Scammer Selling Fake Alarm System – ADMITS IT’S A SCAM – “Family Protection Technologies”

Scammer Selling Fake Alarm System – ADMITS IT’S A SCAM – “Family Protection Technologies”

To myself (Pretty legit as far as scams go…) BOOP Security Services. My name is “Alex”. How may I help you? I’m sorry. Who is this? I just missed a call from this number. Yeah, actually, uh, we called you because we are providing free home security systems only for the homeowners. So are you the homeowner? Right? Yes, of course. Great sir. Great. You to qualify for this offer You’ll be receiving one of our brand new 2016 wireless home security systems. That will cover you for any break-ins fire, and medical emergencies. OK? And the best part is there is absolutely no cost for activation, installation, and full equipment. OK? So let me ask you – Do you have a security system in your home right now or this is the first time? No, I don’t have one right now actually. I’ve never had one so this would be the first time. OK, sir. Let’s get you protected. Let me bring one of my security “specialist” and he will explain you each and everything that’s how it’s gonna protect your home and family. OK? OK.
So, he’ll get you the best deal. Just stay with me. Just stay with me sir OK? And he’ll be on. Hey thank you so much for holding on the line my name is “Michael”, one of the product “specialist”. How are you? I’m fine. How are you doing? I’m doing fabulous. Thank you so much for asking. I appreciate that. Your call has been transferred over to me to get some more information about our home security system and how it’s going to protect your home and family. So before we proceed on I just want to make sure you are the homeowner. Is that correct? Yes. Fantastic sir. Being a homeowner you are the qualifier for this promotion. So do you have a security system or possibly it would be the first time? This would be the first time. Possibly. OK. So… Sir, let’s get you protected with a state of the art home security system. First of all, a little about us. We are a nationwide franchise and we do cover entire US. We just launch our new technology, it’s a 2016 technology Sounds fair? That’s 52.99? 52 dollars and 99 cents? Yup. And that’s for all 8 doors? That’s the entire system? Or that’s per door? No, no. It’s a for all system. OK, great. What about the windows? I will protecting your windows with a wirele- with a motion sensor. And how much are those? Uhhh, I will protecting the basic, with the basic package, I will protecting your one window with a wireless motion sensor. And that motion sensor ranges from 30 to 50 ft I think. So one motion sensor will be enough for your house. One window? What if they come in a different window though? So how many windows do you have Oh, it’s a large home… Umm. Just tell me the windows that uh- that lead you in and outside. Well, most windows would go to outside. That’s kind of what a window is. OK. H as in Apple. I as in India. P as in Philips. S as in Scam. OK, Philips. OK. OK, so one sec… Trevor Philips OK sir each and everything is pretty much fine from my side. I will call you back within 5 to 10 minutes. With my scheduling department. They will tell you the name of technician and date of technician as well. OK, and then I had one more question. Sure. Go ahead. Um, really, I just want to know how you got my number and why you keep calling me? Sir, uh, we have a different data winners. First of all, I didn’t call you before. You just called us. And first of all, we have a different data winners that providing us- No, this number calls me everyday So yes I did call you back because I am trying to find out why. OK, so… basically we have a different data winners that providing us numbers You might be referred by some person. I’m not pretty sure about that. You’re trying to scam people and you’re using a fake alarm company to do it. And, you know, it’s only a matter of time until it catches up with you And I just want you to know that I know what you’re doing. You know sir. We are not scammers. OK? If we were scammers we would do business over the phone. We don’t do any kind of business over the phone. To keep each and everything in a very simple manner We’ll schedule an appointment over here and then we’ll send a technician to your property. My technician will come there. He’ll sit down with you. He’ll show you his alliances. He’ll show you each and everything in writing that I am promising over the phone. OK? I must admit- If you’re talking about the scammer Scammer will do business over the phone We don’t do any kinda business over the phone. I must admit to you this a little bit of a smarter sounding scam then the usual Instagram money flipper/IRS agent. Is it a little bit more legit sounding- No, sir. We have been. We have been in this- We have been in this business from last 37 years. What’s your business name? I’m sorry?
What’s the name of the business? What’s the name of the business? It’s a Family – Family Protection Technologies Do you have a website? Where are you located? Yeah, uh, we have a website as well where you can reach out and it’s at and as well with a portion of interactive home securities and family protection as well. And where are you based out of? Where is your home office? We’re based in Dallas, Texas. Dallas, Texas… Yeah.. So why when you Google your phone number does it come as a scam number that calls people all of the time? Sir. I wanna give you. I’m wanna give you the answer of this question. We are using Internet based dialer So, that’s automated number uhh – Internet based generated number. So that’s why. This a thing happens because every company there are more than 400 companies, telemarketing companies in the entire US. So that’s why. I don’t believe you for one second. I’m gonna check the information you just provided as far as our home office your company name and your website. And I’ll be getting back to ya. Have a great day sir. Buh-bye. Your call has been transferred over to me to give you further details regarding alarm system. OK, good. Alright, well my name is Garth. and I received a call from this number so I was just calling for more information. Yes, sir, actually we are providing alarm system to the homeowners with a promotion – uh – actually you get equipment, installation, activation free of cost. It’s a 3 in 1 system that will cover you for fire, break-in, and even in medical emergencies. And with that you just have to pay for the monthly monitoring every month because your home will be monitor all the time by live monitoring team. Party On! What is the address where you want the system install? Um, it’s 34 12
Uh huh Sweetwood Dr. In Aurora. It’s Aurora, Illinois. What is the zip code? It’s 6 0 5 0 2 OK,. I don’t get that address on Google maps. What’s the reason? It’s a new house. It’s kind of like a new pair of underwear. At first it’s constrictive but after awhile it becomes a part of you. Ohhhh, Alrighty. So how many system are you looking for? Well, I’s like the whole house covered. You know I want to make sure that we’re safe. We have a TV studio downstairs- Are you also interested in getting alarm system for your neighbors? Well, I’m out. I’m out right now. So I can’t really talk to them Right this second I’m at Walmart. It’s such a beautful day. There’s so many good lookin- woman around I just was living with my parents What kinda woman? Oh, there’s some beautiful women out here today you know but I I was living with my parents and I just got my own place. And living on your own definitely has it’s perks. SCHWING I mean your mom doesn’t tell you to turn down the stereo and junk like that you know? Which is a real drag. SCHWING SCHWING Because moms are genetically programmed to hate any music played at the appropriate level. Right? And my dad forget about it. SCHWING SCHWING SCHWING SCHWING He could ruin a Led Zeppelin reunion concert. SCHWING SCHWING Because he hates any music played at the appropriate level. SCHWING SCHWING SCHWING Did you ever see that episode of The Twilight Zone where the guy signs a contract and the cut out his tongue and they put it in a jar and it wouldn’t die. It just grew and pulsated and gave birth to baby tongues. That was pretty cool, huh?
Yup. Scammers are so lame
All they do is steal and lie
So I waste your time. Look I know what the scam is OK, you are phishing for personal information. What it is? What it is? What it is? You are phishing for personal information. Definitely if you need an alarm system you have to know that because we have to put the equipment there and work harder. What’s your license number? You have to be licensed in Dallas, TX to uh- Why shall I provide you- Why shall I provide you that? Because any legitimate business would. What’s your address for your home office? But to be honest with you, yeah, definitely I can provide that to any of the customer but I’ll definitely not provide you that. That’s because you don’t have it. Because you’re a scammer. OK? Yeah, definitely. Yeah, I am scammer. You’re full of shit. You are a scammer. Of course you are. I knew it. Yeah, we are scammer sir. We are- we are doing scam here. Now what you can do for that thing? Come on tell me. You’re a behanchod, you know that? Fuck off! Fuck off man. Just hang up the phone. Fucker. If you were an ice cream flavor you’d be pralines and dick.

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  1. Hey I'm first! Can I ask you something? Doesn't it cost you loads of money to call these numbers all day? And how do you hide your location and identity so they can't find out who you are? I love these vids and I would like to try this myself

  2. I love it when they get all defensive and offended sounding and try to explain their way out, also that exact moment when they realize that you've just wasted 30 minutes of their day, that little pause is just the best

  3. " You are a Behanchod " LOL…. I love to insult scammers in there own language… They are usually shocked

  4. 1:57 I really need to learn how to protect my hoooooome better. Do the extra Os make the difference? Are they the deterrent?

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