Security camera shows robbery in Brazil (CC)

Security camera shows robbery in Brazil (CC)

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Blatant violence in Morumbi, noble
neighborhood of Sao Paulo. Security cameras in a building recorded
a series of street robberies. Pedestrians and drivers are attacked just
meters from a base of military police. Images were recorded by circuit TV
Morumbi in this building in South Sao Paulo. Only this month were four rounds. All in one place. The driver for the other side. The bandits have no doubt, they cross [the street]
steal the person and before fleeing still give a blow on the victim. The duo is almost hit and runs toward
to a slum. Two days later, the man at the center of the video goes
the sidewalk when it is attacked by three bandits. He was taken there and stolen. When he leaves he is stunned and without the jacket,
shoes and your wallet. The other one is almost round repetition of the previous.
The boy is dominated, thrown to the ground and robbed. The latest victim was a resident of the building.
Last night the bandits were expected in enter the car and attacked. In another camera
thieves come running. She lost her wedding ring and it still took
punched in the face. I said I had no purse, he asked me
to give him my cell phone. I told him i was also without my cell phone. Then he started to get nervous and took
my wedding ring. In this he again asked the bag, I said
I was without purse and without cell phone because
i had gone to the bakery. Then he gave me a punch in the face. What is striking is that all these
assaults you just see
occur a few meters from this point, where it is precisely this basic police
military. In the first three months of this year, the capital
Sao Paulo registered 44 thefts or assaults every hour. For the lawyer, who sees the violence of
apartment window, the population is in the hands of criminals. We feel hostage to insecurity
government, right? We have a public safety today
in Sao Paulo that looks like they are not paying attention
to the problems of the region.

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