Secrets Disney Won’t Tell You!

Secrets Disney Won’t Tell You!

Here are some hidden secrets that Disney just
doesn’t want to reveal! Just wait until you find out the reason why
Disney has such high powered vacuums! 10 – Security
The happiest place on earth is full of rides, characters, and……security! Security measures are all over the park but
you can’t see most of them. Obviously, certain measures are in plain sight,
such as metal detectors and bag checks at park entrances, but the rest are less obvious. Disney parks have undercover security guards
dressed as tourists walking around the park, basically, ALL THE TIME. If security needs to talk to a park guest,
only two people speak to them. Security guards do this in order to keep it
as low key as possible. And that makes sense because they don’t
want to embarrass the park’s guests.Disney also has security screening guests at park
entrances in an especially sneaky way. They have people front and back that are always
watching. If they notice someone’s doing something
that seems suspicious, they’ll immediately start following them to check out what’s
going on. Who knows, maybe the surveillance is probably
as good as how China keeps tabs on its citizens! Do us a real quick favor, and hit that like
button down there because it really helps us out! 9 – Role Playing
At Disney, it’s actually forbidden for cast members to say they “played” certain characters. Why? That’s because the characters are quote,
“real”. Cast members can, however, tell someone that
they “hung out with” characters. So, for example, you can say “I hung out
with Donald Duck a lot this week” and that’s how people know what character you played. Employees definitely aren’t allowed to post
about their jobs, but at least they don’t have to give up social media altogether. This happens because if you work at Disney,
the most important job is to keep the Disney Fantasy alive for anyone that visits. The fantasy stays real because you don’t want
to start disappointing kids, and that definitely does make sense. There are always seven or eight people walking
around the park in Mickey Mouse costumes, but when someone asks, “How many Mickeys are
there here?”, the answer is always ONE. And if you’ve ever wondered why the costumed
characters never talk, it’s because they have to stay silent in front of guests. Yep, that’s right, they’re NEVER allowed
to talk in costume in front of a guest, ever! 8 – Looking the part
From hair to fingernails, Disney has lots of requirements for the physical appearances
of their employees. Women’s hair needs to be in a “classic”
style and a natural-looking color. Women actually can have highlights, but their
hair style must be quote, “subtle, well-blended, and be over the entire head.” That’s according to Disney’s career site. As for men, their hair can’t cover their
ears or be long enough to reach their shoulders. Men are allowed to have facial hair, but it
has to be neat. And it can’t be longer than a quarter of
an inch. Do they actually have people measuring facial
hair? There are also very specific fingernail rules
for employees. Fingernails can’t extend beyond the fingertips,
and employees can’t wear nail polish or fake nails. What about tattoos? If you actually wanted to work for Disney,
you can actually have tattoos. But it has to be completely covered, whether
by clothing or makeup. And how about sunglasses? Surprisingly, employees actually aren’t
allowed to wear sunglasses. Or at least sunglasses where their eyes are
able to be seen! 7 – Hidden Tunnels
There are tunnels that you’ll most likely never see, unless you work for Disney. For example, Disney has what’s called a
utilidor system. Basically, it’s a set of utility tunnels
that takes place underground. These underground corridors allow Cast Members
to quickly move from one place to the next without being seen. It’s also for garbage to be magically whisked
away out of sight for the guests. Remember, the illusion is never to be ruined
at Disney! Also, at Magic Kingdom in Florida, Disney
has a very unique waste removal system. The underground trash system is called AVAC,
which stands for Automated Vacuum Collection system. It’s an underground system of vacuum tubes
with 17 collection points around Magic Kingdom. Every 15 minutes trash is sucked through at
a speed of 60 miles per hour to a compactor located behind Splash Mountain. That’s where the trash is compressed and
then removed from the property! Oh, and one more thing: employees are encouraged
to pick up trash if they see it. But, they aren’t supposed to make a big
show of it. They aren’t supposed to stop to pick up
the trash. Instead, every employee is trained to scoop
up trash while walking! 6 – Always Two Fingers
If you’ve ever been to a Disney park, you’ve probably missed a strange thing that just
about all the employees are doing. Pointing with two fingers. Yup, that’s right – they’re not allowed
to use only one finger to point. The two-finger point is a part of the training
for new hires at Disney. First and foremost, it’s rude in general
to point an index finger at someone. In several cultures, just pointing with an
index finger is considered rude. In countries such as Thailand, and Indonesia,
pointing with just one finger considered rude. A one finger salute holds the same offense
in Latin American countries as well. In many of those countries, using an open
hand is the best way to draw attention to something. However, the two fingered point is also supposedly
because of Walt Disney’s smoking habit. It goes back to old photos of Disney, where
he’s shown pointing to various Disney attractions while holding a cigarette between his two
fingers. In more recent years however, Disney wanted
to distance itself with the image of smoking. So the cigarettes were simply airbrushed out
of Walt Disney’s hands. If you’re enjoying these secrets revealed
on Disney, then you’ll definitely want to check out our video about the true costs of
our favorite things. 5 – What’s at the bottom? The Disneyland waterways, such as the Rivers
of America, the Storybook Land canals or the Jungle Cruise river have water that appears
bluish-green. Is that a kind of special effect? Or it’s a sign that the water is just really,
really dirty? Well, it could be both! The water is dyed green intentionally. In the days of Walt Disney, he wanted you
to believe that you were on a 19th-century steamship or paddle wheeler, and not riding
on an actual track. By dyeing the water, you can’t see the track
because it disguises just how shallow the water actually is. As for the water being really dirty, it’s
kinda a yes and no. The water is heavily chlorinated for harmful
bacteria. Additional chemicals are also added to prevent
mosquitoes from breeding. But yeah, it’s still dirty in our minds
since a lot of things end up in the water. Let’s face it, crazy rides along with lots
of food and drink is the recipe for let’s just call it, bodily fluids in the water! As an added bonus, the dyed water also keeps
you from seeing what’s at the bottom! Word has it, every time the rivers are drained
for maintenance, workers find the most ridiculous things. We’re talking crazy things such as wheelchairs,
strollers, and whatever else people can accidentally lose in the water! 4 – Hotel protest
It’s been an open secret for years that Disney doesn’t treat its employees very
well. For example, back in 2008, Mickey Mouse, Tinker
Bell, and about 1,000 of their supporting friends got sick with Disney’s antics. They held a protest that help up traffic in
Anaheim California. The union representing workers at three Disneyland
hotels marched from the Paradise Pier Hotel to the Disneyland entrance in an attempt to
fight for better benefits. Union members that represented Disneyland
workers spent months in contract talks with Disneyland management. This left around 3,000 workers to work without
a contract while the negotiations lasted. What was the reason for the protest? It was because Disney wanted to bring in new
workers at a lower wage and make them pay more per month for health care. Apparently, back then, the only reason to
work for Disney was just for the health benefits. So you can imagine the backlash when Disney
wanted to take it away. And you would think that Disney would be better
over 10 years later right? Nope! In 2018, Disneyland employees staged another
protest, and this time it was about wages again. Disneyland still just pays many of its workers
barely above minimum wage. Guess how much the CEO made in 2018? $66 million! 3 – A “Magical” Union
The Walt Disney Company offers magical experiences for millions of families at its theme parks. When the average family spends more than $6,300
for a weeklong trip to Disney World, it’s no wonder Disney rakes in enormous amounts
of money. Given Disney’s profits, it may come as a
surprise that many of the people who’re in charge of making the magic happen struggle
to make ends meet. Wages at Walt Disney World are 68 percent
lower than the national average, with some positions at Disney paying as little as $13,000
per year. The company’s history of management versus
workers dates back to Walt Disney himself. When Disney cartoonists tried to first come
together in union back in 1941, Disney wouldn’t allow it. He personally felt betrayed when famous animator
Art Babbit became a union leader. 2 – Resting Place
Disney custodians find plenty of ashes to clean up. Why? That’s because Disney World is the preferred
final resting place for plenty of people’s ashes! People spread ashes of loved ones all over
the place. And that’s why Disney needs extremely high
powered vacuums! The one place ashes are supposedly spread
the most is throughout the Haunted Mansion. According to Disney employees, about once
a month is how often people spread ashes somewhere in the park. Of course, anyone caught doing this is kicked
out! When any of it is discovered on a ride, Disney
workers tell guests rides are shut down due to “technical difficulties.” Then, a manager vacuums up anything they see
with their high-powered vacuums. Smugglers say getting the ashes past security
is pretty easy. It’s as simple as putting it in prescription
bottles or disguise it as makeup. So how do disney workers let their colleagues
know about this specific type of clean up? It goes under the code name, “HEPA”, as
in “Hepa” cleanup! 1 – Code V
Speaking of code words, “Hepa” definitely isn’t the only code word Disney staff use! There are plenty of other code words to let
other staff know what needs to be taken care of without ruining any guest’s experience. For example, when the combination of fast
rides and fast food proves too much for someone, a “Code V” is called in. A cast member will also just simply warn another
member that there’s been a “protein spill”. Rude people are called “treasured guests,”
and if you ever hear a “Code Winnie,” get out of the pool until the pee has been
cleaned up! Watch this next video to find out about the
true cost of some of our favorite things!

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  1. My friend was a college intern at Disney. She told me all about the underground tunnels. And yes, employees and interns are disposable to Disney. Their position is there are loads of people who would die just to work at Disney and they don't have to put up with shit from any insubordinate, they'll just get rid of you. What I found most interesting was the certain countries have reputations for having more "treasured guests" and there are certain months when those visitors are more likely.

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