the biggest gear possible. So the big chain ring and
the small little sprocket at the back, therefore,
if someone comes along and tries to take it, unless they’re built like a track sprinter, they’re
probably not gonna know how the gears work, and they’re not gonna be able to set off with enough force, and you can just stop ’em like that! (mysterious music)
(upbeat music) Now this next one I got from friend of the channel Adam Hansen when I spotted something over on his Twitter page. What he does when he stops off at a cafe or just somewhere temporarily
on his rim brake bike, he actually removes the
wheel from the dropout, just slides it forward
or backwards slightly so that the tire is actually resting on the underside of the
caliper or fork crown, meaning that if someone tries to steal it, when they try and get on, well, they just fall flat on their face. With this bike though,
I’ve got this brake, so something you could do easily is just remove your through axle, meaning that if a thief
tries to ride off on it, well, hopefully the front
wheel is gonna fall out and they’re gonna land flat on their face. Alternatively, you could
take the rear wheel just out of the dropout there too, just remember to actually re-tighten those through axles because of course, that could land you not only
sore, but also out of pocket with some potential damage to the bike. (mysterious music)
(upbeat music) Of course, if you do
have standard rim brakes, one bit of advice I can give you there is just to undo the
quick-release mechanism on the caliper itself, tighten
that barrel adjuster fully, and then try and lock down
that quick-release mechanism again so that literally,
if someone tries to ride off on the bike,
well they’re gonna be riding with the brakes jammed on. It’s not gonna be particularly easy, that. Now this method is not
necessarily my favorite but I do still see people
doing it from time-to-time outside of shops and cafes, they simply turn their bike upside
down, making it just a little bit more inconvenient for one of those thieves
to run along and take it. Now depending on where you’re going and how much room you’ve got
in your pockets for instance, you could take something like this which is an almost industrial
strength zip tie if you like. This one comes from
Hiplok and it’s even got a combination lock built in within it. So you could use that when
you’re out on your cafe ride ’cause it’s probably small enough to go inside of your jersey pocket, or also, if you’re on a train journey where you’re not necessarily able to keep an eye on your bike at all times. This could just slow down
a thief and let’s face it, if one bike’s locked up and one’s not, the thief is more likely to
take the unlocked version. Now another cheeky little
hack you can do is to use your helmet straps and
buckle as a temporary lock. Now myself and my cycling friends, we’ve got a rule, no helmets
on the table at the cafe. So, well why not use it
for that reason indeed? So simply wrap it around a frame tube, connect it to something you cannot move, therefore, when the thief
tries to take it, they can’t. (dramatic music) Now this last little nugget
comes from my colleague Ollie who says why not get a bit of paper, get all your details on it, laminate it and then store it inside
of one of the frames tubes. So you could remove the seat post, slide it into the top tube for instance, take out the forks and do the same. Therefore if your bike
sadly was to get stolen but recovered luckily by the police, if you have to go along
and formally identify it you can tell them exactly
where that note is hidden and prove it’s yours, essentially. Then of course you could
simply ask a friend of yours when you stop off at a
cafe to mind your bike whilst you go in and get something and vice versa, just being extra safe. There we are, a few security hacks there so that your pride and joy
stays a little bit safer when you go in quickly for
a bit of coffee and cake. I do hope you’ve enjoyed this, let me know though your security hacks just down there in the
comments section below. And also remember to like and share this video with your
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