25 Replies to “Security Camera Captures Image Of Man Kicking In Car Window In Chinatown”

  1. I mean, he looked into several vehicles and only kicked in the window to the one with the backpack. Which means, STOP LEAVING VALUABLES IN YOUR VEHICLES!!😲👍

  2. It’s all them DOGtown people and Boyle heights. All they gotta do is cross the bridge n your in Chinatown

  3. I am not into crime myself but if i was him i think it would be alot more efficient to get aspecial lock pick tool so he could quickly pop the trunks..i would imagine he could increase his yearly tax free income and reduce his exposure also..or get a job but might be hard with a background check.

  4. I remember someone came in my neighborhood and slashing lots of tires people who go stealing stuff just go a get a job low life losers

  5. that happened to my daughter and her car was not parked in the street it was in her garage and the stupid ASL or assholes went all the way in there and broke into her car and grab stuff from the car very important stuff but you know what all of these people young and old boys are girls eventually will get theirs Karma some have gotten killed by homeowners sad but they asked for it they were doing bad stuff and a lot of them young

  6. Another worthless ugly lowlife loser who thinks he doesnt have to work…I hope someone catches him and beats him silly…👍

  7. Man, his life must be really messed up for him to be stealing from hardworking people. I honestly feel sorry for this man and everyone else who steals. You know who you are… why deny it? Instead, when you are at your breaking point, ask God to intervene. Trust me, He will open the door for you, you just have to seek Him.

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