Security Boost In 5 minutes – Door Reinforcement

Security Boost In 5 minutes – Door Reinforcement

In today’s video, I’m going to talk about
a way that you can secure any door with almost no effort. So stay tuned!
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so you will get notified whenever I’m releasing new videos whenever I’m releasing them. Okay, guys, without further adieu, let’s
jump to what I call “get your door a boost of security level with almost no effort!” So, what really is a door security? What makes your door more secure? There are two things. The first is going to be your door locks. So it’s going to be the bottom handle or
the knob and the top deadbolt. That’s [what] 99% of the doors have nowadays. And what is the other side of the door that
most of the people don’t pay attention to? I’m talking about the door frame where your
strike plate are, the top and the bottom strike plate. Those ones are actually the most vulnerable. The reason why most contractors and professional
people, when they’re installing doors in new houses, even old houses, they’re using
very short screws to reinforce them. Now, what I like to do always is to use larger
screws. In this video I’m showing here what you
can do with 4” construction screw in reinforcing the bottom strike plate and the top strike
plate. That’s all you really need to pull this
off guys. You need 4” construction screws that you
can buy in a hardware store. You will need a power drill of course and
a Phillips driver. Now, if you don’t have any of those tools
to pull this off, and you don’t want to drag your lazy ass to a local hardware store,
I also share a link down below video where you can find those tools as well and order
it online. Okay, guys, let me show you what exactly I’m
talking about from a close-up to the actual door frame. And I’ll show you how to pull this off really
quick. Stay tuned! We’re going to use our 4” screws. And what I forgot to mention is that you will
need also a small drill bit. I’m going to use it. I’ll pull it on just like this. Okay! So, same position where the holes are. Just drill a little bit further in. And the top as well. Alright! Same way, we’re going to do with the top
deadbolt strike plate. Now, I always like to go a little bit offside
and not straight completely. So we’re going to do it like this. This way, it’s attached much better to your
door stud deep inside. And not straight. Okay! We’re done here. There we go with our Phillips driver. We’ll start putting the screws. Alright! That’s it guys! It’s all done. That’s what I was talking about. Get your door a boost of security with almost
no effort! Now, make sure that the door close properly
and everything align. And that’s pretty much it guys. Alright, alright, guys. Thank you so much for watching. I do hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, don’t forget, thumbs up—a
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5 Replies to “Security Boost In 5 minutes – Door Reinforcement”

  1. No effort already canceled out mate. Effort is needed here it doesn't matter how small it is needed. It's a good idea though I can't deny that, but to be fair I rather know different tricks and I don't mind putting effort in. Everyone should put some effort in and stop being lazy because think about it if you do get robbed your house is going no need a good clean. You will feel dirty you want sleep at night thinking about the people who did it to you. Is it not worth putting effort in to provent it all the more.

  2. For those that want even more security add kick bars to door. My cousin had this and if you wanted to boot his door u had to boot all the frame off to the thickness of the frame too. No house is unbeatable though be they alway's look for another way anyway all u can do is provent. Get a big dog to great them at the other side lol.

  3. I am a locksmith as well (4 years) , how come you are giving away industry how to videos! Your cutting your own legs out from under you man! Although it is nice to let the general public see how its done to boost security, but now they won't call you for business, they will want to do it themselves now…

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