Roots Security System for 2 Wheeler

Roots Security System for 2 Wheeler

Hello guys, I’m just here to do a short review on the new roots security system that I install on my bike and Like to show you all how it works. A few of you might have a doubt if the ignition will take place, Or if the alarm would actually go off in case of a theft and pretty well yes, it does work And I’d like to run you through it. Now before you switch on your bike or ignite bike using your remote please do make sure that your Gear is in neutral; Without which when you ignite your vehicle, IT WILL FLY OFF!! It happened to me the first time and I really hope it doesn’t happen to the rest of you. So make sure Your vehicle is on neutral and your kill switch is on, without which your display will switch on but the engine will not ignite. Now if you notice my side lock is put and The gear is in neutral and the kill Switch is on. That the automatic system that takes place within seven seconds after you lock or take your key out of the bike looking into the Into the key (the remote) that is given- your four options of which the first one is for locking The second one is for unlocking the vehicle The third is the ignition button and the fourth is the alarm. I will quickly walk you through them again. This would lock the bike that would unlock the bike and This ignites it; now you need to press this twice in order to have it ignited the first time you press your display turns on…watch… That’s the first time I pressed ok!!?? Usually display would take one start to come up, and then it would switch on by itself if you notice, the vehicle on Bike is in neutral and the kill stitch is on. if you do not have these two Pieces to be sure that your vehicle is biology So do not have that mistake up now the breaker is ignited And I use the remote as you also to switch it off You have to unlock the we equipped with in the second button the right over here Let’s press that The [vehicle] switch is off and the display might or might not switch off as according to how your mechanic or you set the display Up now, I will walk you through it again. [I] Have lots of bike. This is my security system I’ve reduced the volume so that it doesn’t create too much disturbance, but I just get to know what’s going on So when the bike is lost The smallest disturbance or anybody sit on it would set off the alarm and this gives three times Warning of which the third time is the most longest one of all That is the Kalam and this is the third This allah would usually take a little time to talk And by then it will alert you that your vases will do this : or somebody’s Gonna Unlock to stop the sound if I can button which is the unlock button would do the job now. Let me go through again The first button keeps you locked and keeps your vehicle safe the second button Unlocks the vehicle and to switch on the vehicle you [have] to replace the third button twice There you go, so yes, this is a root system and completely the name on it is the Roadway girl because a particular ticket and it has been installed by my mechanic, and it’s not that a big job He did it pretty well, and that’s how you sit on the bus which off press the unlock button And then lock your bike, that’s all it takes if you get your Mechanic [too] connected [to] your indicators, or you have any extra indicator lights going on you put that up. It would look [pretty] cool My mechanic has set the vehicle up in such a way. Which is that if I drive the vehicle? For 500 meters the bike would switch off by itself if I do not have the key inserted Now you can tell the heat after you use your display [after] [you] sit on the vehicle with the remote, so please make sure when you switch off the bike and get off your [display] does not switch off because it was started by a remote To get it switched off use a remote to lock the [bike] Sorry unlock the bike and then lock it So that would mean if you start it [with] the remote you need to switch it off with the remote itself Otherwise your display will be on and liquid rain down your battery That is because my kill switch is still it and it’s off position There you go We will show you a few other thing to my mechanic dead That would include the lighting system. Which is brilliantly set up to the digital my [visor] the difficulty Let’s invoke the hope that [emil] had appointed to me, Kenda Trust through a system to [install] it on your bike and get the job done Thank you. Have a good day

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  1. hi how you install it
    im also install it but when my ignition is off then it not star plz tell which wire i connect to ignition and which wire to self

  2. Hi bro i have installed it but if i start bike by remote bike display get ON and engine not that bike battery problem..?

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