Safe and Secure with Vivint Smart Home

Safe and Secure with Vivint Smart Home

No matter where you live, we all worry about the safety and security of our home and the people in it. That’s why we’ve created a totally connected system of smart home and security products that lets you know what’s going on in your home. Like smart sensors for your windows and doors. Motion sensors that alert you to activity in your home when you’re away. And intelligent video cameras that automatically start recording when motion is detected or the alarm is triggered. It’s a system of products working together throughout the house that helps you breathe easy knowing your home is safe. Even when you can’t see them, they’re always there, helping protect your home from potential damage. * SMOKE ALARM SOUNDS * Day or night, if something does happen you’ll know about it immediately and will get a call from our team so you can get help if you need it. VIVINT SMART HOME SPECIALIST: Mrs. Jensen, is everything OK? MRS. JENSEN: Oh, we’re fine. We’re just burning some cookies… We’re not just creating a safer, smarter home. We’re providing peace of mind.

7 Replies to “Safe and Secure with Vivint Smart Home”

  1. I love mine! Was a great investment for my home and family! Looking forward to adding more smart devices to the system in the future!

  2. Hi guys, what do you think about Vivint Smart Home and Qolsys IQpanel 2, I'll like to buy one of them, but it's pretty hard for me to decide

  3. Stay far away from Vivint. Always rebooting the panel and the cameras are horrible. Constantly rebooting my panel or cameras

  4. this was 2 years ago (when i was like 7 or 8) i used to take baths with my sister and after we were done we left the door open and the smoke alarm went off. i was really scared….

  5. after watching the owner spy on workers at work … undercover … I see this as gross invasion of privacy
    security by lying …. as a religious person  ???? …. so its totally ok for religious people to deceive everbody ????
    and be proud about it … sorry a liar is a liar  ….
    sorry I don't get it but trust religion less than ever now  …
    it must be ok as long as you are making money
    is it not the root of all evil … lol                                                 :0

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