Scariest Things YouTubers Have Caught on Camera

Scariest Things YouTubers Have Caught on Camera

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  1. ok, first of all if it was really happening, them people would leave their house. ghosts/demons normally can't talk very clearly, especially without a recording device or EVP thing. so that help me and moaning was fake. it was be almost a whisper if real, if at all talking.

  2. Fun fact; the difference between a MOTEL AND A HOTEL,Motel doors open to the outdoors whereas a Hotel is enclosed the door opens to a hallway

  3. And the award for the worst actress goes to…. SHANNON! Congratulations girl, you're terrible! Seriously? I'm a big fan of #SlappedHam but that last clip was clearly fake.

  4. Just want to tell anyone out there who is experiencing paranormal activity in their home.. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT get an Ouija board!! They are very dangerous to use and can invite in many more entities that were not there to begin with. If you want to try it out do so at your own risk.

  5. Help the ghost and become friends gost aren't bad they just want friends not to harm you don't be afraid or the ghost will harm you

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