Saving a Home from Fire – Vivint Customer Story

So Sulphur Springs, Texas, has a total population of about 15,000. We know the people across the street. We know the people down the street. Real family-oriented. It just gives you that warm feel. I finished the Fire Academy and I currently work at Plano Fire Department. I’ve been there for about six and a half year now. Vivint comes through with this awesome promotion and at the time we had nothing. I think we had two smoke detectors in the house. It’s like yeah, sure, sounds great. Sign us up! Everything was great. We got the system installed in April. And then in July I had been smelling plastic burning, like melting plastic. Well we had plugged up an old computer the night before and I thought it was the old computer so I unplugged it. I got the boys ready and we left the house. I got almost to my mom’s–it’s about 15 miles away–when Vivint’s security system called. They told me that the smoke alarm was going off. And I told the lady, I said, “We just left there. There’s no way there’s a fire. I mean, it has to be a false alarm.” And she said, “Well, since you’re 15 minutes away, we’re going to go ahead and send the fire department out.” The neighbors actually, their kids were in the backyard, and had seen the fire coming out of our bedroom window. And by the time they ran through the house, and they got their parents, and their parents came outside the fire department was here already putting out the fire. While all this is taking place, I’m an hour and a half away in Plano, working for my own fire department. Had the system not already alerted the fire department locally here in town, those guys would have been at least another 8 to 10 minutes, just on average. Had that happened, it would have vented into the attic. The fire just would have ran from end to end and the house would have been gone. It would have been nothing but a slab. So our rep that we had, I called him the next day and I I thanked him because if he wouldn’t have come to our door, I mean we would have lost everything we own. Everything.

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