100 Replies to “Security Camera Catches Vandals Spray-Painting Over ‘LABron’ Mural Following Twitter Request”

  1. King of what, I dont get it, I dont agree with doing what they did to the picture that was completely wrong, someone time and effort was wasted but lebron is getting too much hype.

  2. Imagine getting the best player in the nba and still being mad. Some of these laker fans are crazy. They continue to hate LeBron because of people comparing him to Kobe. LeBron isn't going to steal his rings so calm down lmao.

  3. If that mural was inside the city not Vince beach it would be stomp over and over again. Lakers fan since 1990. We got four years with this diva let’s make the best of y’all.

  4. True Lakers fans accept whoever gives them the best chance to bring home another championship. I don't care if it was PeeWee Herman. If he gave the Lakers the best chance to win… "Welcome to LA PeeWee!"

  5. I’m a Kobe fan and never a Lebron fan but this has to stop. Geeez! Just be thankful this man will help us end the drought. I never liked him before but I’m a Laker-first fan so i accept him and will be cheering for him until we get our 17th or even more. About the painting, maybe if he didn’t include the “King of LA” part then maybe it’ll be easier for other diehard fans to accept it.

  6. What an immature d!ck move writing over an artist's work like that which took hours of hard work and labor. Damn shame people like this show no respect for art.

  7. Im glad they painted over that shit. LeBron is not the king of LA. Los Angeles dont give away crowns. You earn them here just like LeBron earned his nickname in Cleveland. The man hasnt even put on a Lakers jersey yet and you got these all of a sudden Faker fans calling him the King Of LA. Well this is what you get. Bring us 3 then you can be in that conversation of King. Kobe got 5.

  8. That's fucked up…Bron is actually humble and also has never and would never say he's the king of LA…He wouldn't disrespect …That's the media!✌️

  9. This bitchmade disrespectful ass mural basically took a shit on Kobe and his legacy. It was asking to get checked, it did and now it's gone. I see no problems

  10. King Kobe .King Shaq .King Magic.King Kareem.King Phil . King Wilt .King James Worthy .and Lebron for name untill will get some wins lol

  11. Nobody shoulda put that stupid sign in the first place he’s a king but he’s not the king of LA he hasn’t even played a fukin game yet lol he’s not a laker

  12. Whoever painted that sign is disrespectful to Kobe Magic and others he hasn’t played one game in LA yet lol

  13. Do they have murals of Magic, wilt, baylor, jerry west in LA? If not, light weight disrespectful not paying homage to people who actually brought championships to LA.

  14. First of all Kobe will always be the goat of LA, period. Shit is disrespectful to call Lebron the anything of LA, he hasn't done shit in LA. Hell na that wouldn't go down in The Bay. But we Northen Cali folk different than y'all in Socal anyway. KD had work his ass off to earn our respect. Show and prove to earn the title of the top dog. Foh. I said what I said.

  15. LeBron haters are the worst plague of the NBA. Get a life the dude just plays basketball it ain’t that serious

  16. The King is spreading false hope. He only has 3 rings and has been to the Finals 9 times. He picks his teammates and still falls short on the big stage. Seems to me he didn't want to face the real empire of the GSW in the Finals again. Can't beat the West, join them.

  17. Just respect lebron going to LA..what would happen if he went to join gsw or rockets? Honestly wherever lebron goes ppl will still hate him

  18. He is going to stain the glorified reputation of LA. He is no king by all means. He’s a pretentious individual as well as a traitor. That mural should be taken for the sake of LA’s reputation as a great team.

  19. The Lakers have the most fraudulent fans in sports. A bunch of wannabe transplants from around the country and world for that matter.

  20. Man all the people say warriors bandwagon fan but forget all the lebron bandwagons fan from Miami back to Cleveland now to LA. Lol. It’s more of liking a particular player than a team now a days. But that’s just facts.

  21. Nobody really respects his ass anymore because he chases money. He don’t give a fuck about the fans or the city he plays for. LA is worried he’ll play for the Lakers, see if they can win the finals next year. If they don’t, Leflop will flop his sorry ass onto another city.

  22. So many people doubting james even laker fans but you know what its all good bc james can play ball he is not new to the game just look at the rings and look how many times james has lead his team to the playoffs Lakers are guranteed a ring..

  23. 3-6 but what what if Kobe had no good team he could get them to the playoffs but not to a championship game and look at lebron he carried his team to 3 championships 1 with kyrie

  24. Ever since the adultress affair Lebron James had with former KISS guitarist Vanessa Vincent he has desperately wanted to live in a more evil place like California.

  25. He hasn’t proved LA that he’s a king let him adjust and see what fans think by playoffs well if they make it lol

  26. There are Lakers fans and there are Kobe fans. Thats a totally different fan base if you ask me. I saw some Kobe fans say they’d rather not make the playoffs rather than sign Lebron. No laker fan in their right mind would say that

  27. LEBRON! LEBRON! WE LOVE YOU, LEBRON! Don't worry about the idiot few. They'll be the same idiots celebrating when the season starts with a GIANT bang.

  28. The man is there to help y’all win a championship and y’all do this? Then it’s fucked up that someone would vandalize someone’s hard work

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