Sage System / Air TV

So we’re back to continue
our discussion with Leslie about the Sage Security System and
home automation. I’m looking at the outside in the backyard and
we’re inside. That’s pretty cool. That’s right. We can watch
Raelynn playing, for example, right here. Or change over to a
screen of what’s goin on in the front porch. Go back to the
other screen cause I wanna walk through the thermostat setting.
Oh, OK great. Either going through the user interface here
or on your Sage mobile app IOS or Android, or the remote
control. You can hop straight to thermostat and decide to change
heat, cool, whatever you want your settings to be. Ah, what’s
this whole thing about rules? These allow you to take all of
your different devices and make them work together. Maybe when
you unlock the door, a light comes on in the house. You walk
in and it’s beautifully lit for you. Take a look at that recent
activity that tells you the exact day and time that
something was triggered, right? Yep. Something came in front of
the camera. And there’s a full screen to show you all of that
action so you can check in previous instances what’s been
going on. And then in our cameras area, you can actually
look at previous recordings as well. Oh wow. To see maybe who
showed up at the door. Who delivered your package. Or if
there was an unfortunate incident and you wanted to go
back and play this for the authorities. You’ve got it all.
It’s right there and actually you can get through the web app
and make a little recording to give to the authorities. Wow,
that is fantastic. Leslie, what an amazing amazing thing that
you’re providing the family. This Sage system is just
fantastic. Thanks so much for being here. Our pleasure.

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