Ring’s new Stick-up Cam is designed for inside and out

Ring’s new Stick-up Cam is designed for inside and out

this is the ring stick up cam elite it’s
a new camera from ring designed to go indoors or outdoors the stick up cam
elite is a redesigned version of the stick up cam comes on this base that
goes forwards and backwards left and right so it can be set up to point in
almost any direction that you want it also shipped with the company’s new
alarm system which is coming out in the first quarter for 199 dollars one of the
ways ring has program this to work is that when you have it outside it’ll work
just like one of the companies occurring outdoor security cameras constantly
streaming video constantly watching for movement and alerting you but inside the
house you don’t necessarily want a camera recording and streaming all of
the time so this thing will only start recording when you set your alarm system
to away mode as you leave the house the ring set up camera leak will be coming
out in the second quarter no price has been announced

3 Replies to “Ring’s new Stick-up Cam is designed for inside and out”

  1. Until these things match the recognition shown by some of the new technology such as Lighthouse, you have to feel they're not offering much.

    When your Ring alarm system can see and recognise people coming to the house, and in the house, and you can access this information, and MOST IMPORTANTLY this information can then be used to trigger notification to you of unknown people approaching your house and inside your house, then we'll be talking!

    With Amazon now owning Ring, your got to feel they'll be pushing some serious AI tech into Ring to compete with the likes of Nest and Lighthouse?

  2. What if I don't want their alarm system to go with this camera but just add a few to the inside of my home to watch various areas whenever I wan't using a schedule in the phone app, or by recording all motion and recording everything. (All without the Ring Alarm system being used). Is this going to even be possible?

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