S. Korea, China and Japan trade ministers to meet in Beijing on Sunday

S. Korea, China and Japan trade ministers to meet in Beijing on Sunday

now ahead of the three-way summit
between South Korea China and Japan that’s going to take place on December
24th Christmas Eve the three countries will hold a meeting of their trade
ministers South Korea’s Minister of Trade industry and energy seong-hyun MoU
will be meeting with his Chinese and Japanese counterparts on Sunday in
Beijing these will be the first such talks in three years and the first since
Japan imposed export curbs on high-tech materials to South Korea in July the
ministers will discuss ways to accelerate the are set mega trade deal a
three-way free trade agreement and other areas for cooperation at international
organizations by the WTO

5 Replies to “S. Korea, China and Japan trade ministers to meet in Beijing on Sunday”

  1. South Korea demands that the IOC ban Japanese rising sun flags in the Olympics venues. Earlier this week, Japan and South Korea had a soccer match in South Korea, where many South Korean spectators held high banners of NO Japan. What a double standard! That’s why the IOC has been ignoring South Korea about the rising sun flag issue. Very funny. Even more interestingly, Japanese spectators for the match held banners to wish the South Korean field manager to win his fight against cancer. No matter what happens, Japanese do what human beings have to do, while South Koreans do whatever they can to take advantage of Japan with anti Japan brain washing measures.

  2. Good chance for Korea to kiss A** of China. Hope Moon won't waste time to ask China to decrease pm2.5 contamination emission which, as I understand, is a primary carsinogen that triggers cancer cells to start to grow.

  3. Japan said there was no plan to discuss export control from the beginning. This is Japanese sovereignty and has nothing to do with Korea.“Export control based on the discretion and responsibility of each country” is natural. Japan has the right to decide whether to give preferential @t treatment is such a thing. It seems that Korea has finally understood that strategic materials are excluded from the jurisdiction of free trade.Under the Wassenaar Agreement, it does not apply to the WTO.Finally, Japan and Korea were able to have a common understanding. Export control is not determined in consultation with the partner country. That's true everywhere.There is no reason to trust a country to ignore a three-year export control consultation.Preferential treatment is given only to countries that observe the rules and are friendly to Japan.

  4. US is playing ‘ sow discord game ‘ among the 3 of you like a fool and you know what , you willingly fall for the trap. Learn the lessons from Germany and France whose feuds lasted for generations, but their leaders are wise enough to form an united front , called EU . Since then, even US dare not dare to play games with them.

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