Samsung SmartCam HD Pro for your Smart Home

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro for your Smart Home

welcome to smart home automation systems I’m going to talk to you about the
samsung smart cam HD pro security video in full 1080p it is a wireless camera but could also
be used by connecting to ethernet it is motion and audio detection with two-way
talking you can watch your surveillance video
live from your cell phone or your laptop and have the videos saved locally on the
camera using a 64 gig SD card you also have the option to save the
videos using the cloud in a place you don’t have to pay a subscription fee for
monthly surveillance all your see videos can be viewed remotely or by putting the
SD card into your computer to offload them samsung smartcam hd pro the camera is Pet friendly as you can
set the area’s want the motion to be detected let’s go into the app and see what it
can do this is a live stream of the Fourier
i’ll drop down the settings tab and we can make changes to the brightness the
microphone sensitivity and change the speaker volume on the camera night
vision is enabled samsung smartcam hd pro if there are great lights like a window
we need wide dynamic range turned on we want to see behind it to make this
pet-friendly we can select where we want the motion to trigger recorded we can
set up to three boxes to define the area and we can move them around and resize
them depending on how you physically position
your camera you could either mirror your image or you can flip it around our
camera is positioned straight up so we’ll leave it as the default we can turn the camera sounds off
capture an image or do men were recorded we have the quality set to the highest this page shows us our event alarms we
can delete all the events or a single one of the samsung smartcam hd pro – playback an event r-type we set up is
motion event monitoring we click on search all the areas shaded in green is
our video events we move the slider over and press on plate to see what we’ve
recorded under settings we have basic info about
the camera we can turn the green light off on the front of the camera and we
can encrypt the image network allows us to connect wirelessly to our home rather
we can change the date and the time under the alarms and notifications tab
we can set how we trigger an alarm either by motion or audio if you check
here the image will be sent to picasa
automatically and we have it set up so our phone sends us an alert if motion is
triggered under schedule you can set desire x to send alarms we are saving all videos to the SD card
you can do continuous recording but that will fill up your card and hours and the
SD card fills up it will rewrite over the old videos I find if we set in motion to trigger
for the front door and window we can get over two months before it wraps around
it all depends on where the camera is and how much activity there is we hope you enjoy this demonstration of
the samsung smart cam let us know if you have any questions
about this video subscribe to see more videos you can check us out online at
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always thank you for watching remember we turn your home into a smart home using the samsung smartcam hd pro

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  1. I've been looking for a camera that connects to google ! (I want to avoid the monthly fees) thanks for the review,. Picasa is now discontinued would it work with google photos now?

  2. I am looking at getting this camera for Smarthings. Can you show what it looks like and functions sometime? You are awesome.

  3. Does anyone knows what is wrong with the wireless connection of the samsung smartcam p6412BN specifically this model.

  4. sorry to sound a pain but can you connect to you're camera while out and about through browser or some one else's Wi-Fi?

  5. I'm a big Samsung fan, however, I can not get this cam to work with iSpy open source IP software. Seems as if they force you to use their website to operate. Will probably take back as result.

  6. can you have more than one camera?? if so how many I want to have 8 but 3 of them need to be outdoor weatherproof is this possible with this system?

  7. Lot's of good information on this camera. Thanks!
    Guys, don't objectify this intelligent woman by letting your gaze continually drop. Keep your gaze at the level of her eyes 😉

  8. Sooo. What will happen when the SD card is full and you set the overwrite settings to "off"? Will the camera notify you? If so, how will it do that?

  9. It's December 2017, is there still a web based site or app beside using a smartphone to access a Samsung Smartcam HD Pro device? For example, at 0:57 in the video, it looks like you are accessing the cam with a program on your laptop. Thanks HomeAutomationX for any help.

  10. Smart Home Tech in this video
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    Amazon CAN

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