Road Rage Is Really Stupid | Active Self Protection

Road Rage Is Really Stupid | Active Self Protection

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  1. Hey John, you missed the best part in the second incident. After the first guy in the Jeep drove off, the initial aggressor went back and got a chainsaw out and tried to use it on the guys in the orange vests! Edit: I'm not even joking!

  2. I'm happy when people can kill other people but don't. No bully complex. Then again I love it when people defend themselves when they need/have to. You're the best John, I need to hire you as head of security.

  3. Sorry us Australians are angry little buggers on the road.
    But don't worry, if you give someone the wave everything turns better.

  4. The biker looked behind him then continues to to move to the right to block the car. Idiot shouldn't have been hogging the road while going 10 mph

  5. I've always thought road rage is the most stupid example of how stupid humans can be. But that second one with the Jeep had me cracking up, it was easily the stupidest road rage I've ever seen. The shirtless aggressor seemingly came out of nowhere with all the rage of hells fire burning because the Jeep is trying to enter traffic

  6. Ya try to run him over with your car then you have to come at him with a knife that's right I forgot Australians are pussies

  7. All three of them are great reasons to carry. The 2nd one in the jeep was just trying to get into a traffic and there was nothing that could have been done.

  8. Im confused Czechslovakia hasnt existed as a country for 20 years. Croatia is a country in the Balkans quite distinct from either the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Is it true Americans really are a bit clueless when it comes to basic geography ?
    Anyways great collection of human buffoonery as usual

  9. In the last incident if I was the guy on the bike, and saw that crazy guy run full speed at me waving a knife, I am 90% certain I would have drawn my firearm and put a couple center mass, not waiting to see if "presenting" the firearm would change his mind. He's coming at me with deadly force for a minor incident (that was not the biker's fault) I am going to shoot first and not ask any questions later.

  10. hahaha out of all the shit that could have gone down in the first clip he simply reaches out and pokes him in the eye. Genius! That made me laugh. However, it was probably pepper spray…

  11. He didn't poke him he sprayed him with tear gas… wtf you don't see the can in his hand? 😂 who eye pokes someone?! He clearly sprayed him

  12. First incident both drivers were stupid. Second incident was dumb because the Jeep isn’t cutting people off necessarily he’s just trying to merge into traffic.

    Basically, people are assholes and so avoid any confrontation as much as possible.

  13. the first one is not Croatia my dude. I'm from Croatia and I can tell you the language on the billboards are not Croatian, and it's not legal to own a firearm in Croatia. Only a licensed experienced hunter can own a rifle and or a pistol.

  14. How about for the bike incident recording the license plate and going to the police. Why not report this behavior to the police ? Or other clearly illegal over the top behavior. Is it worth it? I am new to your channel and think it is great what you are doing.

  15. Bike rage…? REALLY uber super mega stupid. All the driver has to do is jerk the wheel and you're a meatwaffle…..

  16. I think the guy in the SUV is incredibly lucky he wasn't in America…. I also highly doubt he would have stepped out of that car if he was in America. He would have gone on to get at Starbucks and cried to his transgender mom me a thousand mean bicyclist because here he would have run the distinct risk have leaking the next time he drank or taking the room temperature challenge….. the bicyclist on the other hand could have potentially lost his life in many ways either with the knife or becoming a meat waffle from an angry driver in an SUV……. from the indications that the driver made I think the bicyclist either kicked his car or scratched it on the way by with a handlebar one of which would have been the bicycle is fault the other would have been the driver's fault for squeaking by to close…….. either way the driver was an ass and the bicyclist should have been aware that he was in way more Danger and simply taken a quick left into the sidewalk, and hauled ass instead of stopping. His vehicle as faster and more flexible as to route taken take and he should have taken advantage of that

  17. I now just ignore it or go slow if someone is tailgating me and they will just pass me and I could care less.. I don't know why all of a sudden everyone has a short fuse, this was never the case in the 90's…. I conceal carry and that stops me from road rage I have nothing to prove to anyone and I have a lot to lose and why waste my time on an idiot…. If some is trying to Road rage with me I just pretend I am thinking about something and also I actually do think of chores so that I don't react…. it's stupid folks it's not worth it just make no eye contact and apologize drive away….

  18. No. Fuck that guy on the bike. He was to the side and moved out to block the guy going around him. If you're riding a bike you're going too fucking slow and should move the fuck out of the way, even if you're not legally obligated to.

  19. Road rage is real. When I was 18 this guy pulled out in front of me in a 55mph going about 20mph and I almost rear-ended him which pissed him off. The driver began speeding up and slamming on the breaks repeatedly trying to get me to hit him. He then pulled over and tried to hit me with his car door as I passed by and I assume he had a weapon and was trying to escalate further since he followed me half way to work. Moral of the story…forget your ego and assume everyone is armed and dangerous and have tools with you to protect yourself. I may not carry a gun but after that incident I definitely won't leave home without a knife, baton, bat, etc.

  20. 🦊,..I got Montana state troopers looking at me for driving my speed on round butte road and back road , same two vehicles following ,….keep following me your going to pay for it ,…….I know your white supremacy ,….

  21. Help me out John unfortunately I cannot stand these guys on bikes that are taking over the roads it's already bad enough as it is some of these roads are very narrow where in live and we have to wait until these guys get into an opening where we can pass them and some of them do not follow the law and pretty much make u turns in front of us and say it's our fault if we hit them. there may be stupid drivers out there but there's plenty of stupid bicycle people out there too.
    Thanks for the videos.

    I learn a lot.

  22. First of all Croatia has never been a part of Czechoslovakia,. Secondly Czechslovakia don't exist anymore.
    Americans, are you so stupid that I have to use horn like guy on first video because you are so stupid? LOL

  23. Watch some of these people with camera in the car..ALL act like cops and think the camera will make you stand down..

  24. that first example is so ridiculous, so what you got cut off, nothing happened fortunately, why follow him for like 20 minutes?

  25. That third guy is DEFINATLY asking to take the room temperature challenge. Running up on someone with a knife drawn = deadly intent…. and we all know deadly intent can and SHOULD be met with deadly force.

  26. I get road rage sometimes and I'll even tell you road rage is stupid. I'm a stupid idiot sometimes…

  27. John,
    In my city people draw a gun for road rage all of the time. If you let them draw on you first, you die.
    If you draw on someone but they don't have a weapon but you see them grabbing for something, you go to prison.
    What to do?

  28. I’ve been a subscriber for a week and watched 90% of your content all I talk about at work is ASP stuff

  29. Thats not Croatia that first video im from Croatia, we dont have that blue thing on registration plates.

  30. Did you notice the heart rate monitor for the bicyclist? It jumped up another 10 bpm once he started getting stressed.

  31. Hey john. On the first video, I think he didn't poke him in the eye because the guy with a baton wearing a sun glasses.

  32. @Active Self Protection
    One time at while I was slowing to stop at red traffic light with cars in front of me who were stopped in the right right turn lane, a big dually truck about 50 yards behind me moved into the right turn lane but wasn't slowing down, probably moving about 50 mph. Last second he realizes he's about to hit stopped traffic (you know me), and swerves left while hitting the brakes. I give the "hands up, shoulder shrug" confused gesture, nothing else. At the same time, traffic creeps forward and I roll enough forward for the guy in the truck to drive behind me and then blocks me off from the shoulder. At the same time, cars are stopped behind me now and cars are moving fast through their green light forward from me left and I still can't move forward. He's effectively boxed me in so I can't drive off safely.

    He jumps out of his truck with rap country playing at full blast and aggressively packing his Kool cigarettes and starts cursing at me for some reason while taking a couple steps forward. This dude is irate at me, as if I was the reason he almost ran into me, while I was coming to a stop at a red light from 5 mph.

    This dude is communicating, "I will fuck you up", so I unbuckle, drew my pistol from AIWB, keep it low out of sight, and point forward with my other hand, communicating to him traffic is moving. He shouts one more thing, (hasn't seen my pistol), jumps back in his truck and swerves into the gas station at the corner and gets back on the intersecting road.

    I swear I did nothing, but apparently me almost getting hit and then shrugging in confusion was enough to set him off. I drew the pistol to ensure that I had it if it was needed, kept it out of sight to not escalate the situation, and pointed forward calmly to descelate.

  33. The guy on the bike could’ve kept his bike between him and the perp with the knife. It’s an awesome tool in this situation.
    Hop off the bike and keep it sideways to the attacker. It can be used in sooo many ways as a defensive tool. Lift the bike up, and the perp now must recognize the formidable barrier between the two of you. **Even works against other aggressive animals such as bears and cougars.**
    If it comes to it, the bike, if used correctly, can be used to restrain the perp until law enforcement arrives.
    Just sayin.

  34. The guy on the bike could’ve kept his bike between him and the perp with the knife. It’s an awesome tool in this situation.
    Hop off the bike and keep it sideways to the attacker. It can be used in sooo many ways as a defensive tool. Lift the bike up, and the perp now must recognize the formidable barrier between the two of you. **Even works against other aggressive animals such as bears and cougars.**
    If it comes to it, the bike, if used correctly, can be used to restrain the perp until law enforcement arrives.
    Just sayin.

  35. Did he… get the guy to look away by raising the gun over his head to distract him on purpose to let him jab the guy in the eye? how many bar fights have you been in to pull someone like that and expect it to work?!

  36. If i were the cyclist i was thinking RAMMING SPEED!!! then I didnt see the knife till the last second. I woulda gotten stabbed..

  37. The first and last would have been justified shootings. I had a guy charge up to my window with a rock, he changed his mind when he saw the muzzle of my .44. Had he smashed my window with the rock I would have ventilated him.

  38. Good God, the first one was so retarded. That car was 10 miles off from hitting that guy. You call that cutting some off. People always come within inches of hitting or pulling out in front of me. I don't even think anything about it. It's called defensive driving, I actually love it when I avoid a wreck, I've drifted and done 180's by pulling the emergency brake to avoid idiotic drivers

  39. I think that guy in the first clip actually has pepper spray in his left hand and might have actually sprayed him not poke him lol.

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