SD Card Read Only on Mac – Remove Write Protection on SD Card

SD Card Read Only on Mac  – Remove Write Protection on SD Card

in this video a great tip on how to unprotect microSD
card adapter when an unlocked St card adapter is inserted in a Mac computer
the user privileges are set up to read only this means you just have two
options you can read or transfer the files now follow this next great tip on how to
enable user right permissions in the sdcard adapter move the safety leader to
midway through this will put the sdcard and outdoor in the position where you
can delete and create files directly from on your Mac computer and now you
can delete or create any file within the sdcard thanks for watching and don’t
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46 Replies to “SD Card Read Only on Mac – Remove Write Protection on SD Card”

  1. I never comment on videos, but the author of this deserves praise.
    I went through so many turorials where people wrongly explained removing write protection.
    So many awful tutorials, poor quality videos etc.
    THIS GUY NAILS IT in 1min, thank you.

  2. Thank you. This informtion was so very helpful. I searched on SanDisk's website, and others, and could not find how to unlock the permissions. Your YouTube video was my last resort, and it should have been my first resource.

  3. Got the same thing, simply cleaned the slot dust was preventing the card to insert completely.
    Keep your equipment in shape.

  4. Jesus man. You saved my life lmao i didnt know about this little lock. And i was searching ways to bypass the error on my computer. Almost threw away the SD card LOLLL

  5. If you use an microSD with adapter of course may be locked or unlocked by the key. If we have an microSD without that adapter and is write protected then how can we unlock it? I tell you: We can”t.

  6. It amazes me that anyone who's too much of a dumbass to even check the fucking lock switch can even boot a computer, I mean that requires pushing a button.

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