Robber Takes the Room Temperature Challenge | Active Self Protection

Robber Takes the Room Temperature Challenge | Active Self Protection

Sometimes you get a little bit of time to prepare for a deadly force encounter, but sometimes it comes on you all at once Hi everyone, this is John with today’s active self-protection lesson out of Baltimore, Maryland here We’re going to see an armed robbery stopped by an on-duty Baltimore police officer who happens to be in the right place at the right time it’s going to teach us important lessons about Surviving an armed robbery about transitional spaces and about using your firearm Effectively and quickly in the moment of need our perp is going to come in from the left here in the blue hoodie And he is gonna walk in and you’re gonna See he’s got a sawed-off shotgun in his right hand as he walks into this convenience store as he comes up to the counter I’ve sped it up for the sake of time He’s gonna threaten the clerk with that and be like hey, give me the stuff now. It’s kind of funny He takes this lady who’s just bought some things and slides it over to her to take from the counter while he waits for his Money, and then he’s gonna take off We have another angle of it here as it gives this lady her stuff, which again I think is hilarious, and then he grabs his money And he goes, but the car that pulled up is a Baltimore police officer And so we’re gonna see first again the woman come out here and as the bad guy comes out our officers gonna climb out as well and put shots on this guy and Take him out now. We have badge cam from the officer as well. We’re gonna. See how fast it comes out here Just that quick he had to see that there was a threat. He had to draw his firearm used It effectively and ended the threat there, and then he has to take appropriate follow-up actions and so man What a lucky thing to have the officer there at the police at the right time think about this one from some lessons number one I see as this guy comes in again a transitional space and as you see him go in look at the guy That’s sitting by the door there. He gets up, and he bounces, great idea. Don’t stay in the danger zone If you don’t absolutely have to he got the heck out of there. Next, I love compliance in this instance I think that that was really good. I would recommend if I was this lady don’t go back near the bad guy there unless you’re gonna try to stop and just get the heck out of there and leave your Stuff on the counter now our clerk. He just complies. Here’s the money, bro I don’t have any problem, whatever Now think about the fact that this guy has just looked out and seen the fact that there’s a car pulled up I don’t know if he can see if it was a police car or not But if he can well then that just shows us again, how stupid he is. But if he can’t now that police officer’s got to figure out what the heck he’s gonna do as well Now for the officer that’s pulling up We gotta think about this too, he’s been pulled in and I don’t know if he has been pulled into the call I’m not so sure about that, but as he gets out He sees this guy of coming out with a shotgun And he has to get after this guy now the lady who ran out look at how close She is and she has to boogie out and we have another bystander who’s not too far from the action as well Which is why we always talk about firearm safety keep your fire and pointed in a safe direction Now interesting from the officers perspective as he gets out noticed that he has to get out get his firearm out because he recognizes this Guy gets it out gets a two-handed grip on it and that’s important he’s got about a Five or six yard shot to the door here about a car length 15 to 18 feet something like that and as the guy comes Out you can see right there as we’ve stopped it. You can see that He’s still got that shotgun in his hand but think about the officers backstop here as well as the reason we talk about Marksmanship and the importance of combat marksmanship because you certainly don’t want to miss a shot not knowing if there’s somebody on the other side There now this guy starts moving to his right But you can still see still got the shotgun in hand Certainly still a threat so that’s why you’ve got to continue to assess is the threat over, is the threat over, is the threat over? It’s not so he keeps shooting and now from this perspective here is he’s starting to go down think about the backstop behind the officer At this point when we know what the backstop is it’s the clerk you got to watch your Backstop friends and as soon as that threat is over the officer stops shooting and I love that he looks around and Breaks his focus on the threat itself to make sure that nobody else is you know threatening him too and he does a great job There so very lucky to have the officer this close to on scene learn about compliance about transitional spaces out of this one about using Your firearm effectively the officer sure did here to cover his A.S.P. You

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  1. For anyone freaking out about the officer shooting this guy, please go do some reading. This is an imminently legal, justifiable, reasonable use of force. It's not even questionable in any way.

    Police have additional responsibilities to protect not only themselves and their loved ones, but the public. That means their standard of action is slightly different in different situations. They're responsible to stop deadly threats, including fleeing dangerous felons running with firearms in their hands. The standard of TN vs Garner is well-established and long held.

    Also, and unrelated, I am swinging the ban hammer like crazy against the blatant racism showing up in this post. If you can't keep your slurs to yourself, and can't censor yourself, I will move you on so you don't comment here anymore. Type accordingly.

  2. The chick at the counter might have known the robber. That could be why she didn’t feel threatened by him, and vice versa.

  3. The police never even gave the man a chance to surrender. Killed him on site. Why does this channel glorify police violence. Since when was the job of the police to be judge, jury, and executioner.

  4. too many comments to see if it was already posted, but the officer also saw a woman bolt out the store and seconds later a man with a shotgun runs after. Probably from his perspective ( if he indeed just pulled up to grab something at the store, and not responding to a call) looks as if this man with a shotgun is after her aswell

  5. Woooow… What an ideot- he looked right at the cop car. Then runs towards the threat… Prisons are FULL of morons like this dude

  6. Okay people. If your a CCW holder and you pull up to the store. Do you open fire just as the officer did? And would you be charged with manslaughter?

  7. Crazy how this guy gets shot immediately by the cop without even a "freeze" but Dylan Roof whom killed 9 people in a church gets captured alive & taken to Burger King. Wonder why….

  8. Officer quick shot 💯 points. Hit points 💯 points. Target down 💯 points. thug life gangster wannabe 0 points, prize body bag challenge award.

  9. Feels like the cop should've said "freeze" or something first. He just lit into the guy. Not feeling sorry for the robber, but the cop was a tad early on the draw.

  10. For me this really isn't about whether or not I feel bad about how the situation ended. The truth is that when you decide your going to start committing armed robberies for a living or for some extra cash you assume the risk associated with that line of profession. It's unfortunate that young men decide that they have no other option or that it's cool to carry out these types of crimes. It has also been identified by law enforcement that many street gangs will request young men carry out these types of violent crime to gain entrance or maintain their position within a gang. If you walk into places of business or people's homes and rob them while possessing a deadly weapon then you must understand that there is a good chance you will at least at some point be met with deadly force in return. The point here is that you might get away with committing a crime like this ten times without having a return deadly encounter but there's also a chance that the first time is your last. If someone personally decides that the reward outweighs the risk and they choose to carry out a crime of this magnitude then we as civilians must understand that the person committing the crime had complete knowledge of the consequences and we have to stop getting butt hurt when one of them take the room temperature challenge.

  11. 1st of all, I don't like seeing anyones' life taken. You pull a gun on me or mine, your life is forfeit.
    There's crime being committed in Baltimore Maryland?

  12. He's a good keed! He's gonna be a rapper! He's getting his life back together! He just forgot his gold card at home! He was robbin' dat store to feed his sick momma. He wasn't gonna shoots no one's. He forgots it was illegal to Rob's stores…

  13. I live in baltimore. Grew up here my entire life. You have no idea the stuff that will happen here. Crime is just another word in baltimore, another phrase thats used to described some of our surroundings. Sometimes i love it here, other times i hate it here. This officer did an amazing job! I have many friends that serve on the police force in baltimore and it is a crazy place, but it aint crazy enough because im still here.

  14. I honestly feel kinda bad for this guy.. he didn’t really want to bother the bystander. I don’t think he was gonna really use the gun

  15. Two takeaways here, crime literally doesn’t pay well…and karma is a bitch, but a good one…do good, be good…my motto

  16. That officer got his gun unholsterd and put shots on target so fast, the perp barely made it out the door, text book double hand shooting too, John gives this officer an A+ for this lesson for sure! 😆👍

  17. This happens literally every 2 days in Baltimore lol. The fella usually gets away tho. Even the Subway sandwich stores have the casheirs and food behind an inch of bulletproof glass lmao.

  18. This video was doctored… the young man getting change at the gas station doesn’t even own a gun… he has a criminal record… he is not even allowed to own a gun! Where would he get a gun if he can’t legally buy it…?! He was obviously unarmed!

  19. I’d say the last thing that went through that robbers head (other than perhaps a bullet) before he hit the pavement was how the hell did that clerk manage to get a cop over there in less than 30 seconds 😉

  20. :50
    "While he waits for his money. "

    Now you should know that's very wrong.

    Because….it's not his money.

    Say it more picturesquely but more accurately like he's waiting for the swag he's waiting for them to hand up the loot cough up the dough but NEVER would it be HIS money!

    And while we're on it if he's collecting some kind of welfare or his mommy is collecting some sort of ADC then you could just tell them that's MY tax money that they're taking, okay?

    She was his aunt. You'll notice it looks like she studiously ignored the police cruiser I could be wrong I would have given them some indication that something was up.

    But I don't get is that the folks who live in these neighborhoods seem to think it's quite okay to keep robbing those doors but if you make it impossible for them to make their living then before too long it'll be impossible for you to do your shopping.

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