Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review – Is it better than the Original Ring Doorbell?

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review – Is it better than the Original Ring Doorbell?

What’s up guys it’s Chris Majestic here with
Majestechs. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the
Ring Video Doorbell Pro. So the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is going to
be Ring’s latest addition to their lineup of HD cameras, following behind the Ring Stick
Up Cam and the Original Ring Doorbell. It’s going to come with 5ghz Wifi, 2-way audio
communication, 1080p video, and Advanced Night Vision. Instead of Ring giving you the tough decision
of choosing a color when you’re in the store buying it, they decided to include 4 different
faceplate covers in the box so that’s nice. The Video Pro is going to be wired-only so
you’re not going to be able to use the Video Pro unless you have wires there for your doorbell. The doorbell itself is going to be considerably
smaller than the Original Doorbell. It’s going to come with everything you need
for installation including a screwdriver, wiring kit, and a drill bit. Another thing that’s included here is what
the call a Night Vision Booster and this is going to be wired in-line with the power for
the doorbell, usually wired to your mechanical doorbell chime if you have one. So the doorbell is going to be setup and managed
through your mobile phone. Now I do have to say I had some installation
issues. Even though I had everything wired correctly,
the Night Vision Booster, when connected, caused my doorbell not to chime. When I removed the Night Vision Booster it
kind of worked. And I say “kind of” because instead of getting
a “ding dong”, I was just getting a “ding”. So I guess it was kind of halfway working. After talking with Ring Support they wanted
me to send them some pictures of my wiring. I sent them everything they asked for but
unfortunately the issue is still unresolved. So this camera is going to work 1 of 3 ways. It’s either going to be triggered by motion,
by someone pressing the doorbell button, or you hitting the Live View button to see it. And the video is going to pop up on your phone
where you can actually communicate with the person on the other end or just simply ignore
the call. When these events are triggered it’s going
to send those events out to the cloud. Now, Ring does give you a free 30-day trial
for the cloud service. Once those 30 days are up it’s going to either
by $3 a month or $30 a year and you can access these cloud recordings through the web app
or through your phone. Now as far as video quality goes this is going
to be HD video. They claim that it’s 1080p. It doesn’t quite look like 1080p to me. It seems to be only slightly clearer than
the Original Video Doorbell, which was 720p. It does have what they’re calling Enhanced
Night Vision, which works fairly well. The only issue I have with the Night Vision
is that it pretty much shows up in black and white. Now I think I actually prefer the Original
Video Doorbell for night vision since it shows more color with the same amount of light. That’s going to be more of a matter of preference
and I’ll let you decide that. Another thing about the video is that the
field-of-view isn’t as wide as the Original Doorbell. It’s not going to be much of a problem because
the field-of-view is plenty-wide. However, the Original Doorbell had a 180-degree
field-of-view. The microphone actually has some pretty decent
noise-cancellation. (Speaking through Doorbell Pro) So this should
give you a pretty good idea of sound and video quality. As you can see I have a lot of background
noise. There’s a highway not far from my house so
this will tell you if you can hear okay when somebody is at your front door. The only issue is that the speaker really
isn’t all that loud so the person on the other end sometimes has a hard time hearing me. The one place where this thing really shines
is going to be the new implementation of the Motion-Detection System. So instead of using just a perimeter motion
detection, this actually allows you to use the video frame and select zones within the
frame. So you can select just a certain portion of
the screen where you can that to be Zone 1. You can select another portion to be Zone
2, and set different triggers for those zones. This is really helpful for me because with
the Original Doorbell it was picking up a lot of trucks and buses coming up and down
the street. Now I just select everything below the street
and I don’t get any more false alarms. As far as Wifi goes, they did add the ability
to connect to 5ghz bands now. Now I did test on both 5ghz and 2.4ghz and
I really didn’t notice a major difference between the two. It didn’t seem to work any faster and the
video quality didn’t seem to change at all. As far as overall operation, the wait-time
really wasn’t that long. With my network it takes about 3-5 seconds
for the notification to pop up on my devices. Now I will note that with my Original Ring
Doorbell I had absolutely no delays with the doorbell chime, but several people have reported
that there’s a 3 second delay for mechanical doorbell chimes. I’m not sure why it works differently. It may be something with may address in a
future firmware update. So at the time of this video the price of
this doorbell is about $249, compared to $180-200 for the Original Doorbell, so you’re looking
at $50-70 more. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can really
recommend this over the Original Ring Doorbell at this time just because of some of the issues
I’m experiencing with it. The delays, the more narrow field-of-view,
the night vision, the fact that the video quality isn’t really that much better. However, if you’re going for something that
looks a lot more sleek and you don’t necessarily care about those things then it may work just
fine for you and also keep in mind that Ring does release regular updates for these devices,
so they may address some of these concerns in the future. Alright guys that’s it for this video, if
you found it helpful, please make sure you hit that “Like” button for me. Don’t forget to subscribe and, as always,
thanks for watching.

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  1. informative, if only I had seen reviews like these before I got my lousy skybell doorbell cam. hope RING resolves the issues you had addressed, I'll definitely buy the pro version. weird thing is, China's xiaomi monitoring cam, comes with a in-built recording function, but American designs without. 😮

  2. I've had nothing but problems with this thing. Visual settings are factory set darker to make you think the video quality is better but it isn't. You can't change your white balance, contrast or brightness yourself and you have to twist customers services arm to make them change the Settings to make the camera actually usable. Zones DO NOT WORK for me at all, no matter how i arrange them. The best doorbell camera out is Vivints. To bad you can't buy it as a stand alone.

  3. Great information! I just purchased the ring pro today and hope to install tomorrow.. I'll be happy to share my opinion when I have one

  4. Solid review, thanks. I haven't got my hands on a Ring yet but might have some insight into your chime issue. When wiring at the chime, there are usually three screws; one for the common, one for a front chime and one for a rear chime. There are typically two separate tone bars or tubes in the chime and one striker. When you press the button wired to the front chime screw (typically your front door button) the striker moves in two directions striking both tone bars or tubes resulting in the "Ding-Dong" tone. When you wire a button to the rear chime screw the striker only hits one tone bar or tube resulting in a "Ding" only. Wiring to the front chime screw and rear chime screw without connection anything to the common would result in no tones at all. You might have a simple case of a crossed wire at the chime. Hope that helps and again thanks for a solid review.

  5. If you don't want to use the advanced night vision and rather have the color night vision. Can you just leave the Booster unplugged?

  6. Hello Majestechs. Good Job. My question is, are you still having problems with your Ring Pro Doorbell Lagging? Mine is lagging also and That's with an ASUS AC5300 Router. One of the best routers out there..Thanks, any good advice to help with this matter? id be greatfull.. Jeff

  7. Great review! My unit was fantastic up until I reached the 30 day free trial for the recording feature. I did end up subscribing for the annual service. Upon switching from DSL to cable (does that matter?), the unit isn't able to detect my new wifi set up for some reason, despite other devices (i.e. Nest Thermostat 3rd gen) seamlessly connecting. Customer service has been helpful, and the last rep I spoke with said she has move my request upward to Level 2 (?), and still currently waiting for their response 36 hours later. Any feedback from your experience is greatly appreciated too!

  8. Any idea how turning on/off the wifi might effect the Ring. I realize it wouldn't operate while the wifi is off but would it automatically connect when I turn it back on? I tend to turn it off overnight to keep teenagers from staying on it all night 🙂 tks

  9. Great review I just received an email from ring to upgrade to pro version for $99 plus give them my old unit after seeing this I like my night vision better than pro version thanks

  10. Excellent review does the regular ring doorbell also have the adjustable motion detector zone like the one in the video?

  11. Thanks for this review! I subscribed to your channel after watching just this one video!

    I just picked up the original on a slickdeal notice for $129, and then found out the pro was available. So much confusion online about getting the Ring Pro over Ring original vs the competitive offerings, particularly SkyBell. Your video cleared everything up for me, and I'll be sticking with the original.

  12. Thanks for the objective unbiased independent review. I trust you more than some of the paid shills online.

  13. they just updated their software with a rules section. set up automation for what time of day and what day for recording. i wish they would have included automated zones as well. the birds are killing my battery from 8am to 530 pm…if i could dial the zones back during that time on automation that would be awesome. also if we could automate the size of the heat signature so that birds and other animals couldnt trigger it…would be fantastic!!

  14. Did you have to buy their chimes, or did the pro use your existing doorbell chimes?. What about having to recharge the batteries in the classic (how often) vs hardwired and no batteries needed with pro

  15. hey great video…I just bought the original doorbell…how do I set up the motion…I press the button on the front however all that happens is the bell ringing and the motion settings isn't saved.

  16. Great vid and thanks for sharing. Question: Your thoughts on which Ring product would best suit a 90 degree placement. Meaning current wired doorbell is 90 degrees to the door.

  17. If you're looking to get a Ring doorbell, camera, chime, solar sign or any other Ring item, use this code (3cityoflights) to get $25.00 off each purchase you make on ring.com or in the store on the Ring app.

  18. why is this the first result? This guy does tech reviews but doesn't know night vision isn't in color?!?! He also doesn't seem to know the difference in 5ghz wireless…. I'm baffled.

  19. I hated ring until they updated the app, lot of connection problems are gone. I would recommend ring now along with the new chime pro range extender. They saw having trouble so sent me one for free.

  20. I purchased this unit, we will see how it works. I was looking for supporting material to show good or bad. I will keep what you have said here in mind. Thanks for the review…

  21. Great video. I have 2 Ring Doorbells. i just wish they can update the motion to the Ring doorbell pro motion. No delay on my chime either.

  22. Hi there, great video! Just wondering I have the same camera as you and I tried uploading a 4K video to youtube but it's not showing on youtube as 4K. Are you doing anything special when uploading a 4K video?


  23. Buyer Beware, I am having the same issue with Ring Doorbell Pro in which my Door bell stopped working. i need to get their Door Chime to get this working

    I had Ring Doorbell before and no issues with Home Door bell

  24. Damn, you set the bar pretty high for reviews. I have the original and my friend has the pro.. I was going to do a review of them both too. But you definitely did a nice tight job on this.. I'm kind feeling intimidated! but I wanted to let you know.. yeh.. you do great reviews.

  25. Unless they have taken the phrasing out of the Small print….. but this
    is NOT WEATHER PROOF as stated when I bought it, although under front
    door covered area, rain and wind killed it in a few months….. now I
    see a DB Pro is this any better???

  26. This has to be the best review I've seen for the Ring Doorbell Pro and one of the best reviews I've seen PERIOD! I'm subscribing.

  27. Very helpful review; thank you for your candor. Do you know if Ring has come out with a software update to allow zone adjustments on the original Ring doorbell unit yet?

  28. I have had the normal ring door bell for about 3 works and absolutely love it. Only problem was it kept going off every few minutes during the day with motion and killed the battery within 3 weeks.

    I tried to recharge it but woukdnt work so i called ring and they have swapped it for the pro as there was no way i want to keep taking it off every month or so to charge it.

    Currently I have it on WiFi but the pro will be hard wired. Will call an electrician to fit it.

    So my question is. As I also purchased the ring chime, would I still need to buy one of those digital chime boxes or can I link it straight to the ring chine plugged into the wall.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    many thanks

  29. I watched your video yesterday before going to Best Buy to get one. Unfortunately I decided to ignore your recommendation to get the older Ring vs the Pro. I thought the Pro is smaller, I'm doing a wired installation, I like the interchangeable face plates, etc .. its $50 more it MUST be better. WRONG!! I wish I had listened to you. The installation started off good but when I got to the point of connecting to the RING with my phone I didn't see the "RING" WiFi in my networks list. Multiple tries, resets, etc .. nothing. I had installed the Power Pack on the doorbell itself (not required for the old version). So I called tech support (not a good sign). After some troubleshooting from a ladder looking at the doorbell ringer they determined that my doorbell's voltage was the problem. And apparently the transformer was in the attic. He said this would not have been a problem with the old version!! So I pay $50 more for a PRO version and the old, less expensive version works better???? I wish I had listened to you!! So, back to Best Buy to do an exchange.

  30. Nice video. I have the original ring. Sometimes i quit getting motion notifications and have to set it up again. Also delays in when it alerts or starts recording. Also audio comes in way after video. Was hoping pro would be better. I wish they would would record to internal storage full time and when motion or a ring is detected, add 10 seconds before the event to the beginning of the video.

  31. Saved me from purchasing their pro line. I just wish I chime pro with it's extendeder capabilities worked with the original =/

  32. Well, the old door ring you will have to remove it to charge it every several days as even if you have it hard wired and you have a lot of motion the battery runs out and the hard wire only charge 5% a day… so you have to take it off to charge it,, i think the new door bell ring pro you dont need to remove it at all….

  33. excellent presentation.
    Just a thought,,, i noticed that there is a difference in the range of the ac voltage transformer for the original ring and the pro model… is it possible the "single ding" is due to your having a 12 volt output from your transformer,,?? i think they recommend 16 volt…check it out in the specs…

  34. I'm buying the normal ring door bell soon and my electrician Is helping me hard wire it.Can you see a live view of your street when ever you want from the app?

  35. Great review Mr Majestic! Question…does the Ring Pro come with a 3-camera package , eg front door, back door and patio cameras for a discount price?

  36. I take it one other upgrade from this version to the original, is that you can watch live feed from the camera?

  37. Did you eventually resolved the issues with the Pro version? I am planning to buy one, but I think the original ring doorbell to be had for $180 USD is a better choice even though the Pro can be had for $200 USD, just a merely $20 USD difference in price. So I'd like your opinion here or anyone else's opinion would be appreciated. Thank you for your video.

  38. I have a ring pro doorbell, and it stays in night vision (black and white) until about 3pm. Ring customer service says its because I have a covered porch and there is too much shadow, so the device thinks its night still. My only options are to take the cover off every morning and do a hard reset, or move it from under my porch, which would be at least 20 ft from the front door. If they would give the customer the ability to reset or turn the night vision off/on, it should help. But for now I have a $250 camera that stays black and white most of the time.

  39. Hands down, best review Ive seen in a while.  Just installed the Ring 2 after watching this and confirmed from Ring Support that they are working on a firmware update that will allow NR to be turned off.  PD's wants clothing and car colors in descriptions or they are virtually worthless.  Subscribed!

  40. Great video! I bought the pro not knowing I needed an existing door bell to install it smh. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  41. I’m just now looking into getting a Ring doorbell. I know, I’m late to the party. I just wanted to say after watching the install video, maybe why you are only getting the “ding” and not the “ding dong” when the wiring is correct is possibly because the wiring is somehow sitting on the ringing mechanism of the doorbell?? Maybe?? That’s why you’re only getting a ding? Who knows? Just a theory that is possible, especially since the wiring is fine. It just sounds so odd. Like your doorbell is mad or something. LOL.

  42. Great video. Thanks for taking the time to review the Pro. This is going to help in my purchasing decision.

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