Save Time and Money This Christmas

Save Time and Money This Christmas

– What I have learned
over my 30 years of life that helps me lower my stress is having boundaries. Okay? And this season,
there’s two main areas of your life I want
you to have boundaries. Number one: with your money. And number two: with your time. So when it comes to your money, you have to understand a couple of things. You cannot buy for everyone. And I’m guilty of this.
I’m like, “Oh the mailman, all 700 people I work with
need something from me. All the cousins, all
the nieces and nephews.” I just can get out of control so quickly, and a few years ago, Winston and I started talking about it and we’re like, “We’re not gonna make everyone happy, but we cannot buy for everyone.” And so what that does is, you figure out, “Okay, who am I gonna buy for?” Which helps you create a budget. That’s something else
we’re gonna talk about is making sure you have a budget, that you are being purposeful with not only what you’re gonna spend, but who you’re going to spend on. So making a list and saying, “Hey, we’re gonna spend this
amount for this person,” which feels really weird
putting dollar amounts next to people, but it’s what you gotta do to win, people. It’s what you gotta do. So it’s really good because it’s gonna give you a limit and a boundary. And also with your boundary of your money, you’re gonna have to get creative because you can’t please everyone. And because you’re gonna be on a budget, there’s going to be people that might be left out so I learned to do something a few years ago. I bake stuff now. Like, legitimately. I sound like Suzy Homemaker here, but it’s true. I make
cookies or do something, and then I write intentional notes for the people that I’m not just gonna spend all this money
on because I’ve learned again to have that boundary. And even something Winston and I did a few years ago to kinda get creative is, we don’t buy each other gifts. And it’s just nice ’cause
for me it kinda just takes the pressure off—and for him— and it’s less money to spend ’cause well, we love each other, and we know about that. So again, having boundaries
around your money, but also having boundaries
around your time. So remember: Just like with your gifts that you can’t give to everyone, well, with your time,
you’re not gonna be able to please everyone. And it’s really hard ’cause I have some friends, and they have fourteen different families they try to go to on Christmas
Day, and it gets stressful, and you kind of again
lose all your perspective ’cause you’re just trying
to make everyone happy. And you have to get to
a point in your life where you’re like, “Okay, this is our life, this is our family, and here’s what we have to decide.” And it’s uncomfortable if you’re gonna make new
rules around your time around Christmas, ’cause some people, their feelings might be hurt. But communicating that
and just being smart because again—this season,
you don’t wanna miss out. And that’s something else with your time. Don’t be in a rush. Find some easy wins to
do with your family. Amelia loves Christmas lights. Last year, she just became
obsessed with Christmas lights. It was the thing, and
so there’s a way we can get to our house where we can cut through a church parking lot. Don’t tell anyone, but we
do to get to our house faster. It’s like a short cut versus going along this long road wrapped around. But the long road has
this fence, and they always hang Christmas lights on the fence, and Amelia, almost every
time we were in the car last year, she was like,
“Can we drive by the Christmas lights?” And we’re like, “Ugh, four minutes? No we’re just going home.” And then finally one night, I was so glad. Winston was like, “You know what? Yes, we’ll go the long way around.” And I’m telling you, it is so funny. She talks about it for the next two weeks. She’s like “Remember when we saw all those Christmas lights?” And I’m like . . . it just took four minutes. So that’s the great thing
when you have a boundary and you’re intentional with your time. You can make some leeway for the things that you really can enjoy. (upbeat music)

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  1. You can also talk to friends and to ask if you can not exchange any more. My friend and I are not exchanging Hanukah gifts this year. We communicate it way ahead. Great video.

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