SandBlast Zero-Day Protection | Advanced Threat Prevention

SandBlast Zero-Day Protection | Advanced Threat Prevention

Zero-day attacks and advanced persistent
threats are growing at exponential rates. With stolen records worth up to one
thousand dollars each, even novice hackers are enticed to create new
attacks. Firewalls and antivirus are not enough. Even traditional sandboxing falls
short. With millions of strains of unknown malware and sophisticated
evasion techniques the fight against cyber criminals seems futile. Stopping
today’s most dangerous attacks requires a deeper level of inspection. It’s time
to think outside the box. Check Points SandBlast zero day protection elevates
threat defense detecting and blocking even the most sophisticated threats. It
combines both CPU-level analysis and OS-level sandboxing to deliver the best
malware catch rate by looking for malicious activities at the OS level and
exploits at the CPU level, Check Point’s SandBlast prevents attacks before they
occur. Check Point SandBlast detects exploit attempts during the pre
infection stage, stopping hackers from evading detection and identifying the
most dangerous targeted threats in their infancy. Ultimately, reducing your risk of
an expensive breach. While many sandboxing solutions introduce
unacceptable delivery delays, Check Point’s unique threat extraction capability
promptly provides safe content to maintain uninterrupted business flow. It removes
potential malware from incoming documents delivering clean
reconstructive files to users and access to the original content once analysis is
complete. Catches more malware, accelerates delivery of safe content, in
one complete integrated solution with Check Point Sandblast zero-day protection.
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  1. I don't have checkpoint installed on my computer. Why the heck do I have 2 sandblast folders that I don't know where they came from?

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