Sam + Grizz’s Love Needs to Be Protected | The Society | Netflix

Sam + Grizz’s Love Needs to Be Protected | The Society | Netflix

If you have a garden
and a library, you have everything you need. I don’t know if it was always
there from the beginning, this sort of attraction with one another. Do you? Do I what? Have all you need? Almost. Thrown in the circumstances,
I think that it evolves, the relationship. -This is BSL.
-Yeah. I use ASL. They’re different. A couple of our actors
had to learn ASL during the course
of the season, or at least enough
to communicate with Sean. One motivating factors
that I came here is to sort of try to learn
and grow, and it’s been amazing. I wanted to be able
to talk to you in your language. Sean and Jack,
they were great. You have to
watch them and see. They did an amazing job. Can you teach me
one more phrase in sign language? How do you say “kiss me”?

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  1. smh stop pulling on my heartstrings netflix, give us a couple hundred more seasons already

    silly goose

  2. If they ruin this I will singlehandedly destroy netflix. They are too pure and deserve only love and happiness

  3. nobody:

    not even harry or campbell:


  4. I am not really into shows that are lgbt related (Althought i dunno if the show is or isn't) but this looks fucking ace and I can't wait to give it a watch. (I'm gay btw before anyone get up my ass about what i said)

  5. I LOVE THESE TWO 💞❤️💞❤️💞💖💖💞❤️💞❤️💖💖💞❤️💞💖💖💞💞❤️❤️❤️

  6. It's so weird to think that this is Jack's first big gig, and he's only 20 BTW, and that this is Sean's first job since his hiatus. They both did so incredible and I can't wait to see them grow their characters

  7. They are basically the reason why I watched the show and kept watching it because they did not get together until the last episodes. I wish there will be a season two with a lot more Grizz and Sam because they are great characters and Grizz could fix the situation that ended the season.

  8. It's so crazy. Who would say a few years ago we would have gay characters as main characters and one of them is deaf, plus the actors from society are really good ones they did a great cast of most of the actors

  9. Netflix, you said it with your own mouth their LOVE NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED, so it something happens to them im suing you

  10. I'm not that big on shipping LGBTQ+ couples but I practically begged in my mind for Grizz and Sam to be together. I routed for them, and I'm happy that these actors did so well in their performance to portray these characters who are ranking as my favourite characters in this show

  11. If it wasn't for those two I wouldn't have kept watching. Their story really caught me. If one of them is hurt we will riot!!! ♥

  12. I’m literally in this episode and like I shipped them low-key and they were in the bedroom Together and I was afraid of what was going to happen so I searched it up on YouTube 😂 sry

  13. Grizz was my favorite character but this gay shit pretty much ruined the Grizz for me, these annoying democrats always want to push their idiotic messages, its a shame really.

  14. if a Netflix YouTube account wants their relationship protected then I assume they will have no problems wanting a season 2!! yay lol

  15. I’m learning ASL because of Sean, and switched at birth. I’m so happy to see him in more roles. Also I’m crying a lot now they’re so cute.

  16. I love this so much and to actually have a deaf person play a dead person is actually fantastic, I remember Sean on Switched at birth and loved him, The guy who plays grizz is so hot and amazing actor and love both of them ! ❤️🏳️‍🌈

  17. this is the first time i’ve seen a deaf person in a show. i can’t imagine how great it feels for deaf viewers.

  18. This couple is amazing. Sam is my favorite character and Grizz is my second favorite so please protect them 😭

  19. It’s beautiful to see the other actors wanting to learn ASL in order to communicate with Sean, it wasn’t just acting.

  20. A deaf gay dude and a gorgeous closeted dude. Start the bus bitch because apparently I won’t be sleeping tonight

  21. I’m sorry, but Grizz asking Sam to tech him how to say “Kiss me” in ASL is the goddamn cutest motherfucking thing in the entire world and I will fight anyone that disagrees. 🤛

  22. Honestly respect for Sam. He watches Grizz, the person he loves, get hurt, because he is honouring his promise to Becca. And he dosent tell Becca about Grizz even though that would probably fix most things. He respects Grizzs right to come out on his terms

  23. when i first watched i had a feeling they weren’t gonna give this a second season but now it’s coming and i cannot contain myself


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