Saddest Thai commercial “Sister” (Eng Sub)

Saddest Thai commercial “Sister” (Eng Sub)

Have you ever wanted to get rid someone out of your life? “Why did you never look after your toys?” The person who you believe that you would be better off to live without “Don’t bully your sister again understand?, can’t you see she’s just a small girl” “Right on time” Just a garbage that needed to be clean A burden, A parasite that can’t be thrown away “Just wait a bit, my treat tonight” “Did you steal my money?” “If it weren’t that Dad and Mom passed away and left you with me” “I would have dumped you long ago !! ” “Okay, why don’t you just dump me then !!” Sometime I even wish her death !! Seem like Heaven heard my wish But mishearded it You got cancer, and now it have spread to other parts…. The one that is dying turn out to be me “What’s a matter?” “What’s matter ?” “Nothing” “What happen !? Why don’t you tell me ?” “I have only one of you” I would have never thought that the person I wanted to get rid of the most Would turn to be someone who extends my breath and make me want to live again “What a beautiful hair :D” What my sister gave me that day. . . .is more than just hair Please donate hair to National Cancer Institue

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  1. This video make me crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  2. Am crying Bc am scared this will happen to my sister who been doing drugs and alcohol for years am scared so bad for her health and safety

  3. This makes me rethink the way my sister and I have treated each other in the past. It makes me feel bad that one day one of us will be gone and the other would regret taking our relationship for granted

  4. This is one of the most. Sad commercial ive ever seen and one of the most that touched my heart bc i have one brother and one sister and i whant all the bad things to happen to me not the mi brother and sister.

  5. Just the first few seconds really get to me. I hated my brother in a lot of ways … until I found out that he got punished for trying to raise me right.

  6. Her mother is seriously a bad parent like if she tries to teach to not hit the younger one, she hit her daughter and she is also young, she could just tell her not to hit on her cuz she’s young but instead, just hitting her wtf kind of parent is that

  7. Watching this and reading some of the comments makes me feel sad and I pray for the ones in the comments for them or a relative that went through some kind of cancer, it makes me feel a but scared but hopefully and praying I don't get get what runs hard in my family, breast cancer, knowing down the line I might get it. I pray for myself but I really pray for the ones who are going through it or have fought the long battle and lost, god is with them and beside the ones that are fighting, just remember that, amen to those who are fighting right now. ❤❤❤🙏

  8. That's when you wait for something bad happen first, before you realized everything and change yourself knowing that it's too late.

  9. This commercial hits hard. I’ve always been there for my sisters but seems like as they grow up they disregard me like I’m disposable and could be replace. I pick her up from school, buy her things, treat her to movies, surprise her on her birthday, help her get a job and now she’s telling me I’m too old and she doesn’t have time for me no more. Is this how to treat the hands that fed u in return? She goes out hoeing all the time but can’t text me back. I’m really upset about the current situation sorry if this seems irrelevant to the commercial but the vibes of 2 sisters just really tears me up 💔

  10. Saddest about my life. Is that my dad has a cancer on his heart every night I cried but I still remember him his in heaven now

  11. If anybody wondered what the true meaning of life is, it is LOVE. This answer came from God who showed himself to a Doctor who had a near death experience.

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