what’s up guys Lew here back with
another video and today we’re taking a look at a fairly sophisticated security
camera this is from a company called am crest
it’s the pro HD the real model name is IP to em – 841 B you probably don’t want to say
that so let’s say and press pro HD what’s
different about this one compared to some of the other stuff i’ve looked at
is that it has pan and tilt and it’s not just zooming into the single frame this
actually moves around so you can keep tabs on every inch of the room from your
smartphone you can actually interact with it that way it will record to the
cloud if you feel safer doing that or you can
record to a micro SD card slot it’s also got night vision on it 1080p
recording at 30fps they claim you can set it up in 60 seconds that seems ambitious to me advanced
video recording as i mentioned micro SD amcrest MBR that’s like a an actual
recording box type situation or amcrest cloud there are alerts as well motion let’s
say or sound that’s detected can get that notification and go hey I didn’t
expect anyone to be in that space at that particular time and then go ahead
and look at the live feat see what’s going on let’s go ahead jump inside the
box and take a closer look ok you gotta download an app on either
the App Store Google Play so it will work with iOS or Android that the app is
called am crestview light or pro I’m going to launch the lite version cool you’ll notice there are multiple
boxes that’s because you can have more than one camera you guys are probably wondering Lew why
you always talking about security cameras as some of you know I’m in this pretty
cool office right now studio as we like to call it we have a
lot of I don’t know expensive gear in here the camera i’m talking into all these
fancy monitors my eye in the sky and see what Jack’s doing
when I’m not here DC power audio in and out so you can
actually send the audio from here out to a speaker and then you can send a
separate microphone in if you don’t want to use the built-in microphone that’s
kind of cool micro SD as i mentioned over here that’s
for recording locally to the actual device and then it has Wi-Fi but it also
has an ethernet jack if you prefer for it to be wired in this on the back here
is a speaker and then on the bottom is a tripod mount there’s actually two way
communication here so you could speak back to somebody on the other side and
then through the microphone hear what they’re saying so on but also inside the
box a little tiny disk oh my goodness a ethernet cable for that
wired connection that i mentioned earlier so this is another option for mounting
here is where that thread lives you can screw this baby in and get
whatever angle you want on the camera that’s kind of cool fairly slim AC power
brick for powering the device up so i’m gonna go ahead get this baby plugged in
launch up the application and see what it can do name for the camera the jack cam monitoring Jack 24 7 apparently if I tap the QR i can just
scan it hey try this out got it Wi-Fi password close your eyes and make a password for
it okay look away once again whoa Jack 247 lens you have such a four cameras nine, sixteen snap a
photo all ok with my hand hello where’s me hello there that’s really cool check he was we’re getting some feedback
because but now you can get it since for the tube two-way communication so I
could be like over here Jack get back to get back to work the
fact that you would take this audio output to like a seriously loudspeaker
and and essentially have like a walkie talkie type environment you simply say
listen I see you buddy you’re in my spot I know you are leave
now or it’s over for you you see how intimidating i am right now we
had filmed an entire unboxtherapy video right here this is not bad actually quality-wise
now that’s some real inception stuff right there it’s me recording me recording me
recording me recording me from the me Whoa! Pfff! (mind blown hand motion) there it is we have our very own eye in
the sky now here at unboxtherapy headquarters brought to you by amcrest whatever
it is you’re trying to protect this is obviously a deterrent oh and there I am I am once again
everywhere thanks very much for watching guys
appreciate your viewership if you enjoyed this content make sure to leave
a thumbs up down below and I will catch you very shortly on the next episode later guys


  1. I think you must go deeper in this particular market. Everybody have something to protect. And even more when you have in mind something as starting a business or is planning to be away from home a lot of hours a day. I think this camera is cool… But Why not, make a TOP 5 about Security Cams. I would like to know something about "External Totally autonomous security cams" for surveillance of outdoor spaces. We have an small orchard, far away from home. No electricity and no telephone cables (possibly 4g coverage) I think It would be interesting


  3. Ended up getting the same camera, mostly because of this video showing how simple and functional it is. Just got the camera in the mail. Set it up in a couple minutes, works great. Keep up the good work homie.

  4. (Gets a notification about suspicious noises)
    (Grabs phone)
    (Uses the camera's speaker to say hi and tell the wankers you called the police)
    (Laugh as they run away)

  5. I swear the amount of parents who bought this to keep an eye on their kids at all times… Their kids have probably never masturbated before.

  6. sir i have seen others you tubers to get the better understanding for the same device but i was right no budy can do this job better then you really appreciate what you are doing big huge thanks
    really appreciate that

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  8. you're review need polish, i brought the Amcrest HD pro bcuz i listen to you're review have you ever play with it?
    have you try the worst app ever made on the planet?
    i mean the camera is nice but that all, do you know that you can't view what you have recorded in you windows, you need to convert in avi which make file super huge and take crazy time! or use the smart player which suck ass!!!, do you know you cannot watch playback if the camera as been disconnected, as a thief go in your house you think they gonna left it pluged,
    i like you and your channel but some of your review need polish.
    so don't even think buying Amcrest camera unless you know what your going into, that what you should have say.
    i had to let ppl know, sometime you just dont test the product enough to give a good review


  9. I have discovered a weakness in these Wi-Fi security cameras. Given the slow 15FPS rate and the lossy h264 compression you might see the quick brown squirrel as only a ghost while the slower and more visible cat looks like a real cat. I speak of IR mode at night and not the visible mode of daylight. If something moves fast and has low contrast it simply looks like a ghost very hard to see. You must render the video as RAW and examine the images frame by frame to see t5he whatever.

  10. The cheaper security cameras with slow insensitive CMOS scanner chips and lossy compression are simply not good enough for serious security. I recommend only CCD and RAW images with high quality sound or you are taking a risk of missing the ghosty fast moving low contrast things

  11. Do u know
    If u were living off grid and using a Verizon jetpack wifi hotspot could u connect the wireless mode of this camara with the verizon wifi device

  12. Figures, I needed a camera and ended up buying one of these a few hours ago after watching some BS reviews, only to come back to see Big Lew did this review 2 years ago and was exactly what I needed to see before I bought it.

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